Red Arremer (SvC)

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"G-gyaaaa. (Delish! Fresh meat always tastes best!)" By:Red Arremer, a demon over there



This demon guy is Red Arremer(For those who don't know, he is from the Ghosts 'n Goblins game, and I don't know why is he a secret boss here), but let's call him RA, for short. I don't know interesting things about him(It should be better if you add), what can I say... He was cool wings? Let's go for his pros and cons.

Red Arremer's "Good 'n Bad" things

Good Things:

  • Very fun to play, and not that hard to master(He is a boss character, that's pretty normal for him);
  • Has nice long-range options(He is a zoning character, and see below for more details);
  • His projectile/air projectile can destroy almost every other projectile in the game(Including most Super ones);
  • He can safely call some of his minions from the Ghosts 'n Goblins game(He can combo with them too);
  • His air game is very nice(He has wings for that);
  • Can jump off walls(But he has wings...);
  • His cr.HK is actually a Command Move(You can cancel any normal into it)
  • His Exceed is unblockable.

Bad Things:

  • Doesn't have a crouching animation(See below for more details);
  • Has no cr.LP(It has the same animation and properties as the s.LP) and far/close animations;
  • Doesn't have Super Moves;
  • All of his Jump Attacks have exactly the same animation(No matter the button pressed, or which jump you used) and properties(But not the same damage, obviously);
  • His Exceed has limited reach.

(Note: I'm still not sure if he has Command Moves. If d+HK is a Command Move, all right. If not, add "Doesn't have Command Moves" in the Bad Things's list.)

How to select RA

You like Ghosts 'n Goblins, and want to use him? It isn't possible to select him(Wihtout cheats, but don't use them) on the Arcade version, but you can use him on the console versions(Ps2 and XBOX). Just search for the Survival option, and beat him, or Athena on it(In the 36th fight), and you'll unlock him(Along with Athena, but no matter who you beat). Good luck, you know how survivals are.

Moves List

Normal Moves

RA's normals are strange, I can assume.

s.LP - All of RA's normals have no Far/Close animations. Just a stab with his claws. Can't chain into itself, and the other Light Attacks, but can be normal canceled.
s.LK - A two-hit kick. Can't chain into itself, and the other Light Attacks, but any hit can be normal canceled.
s.HP - A two-hit slash. Good for combos, and any hit can be normal canceled.
s.HK - Same animation and properties as the s.LK(Can be normal canceled too), but will do more damage(Making the s.LK probably useless).

j.LP - The Neutral and the Diagonal versions are exacly the same on each button. Just a kick to start combos. Nothing special, you can't crossup with it, and it's over.
j.LK - Same as the LP.
j.HP - Same animation as the above, but with more damage.
j.HK - Same animation, more damage than the Light Attacks. Only that.

cr.LP - Same as his s.LP.
cr.LK - A low-hitting kick. Can chain into itself, and into the other Light Attacks(That means, it's the only Light Attack Chain starter). Can be normal canceled too.
cr.HP - Same animation as his s.HP, but with one more property: It will reset your opponent on hit. Probably the easiest reset setup in the game. Learn this move, you can need to do pressure(And some unblockables) with his minions.
cr.HK - (Still don't know if this move is a Command Move) A slide, it can pass under some projectiles, and you can cancel any normal into this move. You can't cancel it too.

Command Moves


  • d+HK - (Still dunno, but it's here) Just read the cr.HK above.

Special Moves


  • QCF+P (In the ground or in the air) - Like a normal projectile, but it does two hits(The animation of it seems like Dhalsim's Yoga Fire), and will knock your opponent down. It can defeat other projectiles, probably for the two-hit feature(It can defeat some Super Projectiles too. If the projectile was blocked, the first hit will hit your opponent, but the projectile still will be active(Waiting for the second hit, where it vanishes), which is nice for pressuring. When used in the air, it will change RA's jump arc, still will do two hits(And your opponent will get a knockdown), but it can hit low if you have a good aim(Which is a interesting feature).

Woody Pig

  • QCF+LK - RA summons a monster(Sorry, two monsters) from the Ghosts 'n Goblins game. They will fly until they hits(On tall opponents, it can hit early, on small opponents, it maybe won't hit). Very nice for pressuring(That's how those monsters work in that game, just spam them, and you lose). It almost doesn't have recovery frames, so it's safe from a certain distance. You can combo after any minion too.


  • QCF+HK - This one is nice. This Zombie will appear in front of RA, and will begin walking forward. It counts as a projectile too, and that means, it's mainly a shield. You can combo after it hits too, but that's a little hard. RA is safe to call him at a certain distance.

