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Saizo is a ninja.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • Throw - f or b + HP while close
  • Air throw - f or b + HP/HK close while both players are airborne
  • Overhead kick - LK+HK, must be blocked high, cannot be comboed after, uncancelable
  • Slide - d+LK+HK, a slide that travels far and knocks down. Must be blocked low. If it hits or is blocked early on, it can be canceled with specials but not comboed after.

Special Moves

  • Knives - qcf+LP, throws two knives at once. They can cut through fireballs if they are already out on the screen. When most fireballs are starting up they will negate both knives. Incredibly fast and an excellent chipping tool.
  • Bomb - qcf+HP, throws a bomb that knocks down. Can be comboed after with fire super, but he has better options for comboing into super. The explosion resulting from the bomb when it hits the ground can hit the opponent.
  • Hair - qcb+LP/HP, Saizo uses his sharp hair to wound the opponent. Is the only super-cancellable special move in the entire game. The LP version has slight invulnerability and is Saizo's reversal. Very easy to verify this move into super. HP version knocks down but seems to lack invulnerability and it is not very good overall. LP version can be good anti-air.
  • Sword Move - DP+LP/HP, Saizo makes a huge circle with his sword that hits multiple times. No invulnerability but good anti-air if done as a prediction due to its massive range. Easy combos to super. HP version is slower to start up and moves Saizo forward slightly, but launches higher and hits 5 times instead of 4.

Super Moves

  • Birdfrog - qcf, qcf+P. Saizo summons a bird and a frog that shoots a ball. The bird flies in from above him and the frog comes from behind him. Does a total of 10 hits and can be comboed into itself although its largely a waste of meter. Can be used as anti-air but is not as good as his other options.
  • Fire Super - qcb, qcb+P. Saizo summons fire from the ground that hits a whole bunch. The strength of the punch determines the distance away from Saizo that the fire will appear. It combos from Sword Move and does a good chunk of damage.
  • Combo Super - qcf, qcf+K. A super where Saizo juts forward and does a long combo on the opponent. It combos from hair and does decent damage. If it hits an aerial opponent they will get hit a lot but not for the full damage of the super.

The Basics

  • Notable normals
    • Standing B - this move hits really far away for some reason, can be comboed into itself a lot, and can be canceled into hair as a super setup. It can also go to cr.a, cr.d for a knockdown.
    • Close standing C - This move hits low and combos into Sword Move. Can be safe if canceled with bomb.
    • Jumping C - Massive sword attack that hits over a giant area with high priority.
    • Vertical Jumping C - Massive sword attack that hits over a giant area with high priority. It goes parallel to the ground and stays out for a long time. Great zoning tool.
    • Slide, d + LK + HK - See above notes on slide.
  • Crossups
    • Jumping B - Stays out for an eternity, but use at the last minute to combo afterward.
    • Jumping D - Great jump-in overall, but has a large amount of hitstun for easy combos.
  • Meterless Combos
    • cr.B x2, xx Sword Move - This is Saizo's bread and butter combo. Great to use after a crossup.
    • cr.B x2, Slide (d + LK + HK) - This combo is good when you are too far away for close st.C to hit. The slide can be canceled early into a bomb for safety. You can mash this combo out very quickly before waiting to verify if the cr.B's hit.
    • cr.B x2, cr.A, cr.D - This is Saizo's bread and butter combo when he is too far away to be able to cancel slide into bomb for safety or when you didn't get a chance to verify if the cr.B's hit or not. It could be useful to stop this combo at cr.A and end your blockstring there if it is blocked.
    • st.B xn, cr.A, cr.D - Knockdown from connected st.B's.
  • Combos with meter
    • cr.B/cr.A xn xx Hair (LP version) xx Combo Super - Saizo's basic combo into super.
    • st.B xn xx Hair (LP version), Combo Super - Another basic combo into super.
    • cr.B x2, xx Sword Move, Fire Super - Saizo's most damaging super combo. Learn to land this at every opportunity.
    • Anti-air Sword Move, Flame Super/Birdfrog - Use Flame Super if anti-air the opponent up close, use Birdfrog if you anti-air the opponent at range.
    • Anti-air Sword Move, Birdfrog x3 - Corner combo only, and basically a showoff combo. It isn't really worth the meter unless it will kill. Use LP version of Birdfrog. Very difficult to space on the fly.
    • Anti-air Hair (LP version) xx Flame Super/Birdfrog/Combo Super - Any super will connect after an anti-air LP Hair, but the height and distance you hit the opponent at determines what super will land the best. Flame Super/Birdfrog are the easiest to land for the maximum number of hits and damage, with Birdfrog being easier to hit with but much less damaging than Flame Super. The Combo Super will hit, but since it is hitting versus an aerial opponent it will do much less damage than if you had used it on the ground. Use the Combo Super when you have used the invulnerability from LP Hair to let your opponent land before you have hit them with the Hair.

