Sagat (SFA)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Stand lk One of the most realistic unblockables in the game behind rose friends, and if the version your playing has sodoms stand hk. When done from max range it can not be blocked.

Stand hk Hits twice, but only the second hit does any stun. A pretty good move comparatively to the rest of sagats pretty lack luster move set.

Stand hp Does 0 stun. It can still be used to trade with fireballs in your favor.

Duck hp Gives a fair advantage. Enough to link a duck mp off of. Unfortunately in general you arent at ranges to use it as such unless the opponent is sucked into you from a cross up, and your usually stuck with a duck lk. Which in the orginal alpha game does not consistently combo to tiger knee/does not combo to super from all ranges in the orginal game/and sagats fireball is nto fast enough to combo off lights. Whatever the case a decent move for what its worth.

Stand jab Hits crouchers, and your only way to start a chain off lights. Again your sagat though, so your not left with much. You can chain to stand mp, but that misses 90% of the games crouchers. So your usually stuck with a duck mp, or duck hp combo wise.

Duck mp Good for combos. Gives you enough advantage to link 2 of them, and chains from a stand lp. Your main cancel able normal.

Stand mp Deceptively horrible range/priority. You can chain after it. But thats if you can get it to hit in the first place.

Duck hk Word of note sagats hit box grows to enormous proportions when doing this move allowing you to be hit by a lot of stuff that doesn't look like it should hit. Be warned when trying to punish moves with a sweep only for you to get hit after the opponent hits thin air.

Jump lk Crosses up. More forgiving then jump mk.

Jump mk Crosses up. Is a good air to air move. Not many moves beat it cleanly when used realistically.

Jump hk Very high priority. Neutral jump version does more stun the foward or backword. Loses to some traditional anti airs, but in general another move that doesnt lose cleanly very often unless the opponent is invincible.

Jump mp Does half stun by itself. Deceptively horrible priority. It can be a struggle to get this move to trade, which is what your forced to do if your not punishing something and you want it to hit. As the only standing characters it hits in the game are sagat, birdie, sodom, rose, and charlie. Neutral version has slightly higher priorty then back or forward jump versions. But again even though it looks like a air to air move, in general its very hard to win with.

Jump hp A air to air of sorts. Unfortunately most characters wont be jumping high enough to get hit by it in the first place.


Tiger Rage

Alpha Counter

Standing Medium Kick
block b,db,d+K

Special Moves

Tiger Shot-high

Tiger Shot-low

Tiger Blow

Tiger Crush

Super Combos

Tiger Cannon

Tiger Genocide

Tiger Raid



-j.HK,s.LP,c.MP,HK T.Shoot

-j.HK,s.LP,s.MP,HK T.Crush

-j.HK,s.LP,c.MP,T.Cannon Lvl3

-j.HK,s.LP,c.MP,T.Raid Lvl1,HP T.Blow

Advanced Strategy