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Differences from MK3

  • Reptile did not appear in MK3

Move List

Basic Moves

Male Ninja Basics moves:

The Male Ninjas have excellent basic moves, good height and range on everything in relation to their sprite proportions, their roundhouse is extra wicked and can connect in almost any situation. The only thing that can be weird about them is their aaHPs. Sometimes they tend to miss in situations where you wouldn't expect them to and this is due to kara canceling with run to speed the last hit up, in this situation, often you can do aaHP,LP and it'll work, with slightly less damage, otherwise, always take an extra small step in before doing aaHPs.

Special Moves


  • Slow: B, B, HP + LP
  • Fast: F, F, HP + LP
  • 11%
  • The Forceball is a very unique and solid move. In UMK3 he now can do fast and slow forceballs which makes him a "force" to be reckoned with...You are going to want to abuse the Hell out of this move, mixing them up as much as possible. You can alternate fast the slow, or slow then fast instantly, but inbetween usages of the same type you have a slight lag time to wait, essentially the amount of time it takes for the slow ball to travel full screen. This can be overcome by timing the alternating forceballs well enough so that they come out in a steady, spamming stream. You can keep people locked down with them if they are too afraid to advance after each, or you can force them to jump. If you do a slow forceball and they attempt to jump forward over it, time it so you can take a step in and RH them into the forceball, setting up a potentially deadly juggle combo. If you do a fast forceball and they attempt to jump over it backwards, as in, they are on the opposite side of the screen, and jump backwards to clear it, you can do Reptile's Elbow Dash move so the whole screen moves with them, and they will land on the Forceball. A tactic similar to this can be used with Cyrax's net, by doing his air throw or running in after a net when they jump, they will land in it because the screen moves. You can mix them in with run jabs similar to sticking in Classic Sub's Ground Freeze, it'll catch them on a wake up occasionally.

The only unobvious vulnerability the forceballs have is that they take many frames to actually get out of his hands and do damage and the desired effect, so you can actually push Reptile as he's doing them and the forceball, specifically the slow one, will just go behind you. Also remember that Jade can run through them, she is often a counter character to Reptile, and Nightwolf can reflect them. Against a Nightwolf counter player, try and make them use their reflection move and time a fast forceball to hit right as he loses the move's ability. In more specific situations, you can do a slow forceball against him, and as they do the reflection, jump kick or JP into a combo depending on distance, so he will land on it, setting up neat looking combo scenarios. The Forceball has a very strange limitation to it, technically you can use 4 forceballs in one combo, 2 of each, alone.

The amount of hits before the forceballs are disabled is 3, it can be glitch canceled to 4 and this happens quite often when someone is hitting F, F and HPHP to juggle and cancel to forceballs on the second volley. It is a good idea to use "Fake Forceballs" in a similar way you might use stepping in some games. Tap back, or forward quickly, but in an exaggerated fashion so the person will expect you to do a forceball, when you don't, and they jump forward, set them up with an aaHP to forceball combo, or just an aaRH or uppercut works as well. It's a good psychological tactic and it is surprising how well it works even at high levels.

Acid Spit

  • F, F, HP
  • 9%
  • The Acid Spit is a very high, low damage projectile with significant start up and recovery, at least in comparison to it's MKII counterpart. Use it against backwards jumpers, or mix it in with forceballs from full screen to keep players pinned down.


  • B + LP + LK + BL
  • 8%
  • The Slide is a semi useful move, as it can get you out of rub jabs and is a decent wake up move to catch people sleeping, sometimes you can even stick in a second one and people tend to not expect it. The only problems with Reptile's slide are it's slow, and has short range. Classic Sub-zero's slide is about 3 times faster with at least twice the distance. You can sometimes use it to get out of cross ups but it can get you into trouble. On Sonya, the Female Ninjas, and Kung Lao, the slide will often push them when they are blocking. It can cost you a match if you aren't carefully timing it to make sure it will hit and not be blockable, but if used in mid gameplay, if they stop blocking too soon, it will still hit them.