Be careful to link all hits as tightly as possible or your combo will be easily breakered.

Advanced Strategy

How does Saizo play?

Saizo can play nearly any way you want him to. You can rush down with him or play a very fierce keep away game. Just like Sho, he excels in a bait-and-punish playstyle as well due to his huge damage. This is pretty similar for most of the high tiered characters.


LP Hair might be one of the best breaker attacks in the game because it gives so much time to verify a successful hit for comboing into super. Just like most dragon punch type moves it is very unsafe on block. The only difference between it and a dragon punch type attack is that it can be canceled into super at any time during its animation so you can cancel into super at any time to bait a punish. It is an expensive bait though, costing 1 super meter, and a lot of health if your super is blocked.

Random Tips

  • Saizo can instantly block by holding back during his dash. Use the dash to pressure.
  • Knives can lock opponents down because they can be thrown incredibly fast. Don't be afraid to spam knives from full screen. If you anticipate a jump, use sword move to knock them out of the air and combo into your fire super. If you're spamming knives and want to fake out the opponent you can use a st.A, which can trick the opponent into jumping where you can sword move them on reaction. If you have a blocked vertical jump C, you can follow it up with knives to push them across the screen.
  • For zoning, ending blockstrings in bomb is a good idea. Cr.b x2, slide xx bomb is a good pressure string. In general you want to push the opponent away from you so you can zone them until you score a knockdown.
  • Saizo has tricky crossups with his j.B and j.D. You can score them off knockdowns by using Saizo's huge dash-jump range to clear over half a screen length. After a knockdown you can also dash repeatedly and cancel the dash with a vertical jump straight up with a j.B at the end of it. The momentum from his dash combined with the forward movement of his vertical jump B will make it a crossup. Dont be afraid to rejump after a blocked crossup against charge characters or characters with bad anti-airs because Saizo's air moves have excellent priority.
  • Saizo's best punish combo is close st.C, sword move, flame super. Punish every chance you get. Be careful on punishing with far st.C because it can be punished on hit easily and you will die for using it against a non-airborne. Instead, try cr.C, slide, bomb, or just dry sword move if you have time.
  • Saizo's st.B can be repeated a lot and will eventually combo to hair and then super. This move is fast and moves Saizo's hitbox very quickly, so you can breaker with it and get damage!
  • Learn how to use his LP Hair attack. It is easily one of his better moves and one of the best moves in the game.


Vs. Alsion 3:

If Alsion does his teleport move you can hair it, sword move it, or jump up and smack him. If he shoots a poison cloud you can throw a knife at it. All you have to do in this matchup is throw knives and bombs.

Vs. Condor:

Be careful comboing Condor because he can breaker you with a 360 or 720 if you are too slow on your links. He can slide under your knives but not under your bomb. Vertical jump C can be beaten by Condor's st.D. Jumping back with j.C is good but mainly throwing bombs is key to winning this. Overall this matchup is very favorable to Saizo, but if you get cornered or caught in the air the match can quickly turn.

Vs. Dao-Long:

If he ends a combo with A+C or a fireball, you can breaker it with combo super and hit him. Be careful against his jump ins because your anti-air options are not good. Crossups can lose badly to his upkicks, so be careful. Throw knives at his fireballs. His air moves can go toe-to-toe with you.

Vs. Mahrel:

Don't get hit by genie super and you'll win.

Vs. Pielle:

Be careful on meaty crossups and jump ins because Thunder Riser will suck you in and do damage to you. Even without meter, Pielle can st.C many of Saizo's jumping attacks. Approaching from the ground is preferable in this match up. Be careful following him if he jumps back, because he can do his air ABC and smack you.

Vs. Rila:

Rila can hop over your fireballs and combo you into super. Be careful on when you throw fireballs. Her st.C will beat your crossups and her upkicks can screw your meaties up. Only jump backwards if Rila doesn't have a charge because she can follow you with her dash move that will do a ton of damage.

Vs. Saizo (self):

Rush him down.

Vs. Sho:

If he throws a fireball, knife it. Don't jump in too much because of flamekicks. Be careful on meaties because of flamekicks. Don't get hit and you'll be fine!

Vs. Tia:

Knife her fireball, be good at blocking. If you are not good at blocking then you will lose a lot. You can sometimes anti-air her with hair and if she's far away you can sword move her. She can uppercut super through your knives. Be careful on jumping in because of her DP. If she throws a fireball from close you can breaker and do combo super.