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Sho Kamui is a master of Karate and the protagonist of Breakers Revenge. He enters the FIST Tournament in order to prove the strength of his martial art and to face off against his old rival, Lee Dao-Long, who gave him the scar on his cheek.

Moves List

Normal Moves

  • Throw - f or b + HP while close
  • Air throw - f or b + HP/HK close while both players are airborne
  • Overhead punch - LP+HP, must be blocked high, super/special cancellable
  • Standing low kick - LK+HK, a dumb kick where Sho kicks the opponent with one foot. Must be blocked low. Special/super cancellable, but overall worthless.
  • Hop - LK+HP, Sho hops and can dodge low moves. Is not an overhead, but makes Sho airborne. Cancellable to air fireball and air kick super.
  • Divekick - d+HK in the air, Sho does a divekick. Super cancellable at any time during animation, even on whiff. Does not hit high but has excellent priority. Can be performed instantly after jumping.
  • Headstomp - d+LK in the air, Sho does Chun-Li's stomp from ST. Can do air moves afterwards and is super cancellable.
  • Up punch - u+HP in the air, Sho does a upwards punch in the air. Not as good as his j.B but will beat things way above him.
  • Air LP spam - j.LP x5 in the air, Sho can hit with his j.LP up to 5 times in the air. It is possible to combo into super once you land or in the air.
  • Close C C C - HP x3, Sho does a small, unbreakerable 3-hit combo by spamming C while close. Does OK damage, and has combo options. Good punisher if second hit is canceled into a special.

Special Moves

  • Rekkoha - QCF+P. Sho shoots a fireball. It is an OK fireball, the LP version is Sho's best meaty attack.
  • Kurenai Sandan Keri - QCB+K. Sho does a flying fire kick. Sho's anti-air and reversal move. Has invulnerability on startup; press K up to 3 times to get the all the hits. Very good move but can be difficult to space properly as anti-air.
  • Midare Kiryuu Keri - QCF+K. Sho does a hop kick that hits 2 times. If blocked, Sho becomes airborne where he can perform either of his air supers, but leave him vulnerable to air throws and counter attacks. If it hits, Sho rolls to safety on the other side of the opponent. Good when done against an airborne opponent as it knocks down and puts you right next to them.
  • Shippu Sho Ken Tsuki - F,B,F+P. Sho does a vacuuming punch attack that hits several times for a lot of damage. Possible super link afterwards in corner. Very excellent damage and useful in combos.

Super Moves

  • Kurenai Gansai Shuu - QCBx2+K, in air or on ground. Sho launches forward and hits his opponent with a multi-hitting flame kick that ends in an explosion. Good in combos and occasionally as a breaker. Can combo from a trip if the command is input immediately.
  • Chou Kuchuu Rekko Ha - QCFx2+P in air. Sho shoots a big air fireball downward at the opponent. One of Sho's best utilities as it can be canceled into from any air normal even on whiff. Small invulnerability.
  • Seiken Shouha - QCFx2+P on the ground. Sho punches rapidly, creating several powerful fireballs that strike the opponent for increasing damage.

