Robert Garcia (NGBC)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Command Normals:

Back+A: Jumping foward roundhouse.

Back+B: Back kick aim towards opponent.

Back+C: Backhand that launches on hit.

Foward+B Command overhead kick. Really slow.

Foward+B(hold): Performs a fake command overhead kick.

Foward+D: Instep to a roundhouse kick. Looks like Far standing D.


Close standing A: A palm thrust with his hand.

Far standing A: A straight punch.

Crouching A: A crouching straight punch.

Jumping A: Aerial diagnol punch

Close standing B: Hits low so has to be blocked low. Fast kick to the side of opponent's leg.

Far standing B:Front kick with the side of the foot.

Jumping B: Downward kick.

Close standing C: Strong hook punch to the mid-section

Far standing C: Upward punch with the knuckles.

Crouching C: Strong uppercut.

Jumping C: Downward punch like SFs shotos j.Strong(MP)

Close standing D: Two hit kick. 1st is a high front kick, 2nd hit is a drop kick.

Far standing D: Roundhouse kick to the chest.

Crouching D: Sweep kick

Jumping D: Downward like j. B but with the other leg.

Special Moves

1.Ryu-Geki Ken: Charge back,foward+P(High) A is slow, C is faster.

2.Ryu-Geki Ken: Charge back,foward+K(Low) A is slow, C is faster.

3.Ryu Zanshou: Charge down,up+K B version has "Ultimate juggle" property.

4.Hien Ryujin Kyaku: Qcb+K in air

5.Gen'ei Kyaku: Foward,back,foward+K

6.Hien Senpu: Qcb+K (can be done 4x)

> qcf+K                       Finisher

Super Attacks

1.Haoh Shokou Ken:

f,hcf+P (can charge)   1 hit DM projectile. Consumes 1 bar of meter.                       

2.Ryuko Ranbu:

qcf,hcb+P              Consumes 1 bar of meter.

3.Kuzuryu Sen:

charge db,df,db,uf+K     Takes 2 bars of meter to perform.

The Basics

By Dark Geese:

Robert Primer I:

-His Ultimate Juggle (Meaning you dont need counter hit to make it juggle whereas in most other games CH is the only way it will juggle) is his light b flash kick so off an air to air b (most tournament reliable) ala Hanzo you can link a B flash kick.

-He can have 2 fireballs on the screen at once in NGBC (3 total counting Haohshokoken), but you can start with the P or K Fireball..yes he's a charge character keep that in mind.

-So thats do the either way and you can supercancel either one to the Ranbu or Haohshokoken. Doesnt matter if its the light or fierce just keep in mind that you wanna vary the speeds up to punish people.

Original posted by Beast of Fire in NGBC thread: Robert:

-Robert's throw causes the opponent to get up backwards. Abuse this in the corner by following up with a highjump into j.D, then combo.

-cr.A is your best poke, it chains into itself and can be cancelled to b+B in order to do combos. Can be cancelled into specials as well. Also sets up dash into throw nicely. Awesome priority.

-close B hits low and can be cancelled into b+B. Good standing low option to land a combo.

-cr.C is your all-purpose anti-air, it works at almost any point in your opponent's jump.

-cr.D is a decent speed low poke that is cancellable. Can be used in your poke strings to knock down, cancel to Ryu Geki Sen on block for safety/pressure.

-j.B and j.D are good for jumping in on people. j.D is also decent air-to-air.

-b+A is your high option on offense. It will link into cr.A on most characters, though there are some character-specific requirements such as crouching characters or only on wakeup. Gives some advantage if blocked, but unsafe to GCFS. Standard combo on connect is link 1 cr.A and then cancel to b+B to continue.

-b+B is used to extend combos and has pretty much no use when not cancelled into. It will cancel into any special and either super. It will also cancel into D-Assault, which is extremely useful. Best when cancelled into off of cr.A.

-b+C seems to have some upper-body invulnerability, though I'm not sure how reliable it is yet. Launches straight into the air when it hits. A standard midscreen juggle would be b+C, then jump forward with j.D/j.C, charge and do B version of Ryuzanshou when you land. Near the corner, you get longer juggles using multiple Ryuzanshous and the Kuzuryu Sen super.

-Ryu Geki Sen (charge b,f+P or K) is incredibly useful for pressure and screen control. P version launches and recovers faster, so it's better for screen control. K version is for combos as well as having slightly longer range when it comes out. You can SC the K version into Haoh Sho Ko Ken and use it as a safe way to punish people for dashing at you carelessly (this also beats out Big's lariat at longer ranges). Does a lot of damage. At long range, you can do A version followed by D version SCed into Haoh Sho Ko Ken and all three projectiles will combo for big damage.

-D version of Ryuzanshou (charge d,u+K) has invincibility. Can be used as anti-air, though not really necessary.

-Gen'ei Kyaku (f,b,f+K) cannot be techrolled and combos from b+B. Combo can be somewhat unreliable though.

-you can juggle with B version of Ryuzanshou after hitting someone with Hien Shippu Kyaku (QCB+Kx4) in the corner. Unfortunately, Kuzuryu Sen is too slow to combo here.

-Ryuko Ranbu (QCF, HCB+P) cannot be techrolled. Standard combo super. Can be comboed into after b+B (A version only) or after SCing a K Ryu Geki Sen.

-Kuzuryu Sen (charge db,df,db,uf+K) has absolute juggle potential. Does massive damage in juggle combos. Can be used after an air-to-air j.D, but will not net full hits unless you are near or in the corner.

-B&B combo is cr.Ax2, cancel to b+B, D Ryu Geki Sen super cancel to Ryuko Ranbu. Other useful combos are Gen'ei Kyaku after b+B or D-Assault after b+B.

-Robert is an extremely well-rounded character that can play offensively or defensively. If played offensively, it is best to get accustomed to using his normals more extensively than his specials so that you will not be caught off guard or slow your pace down too much by stopping to charge. At range, use Ryu Geki Sen to control space and punish jumpers with air-to-air moves or cr.C. Once you get inside, mix up with b+A and dash throws to get knockdowns and set up your combos. Poke extensively with cr.A and mix up with dash throws or pressure with Ryu Geki Sen.

Advanced Strategy