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"Where am I now?(You're in a wiki, Zero) I must quickly resume my mission. Ciel, a shortcut, please." By: Megaman/Rockman Zero



This is Rockman/Megaman(I'll use Megaman only) Zero(But not the one from the X series, like that Zero in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3). The Zero in this game is from the GBA Megaman games(With the name, Megaman Zero). Here, he is considered one of the best characters in this game(And one of the characters with the biggest arsenal too). Is he below Geese Howard in the tier list? Is he stronger? I'll talk about that later. Now for his pros and cons.

Zero's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • Very good walking speed;
  • Has a good variety of Special Moves(And combo options, especially in MAXIMUM Mode);
  • His jumps are very high(And he can even jump off walls, but not like in his game);
  • Has a very small hitbox(His standing hitbox is a little taller than standing Choi, but has the same height as Athena);
  • Has an air projectile;
  • Can slide(And punish sometimes) under projecties;
  • Can do some infinites and 100% combos(In and outside of MAXIMUM Mode);
  • Has an OTG(On/off the ground) move to add one hit and a little damage in your combos;
  • Can call his Cyber-Elves and even charge some of his special moves(By holding the button, like in his game);
  • Has an unblockable Exceed(And it can make him the best in the game for a little time after it);
  • Has a warning message against any boss character(Which is just awesome, thanks, SNK!).

Bad Things:

  • Has low stamina;
  • He can use his elves only 3 times in the battle(Not per round);
  • His projectile does zero damage if blocked(Got it? Zero? Sorry about that, but it's true);
  • Has bad damage in some moves(But he still can do damaging combos, don't worry)
  • Has bad jumping attacks for corner combos;
  • Exceed doesn't do so much damage(But it still will help Zero).

Who is the strongest?

Yeah, the question still stays... Who is the strongest? Megaman Zero, or Geese Howard? I'll just put here my opinion, and you can put yours here too(Put your nickname too if you want, it should be better) if you think:"Well, Zero is just the best, we don't care about the ruler of Southtown!", but if you think:"Geese is a badass, he can win everyone in this game!", put your opinion(And your name) in Geese's section.
I, Redarts (talk), think that Geese is better than Zero(Nothing against the Zero players, he is good, but that's just my opinion). One of the reasons to play one of those two are the infinites. Geese is easier to play, has better projectiles, easier normal mode infinite(I mean, Zero's normal mode infinite can only be done with the opponent in the air, and we don't have so much jumpers in this game, which is bad for him). Now, let's... "Delete" the infinites. Zero's arsenal is bigger than Geese's, and that's what makes him more technical(And technique = hard things to learn, and hard things to learn = bad for beginners, and if he's bad for beginners = boring character to use. That's my opinion, okay? Each player has one different opinion, so if you respect one, the others will respect you). Now for Geese's game without the infinite, he still would be with his ground game, damaging anti-airs, and his simple game and combos(He doesn't need his infinites to survive a match). So, again, Geese's better in my opinion.

How to select Megaman Zero

Oh, wanna play with Zero but can't select him? Don't worry, we can help you. On the character select screen, do these inputs before the timer reaches 10.

(While holding start) Up, Right(2x), Left(2x), Down, Up(3x), right, and select Zero with a button(Still holding start).

There are some hacks that can let you play with the Bosses/Sub-bosses, you can download them easily, or if you want to play online, you can download the rom and enjoy on Fightcade matches.

