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"My wave... Destroys all!" By:Shin Akuma



This is Akuma/Gouki(I'll use Akuma) in his true form(Shin means true). He is clearly better than the normal Akuma, because the Shin one can do(Almost) the same things as the normal one, but better. His gameplay isn't very different from the normal Akuma(Sadly, this isn't the same thing with Mr. Karate and his "Shin" form), but his strategies are a little different. Now for his pros and cons(Do he have bad things? Yeah, he has some).

The True Fist of Destiny's Good and Bad Things

Good Things:

  • Very easy to use, and fun to play(He isn't that broken too... It's just Akuma, but a little stronger);
  • Has good walking speed(He is faster, and jumps higher than the normal Akuma);
  • Has great damage in his normals and combos(He has some more loops than the normal one too);
  • His projectiles are bigger and faster than the normal Akuma's;
  • Can throw 2 air projectiles(The normal one could throw only one);
  • Has the Shoto's cr.MK, like any other shoto in this game;
  • In the Ashura Senkou, he has a faster recovery than the normal one;
  • Some of the normal counterpart's Supers are now Special Moves(Well... You can use them, and you'll see the flash animation, but they will cost no power to use, except for the normal's Exceed);
  • The Shun Goku Satsu can hit your opponent while he/she is jumping(And can be used on combos);
  • Has an unblockable(And very fast) Exceed.

Bad Things:

  • His arsenal is a little smaller than the normal Akuma(He doesn't have the DP+K);
  • Has no different/faster normals/Command Moves compared to the normal Akuma;
  • His Supers won't do that damage(I mean, the moves with flash animations) compared to the normal Akuma;
  • Unlike the normal Akuma, he can't cancel(Can't even MAX cancel air normals);
  • His Shun Goku Satsu won't do any damage if it hits a move in its autoguard frames.

Moves List

Normal Moves

In this section, we'll have a simple copy and paste from the Akuma's Normal Moves section, but with some things removed, because they are exacly the same thing, but with more damage.

s.LP - (Far)A simple, and quick punch. Can be cancelable. Whiffs on low crouching characters. (Close) Same properties that the far version has, but with less reach(obviously).
s.LK - (Far)It's a little slow, but can be used as an anti-air if you want. It's not cancelable outside of MAXIMUM mode. Whiffs on low crouching chars. (Close) This is a good move for combos with light attacks, because it can hit everyone in the cast, and you can cancel it. Good for doing those tick throws(Hit and grab after they recover from the stun) too.
s.HP - (Far)One of Akuma/Gouki's pokes. It's not cancelable, but the reach is good, and it doesn't whiff on the low crouching chars. (Close) The Shoto's cl.HP. Cancel it if you want damage on a combo/punish.
s.HK - (Far)Same properties as the far version of s.LK, but a little slower. (Close)A 2 hit kick that can be good on MAXIMUM Mode combos. Can be used as an anti-air sometimes.

For the jumping attacks, remember: You CANNOT cancel air normals into his Air Fireball/Air Tatsu/Air "Super"(Sadly).
j.LP - (Diagonal)Simple punch, simple move. Stays until you land. (Neutral)A simple chop that totally whiffs on Choi(And those low crouching characters too). Not that useful, really.
j.LK - (Diagonal)Good jump-in, but not the best one. Stays until you land. (Neutral)Kick that aims up. If you need, use it when your opponent's char jumps higher than you(Choi,Vega, EQ and Chun-Li, for example).
j.HP - (Diagonal)Good air-to-air move, but it can be dangerous if you don't know the right timing to use it. (Neutral)His best neutral jump-in. Can be useful on mixups(But mixups with the neutral jump are dangerous against some characters in this game, so watch out).
j.HK - (Diagonal)This is the Akuma's best normal jump-in/air-to-air in this game. Be happy with this. (Neutral)Good for air-to-air, but it can be hard to land, so if you want, avoid it.

cr.LP - Rapid punch. Do like two/three hits and cancel it on something.
cr.LK - Rapid kick. Nice for light attack combos, because it hits low and can be canceled too.
cr.HP - The classic Shoto upper. Cancelable, and it's an option for an anti-air.
cr.HK - The Shoto's sweep. You can use it as a low poke. It knocks down and it's cancelable, but it cannot combo. Cancel it into a fireball/DP if you want meter, or to get that block pressure(If the sweep was blocked).

