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Air throw - fwd C in air near opponent

Command Moves

(a)(n)dwnfwd B - Does a spin kick then a kick to the face.

2 hits, only 2nd hit is a knock away(too bad...).

Fast enough to combo after his normals.

Cancelable on Both hits. 1st hit can be air blocked,the 2nd can't.

(n)fwd A - Does a leaping palm attack. Overhead. Does not connect after his normals. Only his Temoc can combo after it.==Special Moves==

(a)Ariba - DP B/D. Rising knee move. Good anti air. D version has a 3rd knock

          away kick move.

(n)Istak - qcb A/C. Dashes in and does a 6 hit electric punch. Only A version

          is comboable.  C version does 8 hits.

Cuautli - hcb A/C. Kicks the opponent 8 times sending them flying up and

         finally eletrecutes them when he lands.  Cool looking move.  This is
         his command grab.  Its unblockable and comboable too.

(a)(n)Temoc - air qcb B/D. Does a 1 hit dive kick(knocks away) then an

             electric axe kick. 

The axe kick is an overhead. This move is

             easily punishable when performed at the wrong distance.  Use with

Button pressed determines the angle of his dive.

The dive kick can be air blocked but the lightining after it can't.

Super Moves

(n)Quetzalcoatl - qcf x 2 A/C.

Dashes in and rams opponent, then releases a lighting upward, hitting the opponent.

C version has a bigger lighting explosion.

Both versions does not combo after his First Impact air combo.

Super Tag


First Impact combos:
Ground - A, B, C, D, D
Air - B, A, C, D, D

My B&B combo:
Jump D, Close D(2 hits), dwnfwd B(1 hit), qcb A.

Other combos:
-Jump D, close D(1 hit), dwnfwd B(1 hit), hcb B/D
-Jump D, close D(2 hits), dwnfwd B(2 hits), DP B/D
-Jump D, close D(2 hits), dwnfwd B(2 hits), qcf x 2 A/C

Trick Combos:
-Jump D, close D(any hit), fwd A, qcb B
-Jump D, dwn B, fwd A, qcb B

Wall Combos:
-Jump D, close D(2 hits), dwnfwd B(2 hits), DP D, hits wall, CD, A, B, C, D, D, qcf x 2 A. 16 htis, approximately 65% damage.
(needs at least 2 and 1/2 levels of super meter at start)
-Jump D, Close D(2hits), dwnfwd B(2 hits), qcf x 2 C, hits wall, CD, A, B, C, D, D, qcf x 2 A. 15 hits, approximately 60% damage.