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP - (Far) A slash with the Z-Sword. Nothing out of normal with that. Can be chained into itself, can be normal canceled, and can even chain into other moves. (Close) Has the same properties as the far version, but Zero does a punch. Good to begin Light Attack chains.
s.LK - The Far and the Close versions are the same. Zero does a stab with his Triple Rod(It's kind of a spear, but the name is Rod. And he does only one hit in this move too). Can be normal canceled.
s.HP - (Far) Zero's longest poke. Very fast, almost safe on block if you hit with the tip of the slash, but cannot be normal canceled. (Close) A punch. Can be canceled, and it's a little good on combos(His cl.HK is better to use).
s.HK - (Far) Another move to use as a poke. Like the move above, cannot be normal canceled, but Zero will move a little forward while he performs the kick. (Close) A simple knee. Better than the cl.HP above. Can be normal canceled, and only that.

j.LP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. One of Zero's best normal air-to-air moves. It has one of the best horizontal range of his air normals, and use only like an air-to-air, it won't help Zero on his combos.
j.LK - (Diagonal) A stab aiming down with the Triple Rod(Again, he will do only one hit). Can be used as a jump-in(It's possible to combo after it). (Neutral) A stab with the Triple Rod(Do I need to say again?), and has the same reach as the j.LP. Nothing really interesting with this move.
j.HP - The Diagonal and the Neutral versions are the same. Zero's best jumping normal if you like crossup combos(It's like Choi's j.HP, including the fact that you can hardly combo if the normal does only one hit). It's the best jumping attack to use in neutral jump combos too.
j.HK - (Diagonal) A stab aiming down with the Triple Rod(I won't say it). It's like the j.LK, but better(I mean, the j.HKs are versions with more reach than the j.LKs, and performed in the same way, making the j.LKs 100% useless. Just analyse them, and you'll know what I'm saying). (Neutral) The air normal with the best reach. Use it only for air-to-air purposes. It's very hard to combo with it too.

cr.LP - A very, very fast punch, and very, very nice to use in your Light Attack chains. It can be chained into itself up to 4 times(Against Ryu, but I think that you can get more hits depending of the opponent's char). Can be normal canceled.
cr.LK - A low hitting kick. It can be chained into itself(You can get 2-4 hits with this, 2 on midscreen, and up to 4 on the corner), can be chained with other Light normals, and can be normal canceled. Only that.
cr.HP - An anti-air. Very fast, and can be normal canceled. Nothing out of order.
cr.HK - A stab with Zero's Triple Rod(That thing again). It knocks down, and can be greatly used as a low poke(It's very fast, and the reach is nice).

Command Moves

Jump Kahou Zuki

  • d+LK (In the air only) - This move is like... Chun-Li's d+LK in this game? I mean, it has even the bounce property... I don't know if you can use this in the match, because Zero has better air options. You can do any air move after Zero bounces too.

Jouhou Zuki

  • b+LK - Another move with the Triple Rod(You already know). It can be mostly used as an anti-air, or to hit tall characters. Watch out for the angle of the move, it can whiff against some jump-ins from your opponent(It can be better used against neutral jump-ins).

3-Dan Zuki

  • f+LK(3x) - This is a 3-hit move with the Triple Rod. Can be used on combos to get a distance from your opponent. The first hit can be normal canceled(And can combo into the "Sliding" move in MAXIMUM Mode in any hit).

Naname Shitazuki

  • df+LK - This move isn't that useful. For normal combos, it lacks reach. But it can hit as an OTG(On/Off the ground), which can give one more hit for your combos(If your opponent hasn't do a recovery roll, I mean). Use this if you're doing combos in the corner.


  • df+HK - It's like a normal slide, but really fast. You can easily do an OTG after this move(Zero will be very near from the opponent). This move can pass under "floating" projectiles too.

Special Moves

Buster Shot

  • QCF+LP (In the ground or in the air) - Zero fires one bullet with his Z-Buster. It can be small, but it can be dangerous, because it can be used in the air(It's mainly used in the air to stop jumpers, like Demitri's air fireball). It can be pretty spammable from far away too, because it has good recovery(But watch out for some characters that can punish it). It doesn't do any damage if blocked too.

Charge Shot

  • QCF+HP (In the ground or in the air) - After the input, Zero will begin his charging animation(I think it has a green/blue color). After some time(2-3 seconds), Zero's charge color will be yellow, and after you release the HP button, Zero will fire a more damaging Buster Shot. Zero can freely move and attack while he's charging. Oh, and you can juggle your opponent with this move too(Which is a little good). It will do damage if blocked, unlike the normal version. It can defeat some Super projectiles too. (Notes about Zero's charging moves: While you're charging a move, you can't charge another move, and if Zero is hit while he's charging, he will lose the charge. If you release the button while his charging animation is green/blue, nothing will come out, and Zero will lose the charge.)

