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"Bulk's not everything. You need constant effort, too." By: Ryu(He uses this win quote against Earthquake and Hugo, the big chars)



You probably know this guy if you played any Street Fighter game. Ryu, a.k.a the Shoto, is, most likely, the best example of a basic character on the fighting game history. And in this game, this hasn't changed. He is still basic, strong, and fun to play. Now for his pros and cons.

Ryu's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • Easy to play and learn(You can use some neutral game strategies from other games with him here, they will help you);
  • Good stamina and decent walking speed(He has the best stamina of the Capcom Shotos);
  • Has nice projectiles to use in a match;
  • Decent Command Moves(You know all of them if you used him on ST);
  • Exceed can be easily used on combos;
  • Has a MAXIMUM Mode loop on the corner;
  • Has easy, practical, and effective combos.

Bad Things:

  • The Exceed has short reach(You can do combos with it, but if it whiffs, maybe you can. Denjin Hadouken would make the game even more broken too, so that's fair);
  • The Exceed will be just a normal Shoryuken without damage(It does damage, but not THAT damage);
  • Not many options for Maximum Mode combos(He has a loop in there, but he still doesn't have good options. He can only MAX cancel one Special Move, and one Command Move);
  • His Shakunetsu Hadouken won't eat normal projectiles(Will be negated with the other projectile);
  • His Shinkuu Hadouken will lose a hit if it negates a normal projectile(If the projectile does two hits, the Super will lose two hits, and there we go);
  • It's hard to combo with the Tatsu Super in this game.

Moves List

Normal Moves

s.LP - (Far) Fast punch that can be normal canceled, and can chain into all of the other Light normals, including itself. Use it as a poke, as it can hit most crouching characters. (Close) Fast elbow attack that can be normal canceled, and chain into all of the Light Attacks. I won't recomend you to use this, because it will whiff on most crouching characters.
s.LK - (Far) Kick aiming up. The best way to use it is as an anti-air, but you'll probably use the DP instead(It's better, I know). (Close) Cancelable kick that won't whiff on low crouching characters, and can be normal canceled. You can use this one, but it can't chain into other Light Attacks.
s.HP - (Far) Strong punch with decent reach. Won't whiff on most low crouching characters, but cannot be normal canceled. If you want a damaging poke, use this one. (Close) Good for combos when you need damage. You can easily cancel it on any special move.
s.HK - (Far) Another kick aiming up. Wanna use it as an anti-air? If yes, why? Just do the DP instead. (Close) The classic two-hit axe kick. It's a good move to use on the opponent's wakeup(It won't whiff on low crouching chars), but the hits cannot be normal canceled, sadly.

j.LP - (Diagonal) Just a simple punch. You can use it as a jump-in for combos, it stays for a good time, and you easily combo after it hits. Remember that it won't do that damage. (Neutral) A stopped chop. It's good as an air-to-air, use it defensively only.
j.LK - (Diagonal) You'll remember this... Knee... Punch... Dunno, but you can crossup(And easily combo) with it. (Neutral) Kick aiming up. Good to use when you're in the air, and your opponent jumps higher than you.
j.HP - (Diagonal) Punch to use as a jump attack. It does good damage, but I think the below is better. (Neutral) The best neutral jump-in. It doesn't stays for a long time, but you can combo after it hits.
j.HK - (Diagonal) Great kick. Good reach, good damage, and can crossup. If you want to crossup, but you're having problems with the combos, just use the j.LK instead. (Neutral) Air-to-air kick. Use it defensively against your opponent's jumps.

cr.LP - Good cancelable punch. Better than the f.LP, I can say(Has more reach, and won't whiff on some low crouching chars). Can chain into other Light Attacks, including itself.
cr.LK - Kick that hits low. Generally, this move is used as a Light Attack chain starter(See the combos section for more details). It can be normal canceled too.
cr.HP - A punch aiming up that can be normal canceled. You can use it as an anti-air(Just use the DP), or on combos(If you like to hold down during them).
cr.HK - This is the classic cancelable sweep. You can do interesting things if you cancel it on a tatsu... You'll see more details about this later.

