Ralf Jones (KOF:XI)

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Body Tosses

Dynamite Headbutt - (near opponent) f/b + C or D

Special Moves

Vuclan Punch - tap A or C repeatedly

Gatling Attack - chrage b, f+A/C

Kyukohka Bakudan Punch - charge d, u+A/C or qcf+A/C in the air

Unblock - dp+A/C

Teikuu Ralf Kick - hcb+B

Ralf Kick - hcb+D

Super Argentine Backbreaker - hcf+B/D (close)

Desperation Moves

Umanori Vulcan Punch - qcb,hcf+B/D

Baribari Vulcan Punch - qcf,hcf+A/C

Leader Desperation Move

Galactica Phantom - qcfx2+E


・↓A×2>←chArge→+P>[SC]qcf,hcb+P or [DC]qcf,qcf+E
・close C>hcf+B
・close C>qcf,hcb+P>[DC]qcf,qcf+E

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