Zed Saber

  • HCF+LK (In the ground or in the air) - This move is very different while done in the ground or in the air. While on ground, Zero will do a slash with his Z-Saber, and won't even knockdown your opponent, but it can be MAX canceled into almost anything Zero has, which can lead you to some good combos. While used in the air, this move will do a hard knockdown on your opponent(No matter where he/she is), and will hit as an overhead move(Unlike most air Command/Special moves).

Charge Zed Saber

  • HCF+HK (In the ground or in the air) - Like the Buster Shot, this move can be charged too. After you release the HK button, Zero will do a slash with his Z-Saber, but what his your opponent is that wave that comes out of it. The wave can negate normal projectiles too, and like the Buster Shot, this move will put your opponent in a juggle state. Strangely enough, this move can be normal canceled into part of Zero's arsenal. In the air, it's the same thing. It's said that this move(And the normal version) has some autoguard frames, but I'm not sure about that.

Triple Saber

  • QCB+P (3x) - This move is used(And must be used) on combos only. The damage isn't something incredible, but it still helps. HP version will make him do his slash animations for a longer time(Which helps on MAXIMUM Mode combos, because you'll have more time to cancel the hits). Any hit can be MAX canceled too.

Shield Boomerang

  • QCB+K - This move isn't that useful. It can hit your opponent, but not an standing one. More used as an anti-air move(A little risky, but you can try anyway) or to negate normal/Super projectiles.

Triple Rod

  • DP+LK (In the ground or in the air) - Zero will start slashing with his Triple Rod, but it will do more than 3 hits this time(8 hits on the ground, now in the air... Up to 10 hits). There are some interesting features about the ground and the air versions. What? Am I hearding thigs? Somebody said "Infinites" in my ear... Strange.

Charge Triple Rod

  • DP+HK (In the ground or in the air) - Nothing special. It will only do more hits and damage. It won't knock your opponent down in the ground version, so... No juggle properties on the ground version. But you can use as a starter for the air infinite(If you need more hits).

Irregular Hunt

  • f, HCF+P - Zero will fire 3 shots upwards. The 3 shots cannot hit your opponent(Because they aren't the attack), but after the shots "get out" of the screen, an enemy from the Megaman Zero games fall down. There are some different types of enemies, for example: One of them can eletrocute your opponent, other can do more damage, etc. After Zero fires the 3 shots, he can freely move and attack. This move can help you to start pos-stun combos. The button pressed will determine where the shots will go(And where Zero's enemy will fall). It's said that there are up to 8-9 types of enemies, but I'm not sure about that.

Cyber Elf (Support)

  • Charge b, f+P/K - Zero's Cyber-Elves are here. They are useful to Zero's game, I can say that. The button pressed which Cyber-Elf will come out to help Zero.
    • LP version - A Cyber-Elf will restore a little amount of Zero's health. It will follow Zero.
    • LK version - A Cyber-Elf will stay for a little time, or until it connects with any projectile(If the projectile connects with it, Zero will gain 1 level of meter, and if the projectile has more than 1 hit, Zero can take the damage, so make sure you block if the Cyber-Elf absorbs a Super Move). It will follow Zero.
    • HP version - A Cyber-Elf will fire some arrows/stings, but a little randomly(Let's say that the Cyber-Elf doesn't have a good sight). Can help on your combos(If you're against a tall character, it can be a great help). It will follow Zero.
    • HK version - A Cyber-Elf will run in the opponent's direction. If it connects with him/her, and if the opponent hasn't blocked it(It can be blocked, and won't do any chip damage), he/she will turn on the same Cyber-Elf for a little time. Your opponent can only walk, jump, and crouch. After certain attacks, your opponent will come back to his normal form. This Cyber-Elf hits low too(And can help on some combos, or you can even make some unblockable strategies). I could even bug the practice mode with this thing. It will run alone, don't follow Zero.

