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Pielle is a Frenchman who can control lightning and flowers. He has a butler and sometimes the butler will come out after a victory to provide a service for Pielle.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • Throw - f or b + HP while close
  • Air Throw - f or b + HP/HK close while both players are airborne
  • Massive Rapier Attack - LP+HP, can be comboed afterwards with super if it hits airborne opponent, uncancelable
  • Sexy Hip Hop - LK+HK, leaping overhead
  • Pogo Spike - d+LK in the air, Pielle stabs opponent's head from top
  • Another Air HP Attack - u+HP in the air, Pielle's another air HP

Special Moves

  • Bad Iori Copycat Fireball - qcf+P, really bad fireball with horrible recovery.
  • Rapier Upper - dp+P, really bad dragon punch, not sure why he has it. It should be noted that his Rapier Upper nullifies fireballs. Like that helps.
  • Lovely Rose Pirouette - qcb+K, LK goes for a short length, small recovery, HK version goes longer out, longer recovery. Good move to use sparingly.
  • Good Zorro Copycat Rekka - qcb+P, P, P, good move overall, both used alone and in combos. It can also juggle.
  • Beautiful Graceful Dive Swoop Stab - In air, d+LP+LK+HP, good move to catch unaware opponents.

Super Moves

  • Super Rapier Upper - qcf, qcf+P, Pielle does multiple Rapier Uppers, good move to use in combos.
  • Thunder Riser - qcb, qcb+P, Pielle turns into a lightning rod and stabs opponents in the face. Excellent breakering super, excellent anti-crossup super, lots of invincibility, hard to fully punish if blocked versus certain characters.
  • Really Lovely Glorious Rose Pirouette - qcb, qcb+K, Souped up qcb+K's move. Good move to punish blatant mistakes at any distance. Extremely safe if blocked.

The Basics

  • Noteable normals
    • Standing LK - It is cancelable into rekka, even from very far. Good poke.
    • Close Standing HP - This is the closest thing he has to an anti-air without meter. It can beat a lot of moves and even crossups.
    • Crouching HP - Good for anti air if done very, very early. Can combo into good things.
    • Crouching HK - It is a slide that knockdowns. Sliding knockdowns are good. Hard to punish if done from far.
    • LK+HK - It is easy to combo after this overhead, be aware of his large startup on it though.
  • Crossups
    • Jumping LK - Pielle's only crossup move. It can look ambigious if spaced properly.
  • Meterless Combos
    • cr.LP xN - "Please back off. I need room to look beautiful."
    • (Jump in attack or LK+HK), st.B/cr.B xx Rekka - That combo hurts a lot. If you accidently do Rekka on blocking opponent, stop the first rekka, or you can delay next rekka in hopes of opponent dropping his/her guard.
    • (close HP or close HK) xx LP+HP - Another strong and simple combo. Unsure if it's breakerable, never saw it happen.
  • Combos with meter
    • cr.HP xx LP+HP, QCF,QCF+P - Good punishing unbreakerable combo.

Advanced Strategy

How does Pielle play?

Pielle is a very strange character. His ranged moves are not particularly good and he only has combo options very close up. He has a very damaging punish combo with cr.C xx LP+HP, Super Rapier Upper, and just comboing into his rekkas does a ton of damage. He can mixup with his Sexy Hip Hop (LK+HK) which is an overhead, or go low with cr.B. Both of those have combo options as well. Pielle is suitable for play pretty much only as a really awkward and risky "trickster" playstyle. Doing mixups whenever it is most safe and trying to force the opponent to do the wrong things like follow you while you jump backwards (they will eat down+A+B+C) is his only way to get damage. Baiting and punishing does a lot of damage and that goes into the "trickster" playstyle as well.


Pielle's breaker is Thunder Riser which happens to be one of the best supers in the entire game. It has a vacuum effect and will suck in opponents to hit them for some damage and a knockdown a full screen away. Use it every time you know a breaker will land because this is one of his only use for supers.

Random Tips

  • Since Pielle pretty much needs to save his meter to use Thunder Riser for breakering and getting crossups off of him, use his Rekkas for combos whenever possible. His Rekka combo is so strong and puts him at a good position for mixing up off of.
  • If an opponent follows you backwards while you jump away from them, tag them out of the air with a down+A+B+C. This does a lot of damage and can even catch opponents who are just plain off guard on the ground. Another example mixup with down+A+B+C is after a Pogo Spike (d+LK in air) for opponents who would not likely expect two overheads in a row, especially after the pogo.
  • Doing Sexy Hip Hop (LK+HK) after an aerial attack is a pretty good mixup when used sparingly! Sexy Hip Hop is also great in strings as well, but again, only when used sparingly.


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