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Head Banger f/b + HP close f and b determine where

                                                   opponent is thrown

Elbow Drop df + HP close throw doesn't work when Ox

                                                   spirit is active

Command Moves

Clawing Uppercut f + HP opponent will dodge with a

                                                   standing block
 Headbutt           HP                           Clawing Uppercut must touch
                                                   opponent (or be high 
                                                   dodged) for this follow up
                                                   to come out

Pressure Boot f + HK opponent will dodge with a

                                                   standing block

Special Moves

Sharp Edge f, d, df + P grab must connect (not

                                                   blocked) to perform the
                                                   entire maneuver

Heavy Spike 360 + P grab must connect to perform

                                                   the entire maneuver;

Axe Handle Swipe f, f + HP very quickly it helps with timing if the

                      after performing a           normal moves touch the
                      normal move                  opponent; can use this to
                                                   sometimes add an extra hit
                                                   if you are chaining normals
                                                   together; will also work 
                                                   after certain command
                                                   attacks (ala f + HP / 
                                                   f + HK)

Stampede qcb + K absorbs projectiles

Frankensteiner qcf + K in air when works best if performed just

                      near standing                before you land from your
                      opponent's head              jump; unblockable

Spirit Moves

Helping Hand f, d, df + P / 360 + P increases reach on special

                                                   move throws

Dead Weight ub/u/uf when Ox is near the Ox spirit will cause your

                      you                          jumps to be weighed down
                                                   (ala short hops)

Gored Slam LP+HP+LK drains spirit timer a bit

                                                   when used; dash in must
                                                   connect (not blocked) to
                                                   perform the entire maneuver

Charging Bull b, hcb + HK drains a lot of the spirit

                                                   timer when used; absorbs 

The Basics

Advanced Strategies