Politank Z (WW7)

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Move List

Move Command
[Hissatsu Waza]
Tsukami Gekichi When close, b/f + D
Z Dama qcf + P
Explosive Listing and Distance
Bomb Very Near
Grenade Near
Big Grenade Near
Napalm Far
Mine Very Far
Doku Doku Smoke qcf + K
Guru Rinmogurin b,db,d + K
[Powered Up Hissatsu Waza]
ES Z Dama qcf + 2P
ES Doku Doku Smoke qcf + 2K
ES Guru Rinmogurin b,db,d + 2K
[Miscellaneous Moves]
Shagami Idou Hold df
Double Swing Arm C,C (air)
Pachinko Hou Rencha Tap A rapidly
Caterpillar Kick Tap B rapidly
Drill Arm f + D, tap D rapidly
Zenshin Caterpillar Kick f + B, tap B rapidly
Spin Kick f,f + B
Missile Waza Shita Jump, d + B
Tank Jab Press HP + HK
Ningen Dai Hou When close, hcb + B
Bikkuri Dokkiri Dan d,d + 2P/2K
Gyro Bakugeki b,d,db + 2P

Special Moves

Special Moves

Z Dama qcf + P (hold P for hold P for:

                         longer and more           0 seconds = bomb; shortest
                         powerful weapon shot)     .25 second = grenade; short
                                                   .5 second = small torpedo;
                                                   .75 second = large torpedo;
                                                   1+ second = mine; high and
                                                     very long
                                                       Note that the Z Dama
                                                       will "destroy" most
                                                       projectiles and will
                                                       mutually "destroy" with
                                                       another Z Dama or one
                                                       of Tesse's Arekore Poi;
                                                       unlike the other 
                                                       projectiles in this
                                                       game, most 
                                                       moves/etc. do NOT
                                                       "destroy" the Z Dama,
                                                       even if well timed;
                                                       the only ones that seem
                                                       to have any effect are
                                                       moves that have
                                                       hit boxes outside that
                                                       of the character's
                                                       body (ie. Politank's
                                                       Pachinko Hou Rencha)

Doku Doku Smoke qcf + K if cloud connects (not

                                                   blocked), the opponent will
                                                   be stunned and must shake
                                                   the joystick to recover or
                                                   wait 1.5 seconds to 
                                                   automatically recover; the
                                                   cloud can be "destroyed",
                                                   but only by high hitting
                                                   projectiles such as another
                                                   Doku Doku Smoke, Arina's
                                                   HP Arina Beam, Politank's
                                                   Z Damas or Tesse's higher
                                                   thrown Arekore Pois

Guru Rinmogurin b, db, d + K LK=resurface short,

                                                   HK=resurface long; the
                                                   digging portion on both the
                                                   LP and HP version must be
                                                   blocked low; the resurface
                                                   portion of the LP version
                                                   must be blocked low while
                                                   the resurface portion of
                                                   the HP version is 
                                                   unblockable; grounds 

Ningen Dai Hou hcb + HK arms must connect with

                                                   opponent (not blocked) to
                                                   perform the entire move;
                                                   grounds opponent

Super Special Moves

EX Moves

EX Z Dama qcf + LP+HP will shoot all 5 weapons out

                                                   in the order: bomb,
                                                   grenade, small torpedo,
                                                   large torpedo, mine

EX Doku Doku Smoke qcf + LK+HK shoots two things of purple

                                                   smoke that travel faster
                                                   and further than the
                                                   regular Doku Doku Smoke;
                                                   only one needs to hit the
                                                   opponent to stun them; if
                                                   one cloud connects (not
                                                   blocked), the opponent will
                                                   be stunned and must shake
                                                   the joystick to recover or
                                                   wait 1.5 seconds to 
                                                   automatically recover; note
                                                   that most likely even if
                                                   one cloud is "destroyed",
                                                   the other one will make it
                                                   through (unless it's up
                                                   against a super projectile,
                                                   of course)

EX Guru Rinmogurin b, db, d + LK+HK both the digging portion and

                                                   resurface and charge 
                                                   portion of the move must
                                                   be blocked low; the last
                                                   part (the hop), however, is
                                                   an overhead; grounds 




Gyro Bakugeki b, d, db + LP+HP, then b/f helps guide your flight;

                          use b/f to guide         the bombs must be blocked
                                                   low; grounds opponent


Hara Hara

Bikkuri Dokkiri Dan d, d + LK+HK/LP+HP the explosions are

                                                   unblockable and absorb
                                                   projectiles; grounds




Vs Arina

Vs Bonus-Kun

Vs Dandy J

Vs Fernandez

Vs Mauru

Vs Politank-Z

Vs Rai

Vs Slash

Vs Tesse