Shishioh (King Lion) (NGBC)

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Super Attacks

The Basics

Shishioh Primer I(by Dark Geese):

-Hes the glitchiest character in the game..

-He has a LOT of bnbs..most of them from Kizuna Encounter.

-Here are some of my tricks- MoonWalking- st.b to cr.A and it will seem like he is moonwalking but he is staying in the SAME PLACE.

-DG glitch frame trap- St. BxxDp+C-Shishioh will glitch out and go into an Auto Combo series which will end with a DP+C Sword or something else..proof it is glitchy..if it hits it HURTS.

-Frame Trap #3- Infinite Jab Series- Repeat [st.a to st.b] xn repeat brackets

-Japanese bnb- cr.a to cr.b to f+C to qcf+a, finish with qcbhcf+C Super. The timing is different on this but trust me it WORKS.

- His counter (qcf+k) only counters HIGHS and is vulnerable to lows. You can also Supercancel out of it into qcbhcf+p super.

-His cr.b is a low use it to link into his punch series.

-If they don’t tech know that after a launcher (f+a) the C Sword (Dp+C) is FREE serious damage

Advanced Strategy