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Annie: Girl of the Stars

Annie is the main character of Annie: Girl of the Stars, the Canopy Kingdom's most popular television show. Excitable children, like Umbrella, watch Annie and Sagan, her trusty rabbit companion, search the galaxy to fight Skullgirls every week. Older fans, like Parasoul, secretly watch as a guilty pleasure. Annie's easily recognizable face appears in advertisements and merchandise, but has anyone actually met her in person?

The real Annie's parents used the Skull Heart some years ago, wishing to keep her their little girl forever.[1] As expected, the wish betrayed them; Annie remains a child long after her parents have grown old and died. This must have occurred long before Queen Renoir used the Skull Heart, making Annie's exact age a complete mystery. Even less is known about her gameplay if made a DLC character. What does she draw inspiration from? Maybe the TV show is a front for government propaganda. Annie might watch her mouth and push anti-Skullgirl PSAs by day then work as a secret agent by night, like a Captain America. Maybe her unnaturally long life has given her physical skills and a mental ability far beyond normal people. Her motives could go much deeper than what's seen at the surface, like Sol Badguy.[2] Or more tragically, she could just be a helpless, innocent soul forever. The rabbit could be remote parasite, wearing Annie's right eye in it's mouth and dragging around a host who will never grow up or be strong enough to fully control it.