Ralf Jones(KOF97)

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Move Name Motion Nickname Description
Dynamite headbutt Near f or b + C
Northern Light Bomb Near f or b + D

Special Moves

Move Name Motion Nickname Description
Vulcan Punch Mash Punch
Gatling Attack charge b, f+P
Kyukoka Bakudan Punch charge d, u+P Can also be done in air with qcf+P
Ralf Kick charge b, f+K
Super Argentine Backbreaker hcf+D Command Throw

Super Moves

Move Name Motion Nickname Description
BariBari Vulcan Punch qcf , hcb + A or C Super Vulcan Punch
Unamori Vulcan Punch qcb , hcf + B or D Horsepower Vulcan Punch
Galactica Phantom qcf , qcf + A or C


Jumping C/D, Crouching A, charge b,f+C (Rush 6)
Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching C, charge b,f+C (Rush 5)
Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching C, tap C (Rush 3)
Jumping C/D, Standing/Crouching C, hcf+D (Rush 2+)
Jumping C/D, Standing C, qcf,hcb+C (Rush 17)
Jumping C/D, Crouching C, qcb,hcf+B (Rush 3 - When the super hits; Rush 14 - Ralf's punches)
charge b,f+B, charge b,f+A (Rush 3)
charge b,f+B, qcb,hcf+B (Rush 2+)