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66 is a short dash, if you hold the second 6 you get a normal dash. 44 is a back dash. A dash can be interrupted with an attack, block, or basically any action.

Dash Attack

Pressing either P during a dash will give you an overhead should tackle. Pressing LK during a dash gives a low slide, while HK will give an overhead jump kick.


Pressing LK+HK during a dash gives you a roll.


Pressing 7/8/9 gives you a jump. If you jump during a dash, the range is slightly increased.


Pressing 1/2/3 and then 7/8/9 gives you a hi-jump. The height is the same as during an Air Burst.



Pressing/holding 4 will allow you to block high and mid attacks. Pressing/holding 1 will allow you to block low attacks. While blocking, you can use a Guts Counter. Because there isn't a guard crush system and you can't die from chip damage, you can always block even with 1 health.

Air Guard

While in the air pressing 1/4/7 will allow you to block in the air. Because you can block right after jumping, holding 7 will allow you to low air block. When you land, there's always 1 frame where you are vulnerable to lows.

Back Turned

If your opponent steps or jumps over you, you'll be in a back turned state. You can't block, so you can either do a back turned attack or press towards the opponent to turn around. It takes 1 frame to block after turning around.

Side Step

Pressing LK+HK will side step away from the screen. To side step towards the screen, hold 7/8/9 while pressing LK+HK. As stated below, though this is a 3D game it plays like a 2D one and even if you go off axis it will auto correct so that both players face each other. Due to this, unlike most 3D games you can't really step to their side so be careful.

Just Step

If you side step right as the opponent is attacking, you'll quickly step to their back. This is useful against moves like jabs that are very linear, however moves that are horizontal have the chance of hitting you.

Wake Up

Depending on the direction you press after being knocked down, the way you get up will change.

Same position 8

Front Roll   6

Back Roll 4

Side Roll   2

Hot Blooded Recover

When your opponent knocks you away with an attack, this is how you can avoid a knockdown. If you press 2 buttons you'll recover in the same position. Pressing 1 button and a direction will allow you to recover in the air. If you do either of these right before touching the ground, you'll perform a grounded recovery. You can also mash them during the unrecoverable time which allows you to recover on the first possible frame.


Normal Throw

When in a neutral state on the ground, pressing LP+HP will give you a normal throw. Normal throws are techable.

Back Throw

If by some chance you get behind the other person, LP+HP will do a back throw. Back throws are not techable.

Low Throw

When the opponent is crouching, pressing 1/2/3 and LP+HP will do a low throw. Low throws are not techable.

Air Throw

When you and your opponent are in the air, pressing LP+HP will do an air throw. Air throws are techable. Every character has a 1 frame air throw.

Throw Tech

When the opponent throws you, pressing LP+HP will perform a throw tech. Only normal and air throws are techable. If you press LP+HP within 6 frames of the opponent's throw connecting(8 frames for air throw), you will tech successfully.

Combo System

Hot Blooded Combos

So called chain combos, magic series, etc. By doing attacks in order of increasing strength, you can form a combo. Every character has a different series, but the basic form is Light -> Heavy -> Command Heavy. A special or super after a command heavy is a grounded combo. If the command heavy is a launcher, you can jump after launching them to start a short air burst.

Air Burst

Also written as AB. An air burst is when you launch the opponent up into the air, then super jump after them and continue the combo. In the previous game you could use an air burst during a hot blooded combo, but that isn't possible any more. Aside from Class Rep, all characters have an AB move(typically 3+HP/HK). After landing this, holding any up direction will super jump after them and you can continue with a combo.

Short Air Burst

A new mechanic to the series, also written as SAB. With this you're capable of launching them lower than an AB and following with a combo. A SAB can be worked into a hot blooded combo, so it's possible to do [Ground combo] -> SAB -> Command heavy/special/super. Every character has a short air burst.

Guts Counter

A guard cancel. To do a guts counter, simply input a command heavy, special, or super move during block stun. No meter is required to do this, but if you get hit during it you will take about 1.25 times normal damage. Because it can be performed at any time during block stun, the input window is very large. Also, when a guts counter occurs there are 2 extra frames during the freeze and 2 extra frames of start up on the move, so the move will be 4 frames slower than normal.



Absolute Burning Attack




Press start while in a neutral state on the ground. Each character has a different one, and during it you will gain meter. The amount of meter depends on the character(longer taunts build more).


When the hitbox of your attack overlaps that of your opponent's, a clash occurs. A lightning effect goes across the screen, and both players gain one bar of meter. There is a freeze effect that occurs, but it has no effect on the recovery of either player.

Project Justice



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