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Rila Estancia is a wild-hearted Brazilian woman from the Amazon Forest. A protector of nature, Rila enters the FIST Tournament to find out about the evil spirit that is threatening the Amazonian people.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • Throw - f or b + HP while close
  • Side Kick- f + HK. A kick that will go over lows almost instantly after executed.

Special Moves

  • Quick Scratch/Quick Uppercut - charge B, F + P. Rila dashes across the screen and will scratch the opponent. The LP version, Quick Scratch makes Rila bounce off the opponent and does not knockdown, whereas the HP version, Quick Uppercut, sets them on fire and causes knockdown in addition to having slightly more start-up time and strong anti-air properties.
  • Spinning Claw - mash P. Rila spins around on the floor and slowly moves forward. If the opponent is hit, they are sucked into the attack and struck multiple times before they are released. It can be comboed into.
  • Wild Saber- charge D, U + K. This is Rila's uppercut. The HK version has a small forward-moving roll that can dodge high up attacks before hitting. Both versions have invulnerable startup, but the LK version will hit while it is invulnerable and the HK version loses its lower-body invulnerability before it begins to hit. The HK version hits a lot more and for more damage.
  • Killer Snake - charge B, DF + K. This is a spectacular move where Rila launches herself at the opponent and kicks the opponent two or three times, depending on the strength of the kick used (LK for the former, HK for the latter). The pounce can hop over lows and projectiles and has a good deal of priority. If the HK version of Killer Snake lands, it will juggle into her Bloody Fang super; for purposes of knockdown and range, use HK Killer Snake more frequently.

Super Moves

  • Shine Beast - charge B, F, B, F + P (hold P to delay). Rila turns into a glowing cat and then zigzags across the screen. If held for too long, Rila will turn back into a human. Moreover, if the opponent touches Rila while she is still transformed, she will automatically launch the attack. This move has start-up invulnerability making it a great reversal.
  • Bloody Fang - charge DB, then DF, DB, U + K. Rila jumps high and latches onto the opponent, violently biting them as the K buttons are mashed. It comboes well off of an HK Killer Snake, and does good damage if it can be landed.

The Basics

Note that this section isn't all finished up!

  • Notable normals
    • Crouching C - This move is super annoying and beats a lot of stuff. Be careful on the range you do it at, you want to do it pretty far away. Passable anti-air from really far out.
    • Close standing C - This move is good anti-air.
  • Crossups
    • Jumping B - Great crossup, do it late.
  • Meterless Combos
    • cr.B, cr.A/st.A xx Quick Uppercut - Easy combo to do after crossups.
    • j.A, cr.A/st.A xx Spinning Claw - Your best way to combo a Spinning Claw.
    • J.A, st.C xx Quick Uppercut - Most Damaging Jump In combo.
    • st.C xx Wild Saber - Weird but funny anti air good looking combo, you need to charge down then press up+C and Kick.
  • Combos with meter
    • HK Killer Snake > Bloody Fang - To make this combo work, start charging immediately after the animation for the pounce begins.

How does Rila play?

Rila its a charging character based one rushdown strategies,your objective will be use your Drill Claw to trap your opponent to the opposite corner in close range, for medium to far range your will use your Quick Uppercut to get closer, after this you need to charge one stock for Bloody Fang.

Unfortunately she can't charge partitioning or buffering,anyway you can make a Standing C xx Wild Saber combo.

After you have one power stock bring a HK Killer Snake randomly and connect your Bloody Fang, sadly this is the only way to connect a Super.

Mashing A when you are cornered is useful for traps.



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