  • U, D, HK
  • 0%
  • Invisibility. It is what it says it is. Be invisible as much as possible and do it only if you are safe, like after an autocombo, RH or uppercut. Know where you are on the screen, so it is best to understand the distance you will land if you jump forward or back, throw out some kicks if you're not sure where you are and if they hit, you know how close you are. Air throws will not make Reptile reappear.

Elbow Dash

  • B + LP + LK + BL
  • 8%
  • The Elbow Dash is generally not to be used as an offensive move. On rare occassion you can catch people off guard with it, and many times if they block the first lap of it, you can attack them right as they recovery from the block stun and beat them to their next attack with a pop up combo and set up a deadly combo juggle. The most important aspect of this move is transit. You can use it at any time, as much as you like. It is a faster version of run essentially and he stops on a dime usually in very good places because he turns around right as he passes the opponent's axis. That coupled with running in right afterwards gets you right next to them, enabling rush down scenarios with rub jabs. You can use it to run under jumping attacks and avoid all kinds of situations and it's very useful to get out of cross ups. If someone goes to cross up jump kick or jump punch you, try and scout it and buffer Reptile's Elbow Dash backwards, this way you will run under their attack starting from a ducking position, and wind up behind them. If you connect an anti air roundhouse, use the dash move to get right on top of them before they even hit the ground. It is the same concept as anti cross up spinning with Kabal, but much less rewarding. If you can keep up a good Dashing game, especially while invisibile. Another integral part of Reptile's Dash, is to use it in juggle combos. It seems very intentional that they gave him a limit of three hits before his forceball is disabled, and a 3 hit pop up combo, extra recovery on his pop up, with the fast forceball being just fast enough to hit any opponent unblockably if done on a just frames concept after said pop up, which flips them to the perfect height to do anti air HPs, and then this move makes Reptile run back and forth under the falling opponent, lining up perfectly to get more each time, just out of sync enough to not be an infinite. A truly remarkable set of coincidences. Learn this, it's what makes Reptile dangerous, without it, he belongs in the lower end of the top tier. The Elbow Dash also does a tiny bit of damage for some reason during certain situations when you move across the opponent, so if they are on absolute danger, an elbow dash will win it for free.

Finisher Moves

Fatality 1

  • B, B, F, D, BL (One Jump Away)
  • Reptile takes his mask off exposing his face. He lashes his tounge out and eats the head of his victim. Then he continues and eats the torso and limbs. Leaving the feet alone.

Fatality 2

  • F, F, U, U, HK (Hold Block) (Sweep Distance)
  • Reptile takes his mask off exposing his face. He opens his mouth and spits a big glob of acid onto his opponent. The acid burns down the person leaving a body with out some skin, the acid left all over the ground. Then the body falls into a pile of slop. One of the best!


  • D, F, F, B, HK (No Block in Winning Round) (Past Sweep)
  • Reptile takes out a box, turns the knob many times. Then the top opens revealing a big lizzard head. The head scares the opponent and then they run off.


  • D, D, D, U + HK (Mercy First) (Next to)
  • Reptile turns into a monkey and chases his opponent off the screen.


  • F, F, B, D, LK (No Block in Winning Round) (Past Sweep)


  • Hold RUN, Wait 1 Second, D, D, Release RUN (Round 3) (Past Sweep)

Stage Fatal

  • BL, RN, BL, BL (Next to)


As Reptile

Reptile is a top tier character, generally ranked #6 but in the right hands he can be brought up a few notches with bigger juggle combos few players have mastered. Invisibility plays a big role in Reptile's tactics, use if as often as possible, but use it safely. Run jabs to pop up combos, sneaky close range slides, abuse of general male ninja basic properties are also a must. Zone like Hell with the forceballs, make sure you make your opponents make mistakes, it's very easy, just watch out against teleporters because Reptile has a harder time against them than Kabal. Remember his Elbow Dash can be used as a transit move, like a self terminating dash, it is twice as fast as run and advanced players know exactly when he will stop.