Puchi Devil

  • QCF+K (Air only) - This one is probably the best for pressuring games. RA lauches 3 (Kind of) bats, and they will run forward, but almost touching the ground, and when they are in that position, they will hit low(Oh, and the bats will combo too). RA is safe to call the bats depending of the distance(And it will change his jump arc too).

(Note about the minions: You can have the three types of minions on the screen, but while a minion is on the screen, you can't call another minion of the same type, example: I called a Zombie. While it is on the screen, I can't call it until it leaves the screen. And you can combo after the 3 types of minions, the best order for that is: QCF+LK - Wait a moment after this one, QCF+K in the air, QCF+HK. After they hit, you can do any combo.)

Hell Hunter (Kuuchuu)

  • QCB+K - A move for his air game. You'll need to know the patterns in this move(Consider the below too), because it's unblockable. On the LK version, RA will fly and stop behind the Health bars. After that, he'll fly from a full screen length, but making an U arc. On the HK version, he'll stop behind the Health bars again, but he'll make this arc -> \, and then he'll go back to this initial position(Kind of a hit & run move).

Hell Hunter (Chijou)

  • DP+K - Learn the arc for this move too. RA will fly, but near from the ground this time. After some time, he'll make an arc like this -> __ and will stop after he reaches full screen length.

Demon Pillar

  • DP+P - This is mainly for pressuring. RA will launch his air fireball, but it can only hit when it touches the ground, making a pillar. Can be useful as an anti-air, but you'll need to predict your opponent's jump. It does incredible guard damage too(Can be useful as an cheap finisher).

Death Cannon

  • f, HCF+P - This move has the same animation as Zero's QCF(2x)+P Super. RA will charge, and launch a Super projectile. It does nice damage, but you can't use it on combos(Maybe after the Minions combo?).



  • QCF(2x)+K - RA will do an unblockable wall leap, and when it hits, RA will begin biting his opponent before throwing him/her on the ground. It does nice damage, but it won't do full screen length. The LK version will make him fly further too(But not full screen). You can use it as a meaty, but depends of where your opponent is.

The Basics

RA's gameplan

RA's just a great keepaway character. His minions and projectiles are his gameplan, and you can spam them from far away(You can have all of the 3 minions on the screen, and RA almost doesn't have any recovery frames if he calls them, so...). If a minion hits(Especially the bats), run to do a combo, you'll need it to do damage(You won't win only by chipping). His minions won't let your opponent jump, GCF, or things like that, because you're only thing that takes damage in the middle of that "bullet hell". Oh, but there are things that can break you minions barrage, like EQ with his Fat Guilty, Parries(From Ryo and Hugo), Teleports in general, and Super Projectiles(You can negate it, but it still will stop the minions). He doesn't have Supers, so he has to rely on his Unblockable Exceed(Make sure you hit with it), and the Unblockable Hell Hunter(Remember the patterns) to do real damage(You can make RA charge the Hell Ride while you're spamming minions too, which is nice). Good luck on your matches.

Some Combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
RA's combos aren't that good, but he can do something with his claws, mouth, minions and feet.

1- [Optional Minions combo, Jump Attack] cl.HK/HP(Cancel the first hit), QCF+P [Optional Meaty Exceed(Assuming that the bites and the throw are hits)/Hell Hunter, if on reach] - 3 hits; 15/11 hits with the optional things

Probably his BnB. Nothing special about it, but you can use the two hits of the cl.HK if on the corner.

2- (Corner Far) QCF+LP, DP+K/f, HCF+P - (For more details about "Why is this thing here", see below)

Dunno how this combo works, it just was here.

3- (Use the QCF+LK and HK minions, and jump over your opponent) [Jump Attack(Please, after you jumped, don't even try to crossup with RA)] cl.HK/HP(2 hits this time), (QCF+LK needs to hit here), cl.HK/HP(2 hits again), (QCF+HK hits here), cl.HK/HP(1 hit), QCF+P [Meaty things here] - 12 hits; 18/14 with the optional things

Damaging combo, but very hard to land on a real match. Jumping over your opponent with the minions on the screen can be easy, but... This combo? Dunno, didn't do many RA matches. But it's possible anyway.

Advanced Strategy

Resets with the cr.HP

Resets are important, that's what is on almost every section. You can do reset combos with RA, and they aren't that hard to perform. It's just this:

[Jump Attack (If you want more damage)] cr.HP, (After the reset)

  • (You can empty jump/dash here if you're not on the corner) cr.LK(2x), cr.HK/d+HK(Still dunno) - low starter with a knockdown after it;
  • Jump, j.HK/HP(Are the same thing), any combo - High Starter into a (Maybe, depends of the combo) knockdown;
  • Cancel the second hit into Exceed(If RA is with his back to the corner)/Hell Hunter - Reset into unblockable; You can make one of your minions hit your opponent after the reset, to help on the Hell Hunter charge.

Learn those above, you'll need.