Shermie (NGBC)

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Moves List


Front Suplex: close, b or f + C + D


Shermie Stand: f + B

Baku New Suplex: f + C

Shermie Kick: f + D


Shermie Spiral*: close, b, db, d, df, f + P

Diamond Bust: b, db, d, df, f + K

Shermie Clutch: f, d, df + K

Axle Spin Kick: d, db, b + K

Air Spin Kick: d, db, b + K in air

Shermie Whip*: d, db, b + P then d, db, b + P for an extra attack

Shermie Catch: f, d, df + P

Tsuika Nage: f, df, d, db, b + P

Hold: Tsuika Nage, P

Shermie Cute: * moves, d, df, f + K


Shermie Flash: close (f, df, d, db, b)x2 + P

Tsuika Kougeki: Shermie Flash, f, d, df + K

Shermie Carnival: close (b, db, d, df, f)x2 + P

The Basics

Shermie NGBC Primer Part I(by Dark Geese):

-Shermie has two Orochi moves and the rest regular. -Her Ultimate Juggle is her qcfx2 k super. -Best to start combos off a cr.b or close st. b (2 hits) Both of these link into f+b -Decent anti airs for Shermie are Cr.C, f+d, qcb+p,dp+k. -She has a crossup the air mix up qcb+d to time it where that it will be an ambiguous crossup…if it hits they cannot tech. Master this in the air! This can stop Tungs Muscleman! -Her qcb+p move has three parts..qcb+p to start, then qcf+p, then another qcf+k to finish the move. If at all possible always connect the three parts. - Her dp+p move actually does have a followup..its hcf+p, and after you hit them with the followup tap back and forward as fast as you can to increase hits. -Abuse her hcf+b move, it does not combo but that’s the beauty of it…it’s a fast running command grab. -Even st.ax2 can link into f+b into super. -About her hcfx2 p super..after it finish you gotta do a dp+k in the opposite direction Shermie is facing after the last part.and Shermie will jump up to grab and slam the opponent. After this finish it with a qcf+k running stomp move. -This is enough to get you started.

Advanced Strategy