VS Reptile


Reptile cannot relaunch combo anyone even though he has a pop up. It is too slow on recovery so he cannot jump as they are moving upwards.

Basic Juggles:
1. jump punch starter, HP, HP, D+LP, HK JK or Uppercut depending on opponent 6 hits 34, 35 and 38%
2. HP, HP, D+LP, Fast Forceball, Uppercut 5 hits 34% 3. Slow forceball, aaHPHP, fast forceball, uppercut 5 hits 33%

Corner and juggles:

1. Slow Forceball, aaHPHP, fast Forceball, aaHPHP, JK, RH, LK 9 hits 50%
2. HP, HP, D+LP, Fast Forceball, aaHPHP, JK, RH, LK 9 hits 51%
3. aaHPHP, Fast Forceball, aaHPHP, JK, RH, LK 8 hits 52%
4. RH onto Slow Forceball, aaHP, Fast Forceball, uppercut 5 hits 47%
5. aaHP, JK, aaHP, fast Forceball, aaHPHP, JK, RH, LK 9 hits 68%

Maximum, or most reccommended Dashing HP Juggles on all characters via his 3 hit pop up to Forceball:

1. Vs Shang Tsung - aaHPHP, aaLPLP, Uppercut 9 hits 45%
2. Vs Female Ninjas - (aaHPHP, dash)x3, aaLPHP, dash, Uppercut 13 hits 57%
3. Vs Sheeva - (aaHPHP, dash)x4, Uppercut - 13 hits, 58%
4. Vs Sonya, Stryker, Sindel, Unmasked Sub-zero, Kung Lao, Nightwolf and Kano - (aaHPHP, dash)x4, aaLPHP, Uppercut 15 hits 63%
5. Vs Male Ninjas - (aaHPHP, Dash)x4, aaLPHP, dash, D+LP, Uppercut - 16 hits 65%
6. Vs Robots - (aaHPHP, dash)x5, aaLPLP, dash, Uppercut - 17 hits, 69%
7. Vs Kabal and Liu Kang - (aaHPHP, dash)x5, aaLPHP, dash, Uppercut 17 hits 69%
8. Vs Jax - (aaHPHP, dash)x6, aaLPHP, Uppercut 19 hits 75%

Side note for Jax, you can do Reptile's pop up, Forceball, get as close as possible and do a single HP, then start aaHPHP dashing for a Triple aaHP to start the combo. It also should be noted on some characters if you get his pop up combo, you can set them up afterwards for a Triple aaHP when you touch the wall with Reptile, allowing for extra juggles, adding upwards to 20%.

Punisher Set Ups for dashing punches:

1. Vs Kano Cannonball - aaHP, forceball, aaHP, forceball, (aaHPHP, dash)x3, aaLPHP, Uppercut 13 hits 60%
2. Vs Mileena's Roll or Teleport Kick - aaHPHP, dash, aaLP, forceball, (aaHPHP, dash)x3, aaLPHP, Uppercut 13 hits 63%
3. Vs Ninja Teleport Punch - aaHPHP, move F, aaHP, forceball, (aaHPHP, dash)x4, aaLPHP, D+LP, Uppercut 16 hits 72%
4. Vs Robot Teleport Uppercut - aaHP, forceball, aaHP, forceball, (aaHPHP, dash) x5, aaLPLP, dash, Uppercut 17 hits 71%
5. Vs Stryker Baton Dash - (aaHPHP, dash)x3, aaLPHP, dash, Uppercut 9 hits 72%
6. Vs Kung Lao Dash Kick - aaHP, forceball, aaHP, forceball, (aaHPHP, dash)x5, aaLPHP, Uppercut 17 hits, 72%
7. Vs Liu Kang Bike Kick - aaHPHP, forceball, (aaHPHP, dash)x6, aaLPHP, Uppercut 18 hits 76%

Other set ups for dashing punches:

1. slow forceball, aaRH onto forceball, aaHP, fast forceball into the most dashing punches you can get on whatever character it is, should generally result around 65%
2. slow forceball, aaHPHP, fast forceball, into dashing punches