The Basics

  • Notable Normals
    • Crouching B - Basic low combo starter.
    • Crouching C - This move is one of Sho's best anti-airs. He can combo flamekicks or a super afterwards, or even multipunch if the opponent is deep enough. If it hits from far away, it can be comboed into the hopkick.
    • Close standing C x3 - This is a free combo if you land Sho's close st.C. Sho ends up airborne and is able to combo into his 2 air supers. From the second hit you can combo into multipunch for an incredible amount of damage. C C C is unbreakerable.
    • Far Standing C - This move has a lot of priority and can be done while dashing after a meaty LP fireball for a good frametrap. Cancellable into supers and specials and chains to his command normals.
    • Overhead punch, LP+HP - This move hits high and can be chained into from st.C. It is breakerable in between this link so be careful! Has a bunch of startup but combos into a slew of his specials and supers. Be aware that if chained to the hop kick it is breakerable in between very easily.
    • Hop, LK+HP - This move has a low dodge and is cancellable by Sho's air supers. Can be comboed into from st.C, but it seems to be breakerable in between. Still a good move.
    • Divekick, d+HK in the air - This is one of Sho's most awesome moves, his divekick! He does a downward kick that can be performed anywhere in the course of his jump. Use this often as it can even stuff DP's and is difficult to hit. You can cancel it into air fireball super on whiff or hit at any time. Possible to verify a hit into super or bait an anti-air with a super.
    • Jumping B - This move stays out for the duration of Sho's jump. It can cross up and combos into super. Can be canceled by super at any time during its animation, even on whiff. Beats a ridiculous amount of air moves.
    • Jumping D - This move crosses up extremely easily and also beats a ton of moves, causes a great deal of hitstun, and is cancellable at any time during its animation by supers.
    • Vertical Jump D - This move causes knockdown and beats a LOT of air moves. Extremely big hitbox and priority.
    • Jumping LP spam, j.LP up to 5 times - You can combo into ground or air supers from this very easily. You can use this if you don't feel like timing a different air move and just want to spam.
  • Crossups
    • Jumping B - (see above)
    • Jumping D - (see above)
    • Divekick, d+HK in the air - this move won't really cross up, but Sho can land on the other side and confuse the opponent.
  • Meterless Combos
    • cr.A/cr.B xn, cr.D - Basic knockdown combo.
    • LP+HP xx a special move - The HK version of hopkick is breakerable but the LK version usually isn't, depending on range. Basic combo from overhead. Different moves work differently in this combo, test them out to see their nuances.
    • cr.A/cr.B xn, cr.C xx multipunch/flamekick - Use this combo as your bread and butter if you are deep enough to land the flamekick or multipunch. Multipunch may do more damage, but is more difficult to land. Multipunch gives a TON of meter.
    • cr.A/cr.B xn, st.A, st.C xx fireball/hop kick - st.A is optional, and the hop kick will more than likely make your combo breakerable. Ending with a fireball up close or too far away is bad because it can make you open to attacks via breakers.
    • st.C, st.C xx mutlipunch/flamekick - Great punish combo. Use the mutlipunch unless for some reason you forget. The flamekick will hit and everything but it doesn't do as good of damage. Unbreakerable and multipunch will give you a lot of super meter.
    • cr.A/cr.B xn, st.C, LP+HP xx fireball/hop kick - This combo is so breakerable you should not use it, ever. But it is here anyway because you can use it as a pressure string.
  • Combos with meter
    • cr.A/cr.B xn, cr.D xx kick super - Great combo.
    • cr.A/cr.B xn, cr.C xx kick super - Another good combo.
    • cr.A/cr.B x2, st.A, st.C xx kick super - Yet another combo!
    • cr.A/cr.B x2, st.A, st.C, LK+HK xx either air super - This combo will more than likely be breakerable no metter how it is spaced. St.A is optional.
    • While opponent cornered, cr.A/cr.B xn, cr.C xx multipunch, kick/fireball super. Fireball super is easier to land, do not push yourself too far out of the corner. Recommended number of cr.a/cr.b is 2. Great damage.
    • j.LP xn, land, ground fireball super - Bad damage but at least its something.
    • j.LP xn, air fireball super/air kick super - Still bad damage but at least its damage. Fireball will only hit if opponent is in a certain range. Test it out to find the proper ranges to use it.
    • j.B xx air fireball super - A combo. You can cancel this as late as it takes to make the combo work!
    • any air move vs aerial opponent, land, ground fireball super - This is a good way to milk some damage.
    • d+HK in the air xx fireball super - Easy to verify the divekick into super. You can land and do a ground combo but sometimes this is easier. The way that damage scaling works makes either one a good choice.
    • Fireball vs an aerial opponent, any super - Combo off a fireball that hits a jumping opponent!
    • Vertical jump D, Air fireball super - This works well!
    • in corner, anti-air cr.C, LK flamekick (one hit), land, st.C xx either ground super - This combo does bad damage and is basically just for show. Do it for cool points though!

Advanced Strategy

How does Sho play?

Sho is quite possibly the most versatile character in the game. He can rush down and play a damn good bait-and-punish game. With one of the most damaging normal combos in the game, st.C, st.C, Multipunch, he can do a gigantic amount of damage if he baits nearly anything. He gains super so quickly that he can rush down from the air with cover from whiff-canceled air normals into super. His normals are incredible and his divekicks can scare the opponent from chasing him, allowing him to throw fireballs.


Kurenai is a standard breaker move, since it functions as an uppercut; however it is punishable on block. If you use the LK version and do not press another kick until the opponent has been hit, that makes the move safer than quickly hammering on kicks to make him fly all over the screen.

If you ever attempt to mix up or combo with his hop or overhead, be aware that this is breakerable. It is extremely dangerous but the reward can be a shitload of damage. His normal strings are generally not breakerable, unless they use Fireball, dash Normal, Fireball type pressure. If you suspect the opponent will breaker your fireball pressure after a knockdown, you can stop short and throw another fireball instead of a normal to bait their breaker attempt. Sho has a breakerable infinite with chained normals into Hop much like Maherl's infinite. It is completely worthless because it is very tight and nearly impossible to do without getting breakered by random mashing.

Random Tips

  • All of Sho's knockdown combos including flame kick allow him to pressure with an LP fireball leading to a mixup opportunity.
  • Sho gets meter so incredibly fast that he can use it more frequently than any other character without any drawbacks. Since his air moves are cancellable even on whiff by air fireball super, you can use this to punish anti-airs. If you see a super flash while you're jumping in, input your air fireball super during the flash to hit the opponent easily.
  • Sho has far more options than other characters, especially considering that he will typically always have meter if you're playing him correctly. Without any meter he can do a lot of damage and can sometimes afford to use supers solely for pressure via air fireball canceled from a whiffed or connected j.B or divekick.
  • Sho's vertical j.D attack has an enormous amount of priority. A vertical j.d slightly outside of uppercut range can work wonders against some character. It also makes the opponent do a tiny bounce when they slam into the ground. You can combo into an air fireball off this bounce to milk extra damage from his j.D.


Vs. Alsion 3:

Fireball him at far distance but if the uses his teleport attack trap him with the Super Kick or Super Fire Ball.

Vs. Bai-Hu:

Vs. Condor:

Don't fireball him so much because he can use his Tomahawk to get closer to you and grab you, poke him at low or jump in instead

Vs. Dao-Long:

He is a charge character version of you, its a balanced match up, punish his Anti Air Special Kick when fails.

Vs. Mahrel:

Watch out with his firespit or Belly Ball, best moment to punish him if when he fails to land a Genius Super.

Vs. Pielle:

Another weird balanced character, if he use his Rose Tornado will be your punish opportunity

Vs. Rila:

Fireball her will be a risky strategy, attack her on air instead.

Vs. Saizo:

Use your air Supers after charge one power stock,its a balanced match up.

Vs. Sho (Self):

Vs. Tia:

She is too similar to you, but you have better jump in options.