Cyber Elf (Bakudan Setchi)

  • Charge d, u+P/K - It's a... Blowfish? Well... The button will determine where the Blowfish will appear. The LP version will make the Blowfish appear in the side of Zero's head, and the HK version will make it appear near from the health gauges. You can use it to stop jumpers, or to do some corner setups for your opponent. Can be used on combos too. The Blowfish won't follow Zero.

(Notes:You can use Zero's Cyber-Elves only 3 times in the match. No, not in the round, it's in the match, like an Exceed. You can have only one Cyber-Elf in the screen. If you try to have 2, one will disappear, except for the running one.)

Super Moves

Spiral Shot

  • QCF(2x)+P - Simple move to use. You can hold the button pressed to add some damage(He will even do the charge animation, and the charged version can do up to 5 hits). If your opponent jumps, you can use this move as an anti-air(You can even hold the button to wait for him/her to jump). Can be used in some combos.

Ultimate Saber (Dash)

  • QCB, HCF+LK - Zero's underused Super. You can use this move on most of Zero's combos. There's no difference between the two versions after they hit too. There are some possible combos that you'll need to use this(Not the other one) version to make this combo work, but the version below is just better anyway.

Ultimate Saber (Sliding)

  • QCB, HCF+HK - This version is the best. It hits low, can be used in most of Zero's combos, and even has more reach than the move above(Oh, and the fact that it pass under "floating" projectiles is a little good, huh? How can I know that? He'll do his slide animation after the flash). Good to use on Zero's resets too.


Cyber Elf Force

  • LP, LP, d, LK, HK - Zero's very useful Exceed. It won't do THAT damage compared to other Exceeds, but it's unblockable, and will help Zero in his game. How? After the Exceed hits, many Cyber-Elves will appear in the screen. While they appear, your opponent will be stunned for a little time, and Zero's health will recover by a decent bit. Oh, and he'll glow pink too. What does it mean? Nothing. Zero will just receive speed, damage, and defense(The game's timer will receive kind of slow down too, but your opponent's speed won't) for a little time. Good to use as a meaty too(It's unblockable. Remember that: If you see any opponent "sleeping" in the ground, you can do a meaty Exceed to get free speed, health, damage, and defense). This move cannot be chained with Zero's normals(But you can still cancel his Light attacks into this Exceed).

The Basics

Zero's gameplan

Yeah, Zero is a technical character. If you want to play him just to do infinites, all right, be cheap, that's in Zero's rules. But if you really want to learn him(Or don't like infinites), get ready, you'll need to think while you're on the match. Zero has many anti-air moves in his arsenal, so you'll need to know when you'll use one of them(For example: his b+LK can be better against neutral jumps, and his one of the best against diagonal jump-ins). You can do an air fireball just to make the jumpers be aware of it(But don't abuse of the air fireball). His combos(Without considering his infinites) won't do that damage(Outside of MAXIMUM Mode) when compared to other combos(Not infinites), but you can still do some damage(Most of his normal combos cannot do more than one bar, but they are good anyway). His Supers are his source of damage, and can be used only with strategy(Or in combos), so use them when you need. His Exceed will help him in his game too, and the best way to use it is as a meaty(You'll do some more damage in your opponent, and even boost Zero's stats, the bad part is that you can use it only one time). Another good things in Zero's arsenal are the Cyber-Elves, if you know how they work, Zero can be almost invincible! You can use certain ones in combos(Like that running one, or even the one who fires stings, and the Blowfish can help you in combos too). Zero's combo options in MAXIMUM Mode are impressive(He can do almost anything), but if you don't like infinites, he can do some damaging(And non-infinite) combos. Good luck in your future matches.

Some combos
You'll see now how Zero can do damage in normal mode(Get ready). If you know some more possible combos, add them below.

