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Deep Violet

D. Violet is part demon, part medusa, and all elementary school teacher. In case it wasn't obvious, D. Violet's secret identity is actually Mrs. Victoria, the woman in charge of Tutorial Mode and in the background of the Class Notes stage. Is her daytime personality a facade? Does the humble teacher bring out her living weapon Pazuzu Whip to fight crime by night? Or is she a woman torn between the paths of virtue and vice, perhaps completely unaware of her darker self? [1]

While not an unheard of fighting game character trope, Skullgirls may not have room for Mrs. Victoria and D. Violet as a single playable character. Freely switching forms would require twice the art and make her rather impractical as DLC content. Mrs. Victoria could be like the human Jon Talbain and only appear in intros, story mode, and win poses while her more beastly form does the fighting. Mrs. Victoria could also fight with the goal of upgrading to her more powerful, but considerably less animated, form with a system similar to Bang, Zappa, or even Phoenix Wright. They could always be completely separate characters, with Mrs. Victoria disciplining naughty children from up close and D. Violet teasing opponents from a distance with her whip.