Command Moves

Those guys below are exactly the same as the normal Akuma, so... Yeah... Another Copy and Paste.

Zugai Hasatsu

  • f+HP - A 2-hit overhead that Akuma had since the SFA series. Good to use on the opponent's wakeup(Like Ryu), but don't try to abuse of it. Cancel this on something when you're on MAXIMUM Mode. And sadly, this is the only Command Move on this list that cannot be normal canceled.

Hiza Geri

  • f+HK - Decent cancelable kick. Use it only on combos. Oh, and this move is part of a MAXIMUM Mode loop too.

Kurubushi Kick

  • db+HK - The Shoto's cr.MK, a very useful move. You can use this as a poke too, because it's faster than the cr.HK(But the cr.HK has better range, so it's up to you now). If you're already used to the Shotos in the SF games, you'll know how to use this. But remember: It's a command move, so you can cancel a normal move into this(Yeah, you can get more damage on combos with this move).

Tenma Kuujin Kyaku

  • Jump uf, db+LK at apex - Akuma's diving kick. A nice opener to start combos too, because you'll go to the ground a little faster than normal, and the damage is good.

Special Moves

Now we don't have (exactly) the same moves in Akuma's arsenal. Some of them are better, and some of them are different.

Gou Hadou Ken (I think it's "Gou Hadouken", but it's okay)

  • QCF+P - The classic Shoto's projectile. It is bigger, but have the same speed, when compared with the normal Akuma's Gou Hadouken. The HP version is faster than the LP version. If this move hits your opponent while he/she is near from Shin Akuma, he will get a knockdown, but if he/she's far away, he won't be(He has some possible combos thanks to this feature).

Zankuu Hadou Ken

  • QCF+P (In the air) - Shin Akuma will throw two projectiles aiming down. This move is classic(He had this move with two projectiles in his secret boss version in ST), I can say. This move is great, it even has a possible loop by only using it(Won't work on some characters), and only because he fires two projectiles(Unlike the normal Akuma, he will fire only one when he performs this move). If you don't like Jump Attacks on combos, you can use this, your combos can be easier, but remember: This move won't hit as an overhead, unlike the jumping attacks.

Shakunetsu Hadou Ken

  • HCB+P - Shin Akuma will do his "Shoush" stance, and he will launch a fire projectile with the same speed as the normal Akuma's, but bigger(Like the normal Hadouken). The LP version is slower and will do only one hit, and the HP version is faster and will do 3 hits(Good as a chip finisher). Unlike the normal projectile, it will knock your opponent down no matter where he is.

Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku

  • QCB+K (In the ground or in the air) - The classic tatsu with juggle properties(But like the normal Akuma, the Tatsu+Shoryu combo will work only on the corner). Here, it can be used to control Shin Akuma's air game(It can make him land further than in this jump arc, while being offensive or defensive), or in the ground to do combos(It even has some possible loops involving it). Learn how to use it, you'll need.

Gou Shouryuu Ken (I think it's "Gou Shoryuken")

  • DP+P - The classic and simple DP. Like the normal Akuma, it doesn't have invincibility frames, but has fast startup. The first and the second hits of any version can be MAX canceled into almost any move, leading to some great loops. The LP version will make him land faster, and the HP version is more damaging, but will make him go further than in the LP version. Learn how to use this move too.

Ashura Senkuu (Forward)

  • DP+PP/KK - The classic teleport. Shin Akuma will recover faster than the normal Akuma in this move. Oh, and he will be invincible until he stops moving, so use it well(You can make your opponent waste his/her Exceed with this move, like Dictador and his Exceed without good startup). The buttons pressed will determine the distance of the teleport.

