Sakura (SFA3)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Stand Jab

Stand Strong

Stand Fierce

Close Stand Fierce/ B.+Fierce (V-Ism)

Stand Short

Stand Forward

Stand RH

Close Stand RH/ B+ RH

Crouch Jab

Crouch Strong

Crouch Fierce

Crouch Short

Crouch Forward

Crouch RH


Special Moves

Hadoken: QCF+Punch [X Z V]

-Sakura throws a blue fireball that travels horizontally across the screen,
 but dissipiates before going all the way across. While Sakura winds up to
 throw the fireball, tapping Punch buttons will cause her to stall and
 increase the size of the Hadoken. The bigger the fireball gets, the slower
 and shorter it travels. There are three sizes of Hadoken Sakura can throw.

Shouoken: F,D,DF+Punch [X Z V]

-Sakura dashes forward and leaps into the air with an uppercut. The stronger
 the Punch button used, the farther Sakura dashes and the more times she

Shunpukyaku: QCB+Kick (air) [X Z V]

-Sakura hops forward with a spinning kick. The stronger the Kick button used,
 the higher she will leap and the more times she spins and kicks. If performed
 in the air, the kick will arc up or down according to the time performed
 during her jump. 

Sakura Otoshi: F,D,DF+Kick, Punch (3x) [Z V]

-Sakura hops forward with her arms behind her head. The stronger the Kick
 button used, the higher and farther Sakura hops. Pressing a Punch button
 while she is in the air will make her perform an overhead smash punch. If
 timed right, Sakura can perform up to three punches, although they must be
 timed very well to hit every time.

Super Combos

Midare Zakura: QCF,D,DF+Kick [X Z]

-A more powerful version of the Shououken, Sakura dashes forward while
 uppercuting multiple times in a row.
    Level 1: 4 Hits      Level 2: 6 Hits       Level 3: 7 Hits

Shinku Hadoken: QCF,QCF+Punch [Z]

-A more powerful variation of the Hadoken, Sakura throws a large blue fireball
 across the screen which dissipates and loses hits as it travels. The fireball
 can cancel an enemy projectile and continue on, removing one hit from the
    Level 1: 3 Hits      Level 2: 4 Hits       Level 3: 5 Hits

Haru Ichiban: QCB,QCB+Kick [Z]

-A more powerful version of the Shunpukyaku, Sakura spins low along the ground
 while kicking low, then finishes with a high kick. This attack must be
 blocked low. 
    Level 1: 5 Hits      Level 2: 6 Hits       Level 3: 7 Hits

The Basics

Which Ism?



Recommended, her V-Cycles are simple and can be started anywhere


Advanced Strategy



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