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SG Squigly select2.jpg SG BigBand select2.jpg SG Eliza select.jpg
SG MsFortune select2.jpg SG Peacock select2.jpg SG Painwheel select2.jpg
SG Filia select2.jpg SG random select.jpg SG Cerebella select2.jpg
SG Valentine select2.jpg SG Parasoul select2.jpg SG Double select2.jpg
SG Fukua select2.jpg SG Beowulf select2.JPG SG RoboFortune select2.jpg
  • 100%.gif = Complete through 2nd Encore updates
  • 80%.gif = Complete through WulfPatch updates
  • 60%.gif = Complete through Skin and Bones updates
  • 40%.gif = Complete to a released version, frame data not complete
  • 20%.gif = Complete to beta, frame data not started


Skullgirls, a combination of the unique art of Alex "o_8" Ahad and gameplay genius of renowned tournament champion Mike "Mike Z" Zaimont, gives players control of fierce female warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. As a fully featured downloadable title, Skullgirls brings back the open ended combo system and fast pace of classic, 2D arcade fighters along with a single player story mode for its all new cast of characters. High resolution hand drawn sprites, unequaled frames of animation per character, the first real time lighting system for a 2D fighter, a comprehensive training mode, and GGPO netcode all challenge set expectations for the genre. The Variable Tag Battle system and the choose-your-own assist custom Ensemble improve upon the older, sometimes forgotten innovations of other games. For high-level players, Skullgirls attempts to solve some common fighting game "features" with an Infinite Prevention System and unblockable protection.[1][2][3]

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