Ashura Senkuu (Backward)

  • RDP+PP/KK - Same properties as the move above, but he will move backwards. Simple like that. Use it if you need to run away.

Tenma Gou Zankuu

  • QCF(2x)+P (In the air only) - This is one of the normal Akuma's Supers. The projectile is bigger, but not faster than the normal Akuma's. It's just a Super version of the air projectile. You can use it on the opponent's wakeup(To stop those anti-airs with invincibilty frames), and you won't even lose meter, so... Use it, but don't abuse of it.

Messatsu Gou Shouryuu

  • QCF(2x)+P (In the ground this time) - This is that move that resembles Ken's Shoryu Reppa. The first animation can pass under floating projectiles(Like the normal Akuma's version of this move), but unlike the normal version, the hits can be MAX canceled(You can MAX cancel it until the second hit of the last uppercut, which can lead to some loops). Remember: You won't lose meter when you use it.

Messatsu Gou Hadou

  • HCB(2x)+P - This move is good. It's a Super projectile with 8 hits(Like the normal version), but it's very fast, I can say(Faster than the normal Akuma's version of this move, and I was shocked when I saw the HP version of the move with Shin Akuma). You won't lose meter with it, and it can help you on some combos too.

Super Moves

Shungoku Satsu

  • LP, LP, f, LK, HP - The classic Raging Demon. It's unblockable, but it isn't a grab, meaning that it can be connected after the light normals(The game will recognize as a combo), or even while your opponent is jumping(Unlike the normal Akuma). Can be used in resets too, only because it's unblockable. Oh, and this move won't hit your opponent if his/her character does a move with autoguard frames. (Interesting note: When you use this move, and Akuma's Exceed, one against the other, Shin Akuma will win.)



  • HCB(2x)+KK - This move is interesting, and it's the only move that the normal Akuma don't have in his arsenal. It's very fast, unblockable, and will attack where your opponent is. It's very hard to react to it. Can be used as a meaty on the wakeup too, or even after a reset combo. This move can be hard to miss, but your opponent can autoguard the move, and punish you after it(Like Ryo Sakazaki).

The Basics

Shin Akuma's gameplan

If you played with the normal Akuma, you'll know what to do. But if not, I would say anyway. Just be offensive everytime(By using your combos and resets), or if you want, play like a normal Shoto(By spamming projectiles and go for a DP when they try to jump on you). His combo options are great, and he can do more than half of one bar with some of his simple combos and loops. Good luck in your matches.

Quick Air Fireball/Super (Another Copy and paste ;p)

This isn't that hard. A quick Air fireball can help you almost every time. The input is like Sagat's Tiger Knee(On SF2CE, I mean), and here it is, if you don't know:

For the normal Air fireball: QCF, uf/ub(You'll do a High Jump after this), P(You need to time well)
For the Super Air fireball: QCF(2x), uf/ub, P(The same applies here)

The normal Air fireball is better when used with this strategy, because Akuma will crossup the opponent depending of your opponent's position(The projectile will hit the opponent normally, and Akuma will land on the opponent's back, and, if you want, you can grab him/her or you can do some blockstrings). The Super Air fireball is better to use only on the opponent's wakeup, because it's a little slow, and you can get hit by those wakeup anti-airs too, so use at your risk.

Some combos (Without MAXIMUM Mode) Remember that some of the normal Akuma's combos won't work that well with this Akuma, and that's why some of them cannot be here. If you know some more possible(And good to use) ones, add it here.

1- [Jump Attack/Air fireball(Works better if you crossup)] cl.HP, df+HK, QCF+HP [Optional Meaty Exceed after the knockdown]

Good combo to begin. The Meaty Exceed could be better on more damaging combos, but you still can use it if you're with trouble on the other combos.

2- [Jump Attack/Air fireball] cl.HP, QCB+LK, HCB(2x)+P [Meaty Exceed]

This could be used as a BnB for him. You won't lose meter with it, so... The normal Akuma could juggle his opponents with that super in the corner, so you can add a little more damage on the combo if done on the corner.

