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What kind of game is Project Justice?

It's a 3D fighting game but the commands and strategies are essentially taken from 2D and aside from the addition of another axis it is a 2D game.

What characters do you recommend?

Kyosuke, Roberto, and Hideo are good starter characters. It's a game where combos generally start from a light attack, so standard type characters with strong jabs are easy to use. Kyosuke has really good reach all around, while Roberto and Hideo have basic combos that are easy to do and result in high damage. As far as strong jabs are concerned, Roy and Kyoko are also an option.

What partners do you recommend?

Edge, Roy ,Class Rep, Hinata, Tiffany, Natsu, Kyoko, and Yurika. The first two have a Two-Platon that is fairly safe on block, while the last six recover either health or meter.

I can't do any combos!

For all characters the general flow of combos is Light->Heavy->Command Heavy->Special or Super. Though the routes for each character differ, as long as you remember this you can practice with any character. There's actually quite a bit of input leniency when compared to other games, so just do it slowly and you should be fine.

I keep getting hit during my series!

If the screen is turning dark when it happens, then they are using a guts counter. Either that, or they're attacking during an incomplete block string. Regardless, you shouldn't continue to a heavier attack if they're blocking as it's very easy to punish. You should always try to hit confirm before you do a launcher.

I keep getting rushed down and can't do anything!

The opponents offense is based on their series, so see the previous question to beat it. If they do a heavy attack, use a fast move for a guts counter and you'll greatly increase your chance of punishing them. Interrupting with a Two/Three-Platon is also an option.

I can't open them up!

In Project Justice there really aren't many characters that start a combo off of an overhead. Basically crouch guarding is the main way of defense so if you're just pressuring them normally it will be difficult to hit them. However, every character has a low throw that is untechable, so low attacks and low throws are a popular 50/50 used to open people up.

I can't get out of super jab pressure!

Characters like Roy, Kyosuke, and Kyoko have very fast standing jabs with little recovery. Even just repeating dash -> s.LP over and over again can be very difficult to deal with. When you get used to it you can back step, just step, back jump -> low air guard and punish, or use a quick platon to interrupt them.

Is there a tier list for this game?

Class order is S -> E, same class is [Strong] -> [Weak]

S Class

Roy, Kyoko, Hyo, Kurow, Hideo

A Class

Kyosuke, Roberto = Hayato, Yurika

B Class

Burning Batsu, Vatsu, Zaki, Edge, Batsu

C Class

Powered Akira, Momo, Shouma = Tiffany, Boman, Natsu

D Class

Nagare, Akira, Hinata = Ran, Demon Hyo, Daigo = Wild Daigo, Gan

E Class

Class Rep

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