Command Moves

Hiji Ate

  • b+LP - Dunno if this one is useful. If won't whiff on low crouching characters, but can be normal canceled, and saldy, can't combo into special moves(But can combo into Supers).

Sakotsu Wari

  • f+LP - Ryu's classic two-hit overhead. Cannot be normal canceled, but you can cancel the two hits on MAXIMUM Mode. Use this on the opponent's wakeup, or if he/she is a turtler.

Senpuu Kyaku

  • f+LK - Interesting kick. If you use it alone, when the opponent takes a hit from this move, Ryu will be on a frame advantage(Meaning that Ryu will recover from the move before his opponent recovers from the hitstun). Some attacks that can followup it: f.LP(If you walk a little forward), f.HP, db+HK, QCF(2x)+P and QCB(2x)+K. If you normal/MAX cancel any move into it, Ryu will still be on a frame advantage, but you can't combo after the move hits. This move is just for punish combos. Ryu has a MAXIMUM Mode loop involving it too.

Kurubushi Kick

  • db+HK - The Shoto's cr.MK. You'll know how to use this one, except for the fact that you can normal cancel a normal into it. It can be normal canceled too, remember that.

Special Moves

Hadou Ken

  • QCF+P - The basic and classic projectile. It's just a normal projectile, so use it like one, okay?

Shakunetsu Hadou Ken

  • HCF+P - Another projectile, but this one will do more damage, and won't eat other normal projectiles, it will just be negated, sadly. If you hit your opponent with this while near him/her(Like on a combo), he/she will be knocked down.

Shouryuu Ken

  • DP+P - The basic DP. Use it as an anti-air, or on combos. You can MAX cancel the hit into almost anything too, which is cool. Learn how to use this move, and be free to use it.

Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

  • QCB+K - The tatsu, probably the less used move on Ryu's list. It's very useful here, it even has a wakeup crossup glitch involving it! We'll see that later.

Kuuchuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

  • QCB+K (In the air) - This one is useful only to change your jump arc while being offensive/defensive. You can input it like: QCB, ub/u/uf+K to perform it quickly.

Super Moves

Shinkuu Hadouken

  • QCF(2x)+P - You know this Super projectile, because it's a classic move. It's the most used on combos too, because it's very fast, and will move horizontally forward. The sad part is when it negates a normal projectile(It will lose a hit, and some damage).

Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku

  • QCB(2x)+K - A tatsu super that can do up to 13 hits(No, you can't mash to get more hits). Has a little more damage than the Super above, but isn't that good on combos(Mainly because Ryu won't move forward/backwards while he performs the Super, like the regular tatsu). It has some possible combos, but it should be better to use the Super above instead.


Shin Shoryuken

  • QCF(2x)+KK - One of Ryu's SAs from the SFIII series, and his most damaging move here. Like a normal Shoryuken, it has startup invincibility, but if it whiffs, it will be just like a normal DP(A single uppercut without THAT damage, and that's why you need to hit with it. It's said that you can juggle your opponent after the whiff animation, but I'm not sure about that). It has some basic hit-confirms, which is good for Ryu. A good part of this Exceed is the input(It's not that strange Street Fighter Alpha input).

The Basics

Ryu's gameplan

Ryu is a typical defensive turtler(The most defensive Shoto in the game). Walk forward and backwards while throwing many hadoukens(You can alternate between the versions too), and trying to poke. When your opponent jumps, just do a simple DP. When you have the time, punish your opponent with a damaging combo/Exceed when you need to(You can do his wakeup crossup glitch if you need to punish too, see below for more details). Well, Ryu is simple, you probably know how to use him(I bet you already knew most of the things here if you used him on maybe any other game). Good Luck on your future matches.

