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Game Mechanics

Basic Strategy

Jumping: Unlike most fighting games, jumping is accompished by a button not up on the joystick, (this is due to the 3d environment) Jumping is also one of the most neccisary skills to master. It is used not only to dodge your opponents attacks, but also to navigate the level in order to reach items, stones, to run away from your opponent once they have said stones.... Another thing to note is that while airborn you will have limited control over where you go (hey, I never said it was realistic) Just move the joystick in the direction you wish to travel.

Attacking: There are two attack buttons, Punch and Kick. (hereby referred to as [P] and [K]) Pressing either of these buttons will result in your character attacking. (duh!) If you connect, you can keep attacking for a 3-5 hit combo. This requires no special actions, just keep pressing the button. You can also mix up [P] and [K] for different effects, most of which are mainly visual. The final hit of any combo will knock down your opponesnt and trigger release one or more stones from your enemy if they have them (I'll get to those later, don't worry)

Pushing: There are many objects in each level, most of which can be interacted with on one way or another. The most basic action is simply to push the object towards your opponent. When you approach a suitable object, a circle will appear around it, then simply press punch or kick to push it off in the direction of your opponent. Although usually not effective, a hit will result in damage, the release of a stone and the knockdown of your opponent.

Rolling: If you suffer from a knockdown of any sort, getting up right away my not be your best bet. It might be better to roll a ways away first. To accomplish this simply move the joystick while you are still knocked down. You will not be able to be attacked, but you will be a smaller and lower target.

Advanced Strategy

Throwing: (Objects) Throwing an object is an alternative to pushing it, and more than often a much better one. To accomplish this, simply move adjacent to an object as with pushing, except this time press [P] and [K] buttons together. Your character will then heft the object above his/her head. Note that what you can pick up depends on the size/strength of your character. If you cannot lift an object, it will result in a push. Ok, now you've got this big box over your head, now what? Well the first thing to note if that your movement will be reduced while carrying the object, however you can carry it for as long as you like (until you get hit or you toss it) To throw an object, simply press [P] and you'll chuck it in the general direction of your opponent. Pressing [K] will throw it in the direction you are facing if you don'y trust the autoaim.

Something to note is that your character will automatically lead his/her throw, making throwing that much more effective. If the throw connects, it will have the same effect as a push, damage, knockdown, and release of stones. Note that the object will break as soon as it collides with something, so it might be a better idea to jump and throw it in the air (see, I told you jumping was important) Another thing to note is that certain objects (like pots) can get stuck on your opponent's head! If this happens, rush in as they will be unable to act until thier character removes the "hat" (which is accomplished by rapid movement of the joystick)

Throwing: (People) If you manage to close the gap between yourself and your opponent, you can execute a grab/throw move. To accomplish this, simply press [P] and [K] when you are near your opponent. Unless he/she evades, you will grab them and the pummel them for some hefty damage. You'll also knock them down and release thier stones.

Poles: Poles are scattered throughout every level, and can be used in a varity of ways. Poles are easy to identify in that they will typically extend up off the screen, and secondly in that when you near them a circle will appear around them the same way throwable boxes and scenery. To interact with a pole, simply press the [P] and [K] buttons when you are close.

Pole Swinging. If you are using a lighter character (IE WangTang, Ayame) then using a pole will result in swinging in circles around it a few times then launching off towards your enemy. If you connect, you will execute a short combo and release a stone from them. This can be executed on the ground or in the air.

Pole Thwacking. This is by far one of the most fun things to do in the game. If you use a pole with a larger character, instead of the swing, you will actually pick the pole out of the ground and sweep it across the level. This has great range, is done quickly (once it's out of the ground) and will do plenty of damage as well as release stones if it connects.

Pole Leaping. If you attempt to use a pole while in the air with any, you will grab onto it. Then, press [P] to leap off in an attempt to slam down on your opponent with a fast combo. If this connects it will do a hefty chunk of damage, and it can also be executed much faster than the pole swing as well as coming from a better angle. Over all this should be your choice for pole activity.

     Celings: All levels have a celing somewhere in them, which can be useful. 

To grab onto a celing, simply press [P] and [K] during the apex of a jump (assuming this brings you close enough) your character will then grab onto the celing and you can monkey around up there. Once this is achieved, pressing [K] will disengage you, and pressing [P] will result in a falling attacking at your enemy.

     Items: Items are the second most important objects in the game. These can 

range from a lead pipe to a bazooka. (I'll go over the different items and thier uses later) Most items will start off in treasure chests around the level. To open one simply walk over it. (Note chests will respawn after a while, and items will fade after a while) To pick up an item, simply walk over it and press [P] and [K] at the same time. Some objects will require a throw afterwards, simply press [P] (I'll go over which ones later)

     Arial Attacks: Arial Attacks are another important aspect of Power Stone. 

The are two types, which I will explain. Jump Punch: This is the less useful of the two. Pressing [P] while in the air will result in a short ranged attack. This will not disrupt your jump in any way. Jump Kick: Now here's the stuff. This is by far the most useful normal move in the game. To execute, simply press [K] while in the air. Your character will then halt it's jump, and will dashkick down at the opponent. Note that you cannot control the direction and it will always be towards the opponent. Depending on your character, the speed, strength, and distance of this attack will varry. If it connects, it will do some decent damage and knock out a stone.

     Wall Jump: One way to improve on your jump is to preform a rebound jump 

off of a wall. To do so simply jump towards a wall and press jump again once you contact with it.

Advanced Moves: (Two buttons and precice timing)

     Catching: If your opponent has chucked a pot or something at you and you 

can't dodge it, all is not lost. As it approches you press [P] and [K] just before it connects, and you'll catch it. Now you can toss it right back at them. This move requires timing and often a good camera angle, so it's usually better to dodge.

Advanced Arial Attacks: Remember how I said there were two arial attacks? I lied. There are infact two more varients.

Vertical Attack: If you are directly over your opponent, press [P] and [K] while in a jump and you'll come crashing down on your enemy. A light character will stomp twice on the enemy's head before releasing a stone, a heavy character will crash and flatten the enemy, releasing a stone.

Arial Throw: If you and your opponent are jumping around a lot, you might want to try one of these. It's hard to pull off, but if you do it's rewarding in damage, visual, and it's a major ego trip. To execute, press [P] and [K] while in the air close to an opponent. All the effects of a normal throw plus some extra damage and style.

Wall Attack: This is another hard but rewarding, and often unexpected move. To execute, press [P] and [K] while in contact with a wall in the air. You'll vault off of the wall towards your opponent ala a pole attack (obviously not the thwack for big guys)

Evading: If your opponent is pulling alot of throws on you, you might want to practice this move. To execute, simply tap a direction and [P] or [K] when your opponent attempts to grab. You'll dodge out of the move and leave him open for an attack.

Game Versions

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