Ryu (SFA)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Normal Moves

Stand LP

Crouch LP

Jump LP

Stand MP

Crouch MP

Jump MP

Stand HP

Crouch HP

Jump HP

Stand LK

Crouch LK

Jump LK

Stand MK

Crouch MK

Jump MK

Stand HK

Crouch HK

Jump HK

Special Moves

Hadou-Ken: Qcf + P

Shoryuken: DP + P

Hurricane Kicks: Qcb + K

Fire Hadou-Ken: Hcf + P

Super Moves

Shinkuu Hadou-Ken:
Qcf x2 + P

Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku:
Qcb x2 + K


stand jab, jump strong
A simple juggle combo. Most likely after a blocked air to air hurricane kick. After this a quick stutter to walk underneath or not, to combo of your choice for a good chance of dizzying out right.

Duck lkX4, qcf++hp.
Your highest damaging dizzy combo for a ducking opponent. Feel free switch with duck lkX2, to stand mp, or duck mp. This combo will instantly dizzy after a air hurricane kick.

Duck lkX2/3 stand hp qcf+hp.
Highest dizzy combo(sodom with standing)on standing opponent. A jump into this will almost out right dizzy the opponent straight out. Also used for punishing rolls. Remember after a roll the opponent hit out of a roll is standing. So again, in most cases after a hard knock down even at the start of a match, into the above combo will out right dizzy.

duck lkXn, then at furthest point sweep.
A combo for when you stutter and forget to do one of the 2 above. Remember that duck mk does 1 point of stun. And you can get more damage and stun from just sticking with simple stuff. As many chains in light medium hard fashion actaully will do less damage and less stun then the above.

Jump hp,hk, stand mp, dp+hp.
A high damaging combo most likely used after a dizzy to finish off the opponent.

Air hurricane kick, jump mp, or super fireball
Remember that jump mp after a hurricane kick will knock down.

The Basics

c. mk xx shoryuken/hadouken/fire hadouken/tatsumaki.

Besides akuma and guy, ryu arguably punishes rolls the hardest in the game. Duck lkX3, stand hp, fireball does 29 stun by itself.(it takes 40 to dizzy every character in the game)So if you landed a strong knock down, one roll punish could mean the match in your favor outright.

Advanced Strategy