Wakeup crossup glitch (Ryu edition)

The wakeup crossup glitch is a very known competitive technique, and many characters can do it(But it works only on Neo Geo games). How to do it? Simple. Here is the input to perform it:

cr.HK, QCB+LK(You need to stop on the opponent's back, if you used the cr.HK as a poke, do QCB+HK instead)

This is a very simple glitch, I can say. After you land on the opponent's back, he/she will wakeup with his/her back turned! "What does it mean?" This means that any attack you do, he/she will need to block to the other side(Example: Do the input above, and then do a combo/Super on the opponent's wakeup. If you stopped on the opponent's back, your opponent wake up facing to the wrong side, and now he will ask himself: "How do I block?". That's how the glitch works. Learn it, and use it, you can need.

Some combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode)
If you know some more combos, you can add them here.

1- [Jump Attack] cr.LK(2x)/cr.LK, cr.LP, db+HK, QCB+K - 4 hits; 5 with the Jump Attack

A very easy combo with a low starter. It's Ryu's BnB too(It's better than using cl.HP, use it only for punishing, see below for more details). You can add another Light Attack on the chain, but the tatsu sometimes won't combo if you do it. After the db+HK, you can do the QCF(2x)+P Super for a more damaging combo, but that's a little hard to do(Just practice and you can do it easily).

2- cl./cr.HP, DP+P/Any Super/Exceed - 2/13/6/5 hits (The second and the third are the Supers)

Mainly used as a punish combo(And a simple hit-confirm for the Exceed on the normal mode), and that's why this combo doesn't have a "[Jump Attack]"(But you can add one anyway). The damage is nice, no matter which move was used after the cl./cr.HP(DP+P when you don't have meter, Super if you have, and the Exceed is in there if you need damage).

3- f+LK, df+HK(Optional), QCF(2x)+P - 7 hits

Another punish combo. It does a little more damage than the above(If you disconsider the Exceed), so... You should learn it, in case you need to punish with damage(And you don't have the Exceed to use). If you want, you can do a QCB(2x)+K after the f+LK, but won't need to use the db+HK(The Super will whiff if you use it), but this one is more damaging.

Advanced Strategy

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Ryu can only MAX cancel two of his Command/Special Moves(The f+LP, and his DP, and his combos will involve only those two), so he doesn't have many options(But he has some good ones). If you can know some more combos, add them here.

Shoryuken(DP+P) combos:

1- (Midscreen only) [Jump Attack(Works better if you crossup)] cl.HP, DP+P, QCF+P/QCB+K - 3 hits; 4 with a Jump Attack

Decent combo, but Ryu has better options. The QCB+K won't whiff if used on the corner.

2- [Jump Attack(Works better if you crossup)] cl.HP, DP+P, QCF(2x)+P - 7 hits; 8 with a Jump Attack

More damaging version of the combo above. To do it, just do a QCF+P after the DP+P.

3- cl.HP, DP+P, Exceed - 6 hits

Strongest punish combo on Ryu's list. It can serve as a training for the finisher of the combo below too. To do it, just do a QCF+KK after the DP+P. If you want to add a Jump Attack, just crossup and do the rest.

4- (Corner Only) cl.HP(Optional), DP+P, f+LK, DP+P, f+LK, ... (When you want, after any DP+P) Exceed - n+5(Where n is the loop's part)

Ryu's 100% combo. It's practical, but I don't know if you can land this on a real match(You can, but it will be very hard, I'll assume). Learn this, you can need when your opponent is running. If you want to add a Jump Attack on it, you can crossup while Ryu's on the corner. There's another way to land it on the corner, and it will be below.

Sakotsu Wari(f+LP) combos:

1- f+LP, (MAX cancel the first hit) DP+P, Exceed - 6 hits

Another hit-confirm for the Exceed, but starting with an overhead this time. Not that hard to do, and you can use it on the opponent's wakeup.

2- (Corner only, and it's better while the opponent's knocked down) f+LP, (MAX cancel the first hit) DP+P, f+LK, DP+P, f+LK, ... (When you want, after any DP+P) Exceed - n+5(Where n is the loop's part)

Yeah, this is it! Probably the most effective way to hit-confirm this MAXIMUM Mode loop! Master it, you'll need it to do damage/comebacks(Or to show-off on combo vids).