1- [Optional f, HCF+P, Jump Attack] cr.LK(1-2x), cr.LP, QCB+P(3x) [Optional OTG df+LK, Exceed (As a meaty)]

Good combo with a low starter. Nothing very special in this combo, except for the very low damage(Without the optional things). You can use this combo as one of his BnBs. If you want more damage, you can do a cr./cl.HP, or even his cl.HK. (Note about the optional things: It should be better how to use them on combos, like for example: the f, HCF+P is better when your opponent is stunned, and the OTG + Meaty Exceed can be useless if your opponent does a recovery roll. You'll need to know these variants to do more damage on Zero's combos.)

2- [Optional f, HCF+P, Jump attack] cr.LK (1-3x), QCB, HCF+LK or HK [Optional OTG + Meaty Exceed, but only works in the corner]

A variation of the above, but with more damage. The Super used will not change the combo(But I prefer to use the HK version).

3- (Corner only and your opponent needs to be jumping) DP+LK(In the air) (Infinite times)

This is Zero's infinite. The timing of the attacks can be hard(You'll need to jump almost everytime). Learn if you want(There are some videos with it too).

4- (If you and your opponent are in each corner) Charge QCF+HP, QCF(2x)+P

Long range combo. Really good and easy to do, but hard to land in a real match. Learn if you want.

5- Charge b, f+HK, j.HP(As a crossup), cr.LK(1-2x), QCB+P/QCF+LP, (Cyber-Elf hit)

A setup for the running Cyber-Elf. Really good to use on the wakeup(It's a great high/low mixup combo too). You'll have 3 chances to use this combo, so don't even try to mess the combo up. You can use it on your opponent's wakeup, or even while he's stunned(He won't attack for a longer time). Learn if you want.

6- HP+HK grab, walk a little forward, OTG, walk a little forward, CD grab, OTG, walk ...

Another one of Zero's infinite loops, but very easier than the air one. It's good to use, the hits will connect(But the game will not recognize them as a combo), but it has his bad parts. Do you remember the basic things? Like throw escapes? The hits can connect with each other, but your opponent can still escape from the combo. If your opponent don't know how to throw escape, you won the match. The best way to land this infinite is after a GCF. I won't recommend it to use on player matches(I mean, you can use it, but your opponent will most likely know how to do throw escapes), but you can abuse of it against the CPU(If you want to see his ending).

Advanced Strategy

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Sadly, I only know one combo. I couldn't find other combos too. It should be better if you add some more possible combos.

1- [You know what would be here] cr./s.LP/LK, QCB+P(2x), (MAX cancel into) HCF+LK, (MAX cancel) QCB+P(2x), HCF+LK, (Supercancel into) QCF(2x)+P

A combo to practice. You can't add the other optional things because the Super will send your opponent far away(But it's possible on the corner). The Light attacks are better on this combo due to the "push" your opponent will get(Try it with any Heavy attack and you'll see). The combo will work better with a jumping crossup(I'm talking about you, j.HP). The Supercancel in the last part isn't that hard(Just do another QCF and press a punch. The HCF after the input will help you with it). For the version used on the QCB+P, the combo will work with any of them, but it was easier with the HP version(You'll have more time to cancel the move, because it's slower, and will combo anyway).

Zero's Resets
Zero can do resets like any other character with moves with juggle propeties. And he's pretty good with that, I can assume. His charging Buster Shot can juggle your opponent, leading to more damage in some combos(Like one of the combos in the normal mode section). Try something like this:

(Corner only) Charge qcf+HP, cr.LK(2-3x)/cl.HK, (Fire the shot, and while your opponent is in the air) f.HK, (While your opponent is in the ground) QCF, HCB+HK

That's the reset combo. Pretty easy to do(The sad part is that it can be used only on the corner). Practice this reset, you can need. The cr.LK/cl.HK are just good options: cr.LK for a low starter, and cl.HK for more damage. (Obvious, but important note: You can't use the cl./cr.HP because you'll be charging the button.)