3- [Jump Attack/Air fireball(Better if you crossup)] s./cr.LP(2x), f+HK(While pressing forward, LK, and HP for the Raging Demon) [Meaty Exceed]

Simple combo. You'll lose one level with it, remember that. You can do it while your opponent is blocking too. It should be good if you learned it. He has a simplified, but less damaging version. Just do the input for the move, while attacking your opponent with the Light Attacks.

Advanced Strategy

Shin Akuma's Resets

Resets are important in this game, beucase they are made, mainly, of mind games. If you're good on that, you can do good damage on your opponent. You already know that Shin Akuma's tatsu has the juggle property, right? If you think that the best to do after it are only the DP, or even some of his "Supers", you're wrong. Shin Akuma can do better damage than that(I mean, his "Supers" won't do THAT damage on your opponent). Well... Let's try to add a normal after the QCB+LK hits(The LK version is the best for resets, because it has faster recovery):

(Corner only, but I think you can do a variation in midscreen by doing a dash after the QCB+LK) [Jump Attack/Air Fireball] cr.LK, QCB+LK, dash, any normal(You can do a s.LP/HP here, one is faster, and the other does better damage), Raging Demon/Exceed(Do the easier in your opinion)

This reset combo is a little good. There are some variations of that, but this can be one of the easier to do(It even has a High/Low mixup). The Exceed can be harder to hit, due to the speed of it, so... Time well.

Some combos (With MAXIMUM Mode)
Shin Akuma's combo options are great, like the normal Akuma, so... You can figure out some combos alone. I'll put here only some of his loops, just for you to practice. If you know more possible combos, add them below.

1- (Corner only) [Jump Attack/Air Fireball] cl.HP, QCB+LK, DP+P, (MAX cancel the first/second hit, and hit your opponent while he is almost landing) QCB+LK, DP+P(Same goes here), QCB+LK ..(When you want).. QCB+LK, hit your opponent with any normal(To reset your opponent), Raging Demon/Exceed

This combo can do 100% easily, but it can be done only on the corner. You can practice this combo, and I think you can do it on midscreen, like the reset combo above(You can do a QCB+LK, dash, DP, and MAX cancel the first/second hit to repeat the combo). Using this combo in the Training Mode, I got 37 hits with my little keyboard(I could get 38 with the Air Fireball... I'm so dumb...)

2- [Jump Attack/Air Fireball] cl.HP, DP+HP, (MAX cancel the first/second hit into) QCF(2x)+P, wait for the 3rd uppercut, (MAX cancel the second hit of the 3rd uppercut into) f+HK, DP+HP(This DP is optional, but you can use it to buffer the "Super"'s command), (MAX cancel the first/second hit) QCF(2x)+P, wait again to cancel that uppercut, ..(When your MAXIMUM Mode ends).. Let any attack knock the opponent down, and do a Meaty Raging Demon/Exceed

Easier than the loop above, because you can do it everywhere(And you just need to use 2/3 moves on it). Good to practice too, you can need it. If you want, you can do a little mix of those two above, like:

3- [Jump Attack/Air Fireball] loop number two, (When you're on the corner, MAX cancel any move into) QCB+LK, and do the loop number one

A kind of hit-confirm for the combo number one. If you learned the combo number two, you can use the inputs above to practice the combo number one.

4- (Anywhere) DP+HP(MAX cancel the first/second hit), f+HK, DP+HP(Same here), f+HK... (When you want, MAX cancel any move into a QCF(2x)+P)

Better when used as a punish combo(Don't do jump attacks/normals to get bigger damage, because you'll probably mess this combo up, I mean, the game will). The game can sometimes do a Super, do to the many DP, f, inputs(And let's do math: DP means f, d, df, and this plus another forward input = f, QCF, and two QCF inputs can make you get a "Super" when you don't want to, so if you're an expert on combo execution, this can make you a beast).