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Everyone rumored, no one believed.

The comeback we were all yearning for.

Roll, truly the last and greatest Ultimate All-Star of our time, finally emerges from her brother's shadow in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Going from a virtually unplayable clone of Mega Man in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, so bad that even Servbot is more viable, Roll has been given her own original moveset based around her lethal housekeeping skills and her hi-tech broom.

Move List

Normal Moves

  • 5a - An extremely fast slap poke. These will come out basically as fast as you can mash it. While it's certainly the fastest poke in the game, it has very poor range. Use it to harass people or perhaps as a reversal at very close range, it can really surprise people.
  • 5b - Roll sweeps twice with her broom. This move is interesting because it gives Roll a lot of frame advantage even if you don't cancel it. So much, in fact, that you can link it into itself, along with other things such as j.a, which leads into an infinite on Tekkaman.
  • 5c - A single, slower broom sweep. It's combo filler, but unlike in CGoH, it gives you enough frames to combo into launcher.
  • 2a - Roll kicks out in front of her with a pretty standard crouching poke kick. Slower, but longer range than 5a.
  • 2b - Roll lays down and kicks both legs out in front of her. This attack is really good for a couple reasons. It moves forwards a long ways, it comes out fast, and roll lays down almost flat on the ground, making it very easy to go around any standing attacks or even certain crouching attacks.
  • 2c - Roll takes her broom and smacks the legs out from under your opponent. This move is good to start sweep combos, but has a nice long disjointed hit box over the broom so you're pretty safe to poke with this attack as long as you space it right.

Command Normals

  • 6b - Roll jumps up and hits the enemy over the head with her broom. While you cannot ground combo with this normal move, you can use this to trick your enemy into landing either a Roll Broom Swing (236A/B/C) or one of her supers.
  • 3c - She takes the broom and smacks upwards, launching. Like the 2c, it's a little slow, but she hides behind the broom, so it can be good as an anti-air.

Special Moves

  • Roll Power Up! - 214A/B/C: Roll's broom lights up, increasing the damage output for all her attacks, and changing the properties of her special moves. Once she uses a special move however, the power up is gone. You can power up multiple times in a row, but all it does is reset the powered-up state, potentially leaving your open to attack.
  • Roll Broom Swing - 236A/B/C (this move can also be done in the air): Roll swings her broom and like a bat, sending the enemy flying back as it knocks them over. Each version launches the enemy to different heights. The A version will launch the enemy slightly above Roll's head, the B version will launch the enemy slightly below Roll's normal jump height, and the C version will launch the enemy at Roll's normal jump height. Roll Broom Swing does 2,800 Billion Damage, and the powered-up version causes wall bounce. Powered up A version does 4,000 Billion, powered up B does 4,400 Billion and powered up C does 4,800 Billion. You can use any powered-up version in both ground and air combos (and to continue either your ground or air combo). If you use it during an air combo, it is possible to juggle your enemy to continue a few extra sets of air combos (this can only be done in the corner, and timing must be exact).
  • Roll Splash - 623A/B/C: Roll takes out a bucket of water and splashes the enemy with it. If the attack whiffs, a water puddle forms, lasting around 7 seconds, tripping anyone who steps on it (causing knockdown), until it dissipates. The A version will travel a bit less than halfway across the screen, the B version travels halfway, and the C version travels almost fullscreen. If the enemy is lying on the ground, you can use Roll Splash to add another hit. If the enemy is close to you when you use it, regardless of which version, it causes the enemy to stagger. You cannot use this in a combo, but it can be easily followed up with a ground combo. The powered-up version, regardless of the button, causes the water to shoot straightforward across the entire screen, basically becoming Iron Man's Unibeam, even in how it looks. It does 3 hits and around 6,100 Billion Damage. You cannot combo into the powered-up version of unless you Baroque a move beforehand.
  • Roll Mop Up - Charge back (2) for 2 seconds, then press forward (6)+A/B/C: Roll dashes forward and scrubs the ground with her broom, hitting anyone in her way several times.
    • During Roll Mop Up, press A/B/C rapidly to "fire scrub": During Roll Mop Up, Roll scrubs the enemy to the point that her broom fires up (and the powered-up version also sets the enemy in fire). The A version does 11 hits and 3,680 Billion Damage, B does 15 hits and 4,200 Billion, and C version does around 20 hits and 4,760 Billion. The powered up version can go up to 36 hits and about 9,060 Billion Damage. This is a great special to use to either end your ground combo, or even an air combo if you time the j.C at the end when you land, allowing you to follow up with Roll Mop Up -> "fire scrub".

Super Moves

  • Roll Mop Up Turbo - Charge back (2) for 2 seconds, then press forward (6)+Any two attack buttons: Roll runs at the enemy with her broom, hitting their feet as she charges across the screen, ensing with her smacking them square in the nose. This super does 16 hits and around 17,350 Billion Damage. This is great to use at the end of either your ground or air combo (if you time the j.C at the end when you land). This super, just like the Roll Mop Up special move, can hit the enemy while on the ground, but the last hit will miss.
  • Roll Down Time - 214+Any two attack buttons: Rolls sits down and puts her hands together in prayer. In recognition of her valiant heart, God himself sends an orb of energy down from the heavens, restoring some of her health along to the classic Mega Man healing sound effect. If the enemy is hit by the energy ball, God will be offended by their sinfulness and cast divine judgment upon them, putting them in a stagger state, but doing no damage, as ours is a forgiving lord. The neat thing about this super is that if you do a Team Hyper Combo or a DHC, you can heal your partner instead.
  • Oh. No. You. Didn't! (Level 3 Super) - 623+Any two attack buttons: Roll scrubs the ground immediately in front of her with such immense force that her broom erupts in flames. If the enemy is hit by this flame (on the ground or in the air) they will dance in pain (since their ass is on fire that burns with the might of sheer housekeeping willpower), Roll will take out a huge bucket of water and then dump it to create a huge wave, washing the opponent away. This super can be used in both a ground and air combo (if timed correctly). You can use this super while the enemy is laying the ground; however, you will not get the super's animation. Instead, you will do only 8 hits, and around 7,100 Billion Damage.

Assist Attack

  • Roll Splash B - The properties of her Assist are the same as the special. You can use her assist as part of your ground or air combo, or even to create mix-ups.

The Basics

Roll is certainly a strange character, and while many will assume she's still a joke character, even after playing her for a bit, this is because Roll has many advantages that probably aren't immediately obvious to a new player, whereas pretty much all her faults are. First and foremost to note is her biggest offensive strength: Roll is the undisputed crownless queen of non-megacrashable, on-the-ground damage. Her biggest defensive strength, in lieu of Servbot, is her relatively small hitbox, primarily when she's crouching, making her hard to hit. She also has one of the best projectiles in the game.

Advanced Strategy