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SG Eliza portrait.jpg
Voiced by: Michelle Ruff, with Wendee Lee as Sekhmet, Sean Schemmel as Horace, and Christopher Corey Smith as Albus
Age: Secret
Birthday: October 17
Bloodtype: Any
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160lbs (on average)
Measurements: 36DD - 24 - 41 (on average)
Likes: Beer, kushari, dolma, Old Fashioneds, board games (especially Senet), bathing, dressing up, cats, sunny weather, dancing, singing, being in the spotlight, blood, conquest, Samson
Dislikes: Human arrogance, prejudice against Parasites, plebians, missed opportunities, philanthropy, X-rays, living small, Trinitism, historical inaccuracies, unhealthy blood, losing her nose, Samson


A celebrity diva known for her charity, Eliza has been a host to the skeletal Parasite Sekhmet for countless years, completely internal and hidden from everyone. In reality, Eliza's charity blood drives primarily serve to feed Sekhmet and preserve her own beauty. When the Medicis found out, they blackmailed Eliza and forced her to use her vampiric abilities for their own purposes. Now forced into the pursuit for the Skull Heart, an ancient ambition stirs... one that Samson and Leviathan are all too familiar with.[1]

In a nutshell
As the hottest lounge act at Club 28, Eliza mesmerizes crowds with her golden microphone stand, the Staff of Ra, as effortlessly as she swings it during her massive normal moves. Her bodyguards, Albus and Horace, are quick to defend Eliza should the fans get too close. Even though her talent and fame are enough to win a fight, she hides her true strength just under her shiny tan; unleashing Sekhmet puts the skeletal parasite under direct player control with her own set of abusive attacks. Eliza must first satisfy her hunger for Tension to satisfy Sekhmet's hunger for blood, so she is best played on a team that can help build meter and take advantage of her Sequel-friendly set of Blockbusters.


Walk: Slow
Jump: Single jump
Dash or Run: Eliza has a very long, slow forward dash and a slow backward run that will end after a set distance.
Air Dash: Average speed 2 way (forward and backward) air dash. Her forward air dash moves upward at a 20 degree angle. Her backward air dash moves upward with a much smaller angle.
Standing: 3 Buttons: Lp.png OR Lk.png ---.png Mp.png OR Mk.png ---.png Hp.png OR Hk.png
Crouching: 3 Buttons: Lp.png OR Lk.png ---.png Mp.png OR Mk.png ---.png Hp.png OR Hk.png
Air: 6 Buttons: Lp.png ---.png Lk.png ---.png Mp.png ---.png Mk.png ---.png Hp.png ---.png Hk.png

Signature Techniques

  • Sekhmet does stuff!
    • qcb+P ejects Sekhmet with the appropriate attack. Sekhmet remains under player control for the duration of Sekhmet's Turn.
    • Sekhmet is much smaller and faster than Eliza. Wavedash go fast!
    • Sekhmet's attacks are all chainable normals. She has no throws!
    • Sekhmet attacks are subject to IPS and all generate the appropriate Drama for a normal attack.
    • Sekhmet has hyper armor, taking all hits with no stun and as 100% recoverable damage.
    • Super meter drains at 1 stock per 240f rate while controlling Sekhmet. Sekhmet attacks generate no additional meter.
    • Sekhmet can be forced by to Eliza when all her meter is gone, Sekhmet gets thrown, or Sekhmet gets hit with an Outtake. She can also return Sekhmet early with Hathor's Return.
    • The Scarlet Ladies taunt gives Sekhmet a 25% life leech property and the ability to perform Lady of Slaughter for the duration of the next Sekhmet's Turn.
    • What happens when Sekhmet takes a burst?
  • Servants?
  • DHC friendly supers?

Ensemble Selection

  • Upper Khat (→↓↘+P): While Startupinv.png anti-air specials typically make a decent Ensemble, Eliza's does not. The disjointed hit box demands careful spacing, it doesn't cause any kind of a knockdown, and every button strength of this move will only give a one hit when used as a custom Ensemble.
  • Sekhmet's Turn (↓↙←+P): Sekhmet's attacks may be Eliza's best overall assists if her team can afford the Tension to use them. Unless Eliza gets stuffed in the 3f of standard Ensemble start up, Sekhmet starting the attack means she is guaranteed to complete it because of her permanent armor. Carpenter's Axe attacks with a High.png that is faster than Dive of Horus. Butcher's Blade has similar advantages over Osiris Spiral as a lockdown Ensemble. Calling a Sekhmet attack as an Ensemble drains meter from Eliza's team a half the usual rate.
  • Dive of Horus (↓↘→+LK): Dropping Horus on the opponent as a custom Ensemble can force the opponent to block High.png and cause a Groundbounce.png on hit, setting up a combo opportunity for the point character. Eliza doesn't take any damage if her servant takes a hit.
  • Weight of Anubis (↓↘→+MK): Using this attack as a custom Ensemble adds Eliza's entrance as additional start up time and gives a visual cue to the opponent. Giving a fair warning makes this otherwise deceptive Throw.png less likely to hit.
  • Throne of Isis (↓↘→+HK): This Default Ensemble Choice has Eliza summon her fireball-like bodyguard before leaving the screen. Not only does it keep Eliza out of the line of fire, the couch negates enemy Proj.png as it charges forward.
  • Osiris Spiral (↓↙←+K): The rapid, close range hits from the Default Ensemble Choice HP version of this move make it useful for trapping an opponent in block stun. This is Eliza's best option for a lockdown Ensemble if she doesn't want to sacrifice meter to use Sekhmet.

Move List


Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Lp.png Wadjab Chains Thrice
Eliza moves slightly forward during her jab, which adds up to a significant boost forward when used three times in a row.
Mp.png Siren Serpopards Launch.png
A low height launcher.
Hp.png Sirocco Storm Chains Thrice Knockdown.png
Amun Ra!
Three slow attacks using the Staff of Ra and a bloody wing. The last hit causes the knockdown.
Lk.png Sandal Wedge
A sneaky kick to Eliza's scythe, which then hits the opponent.
Mk.png Chaos Banish Chains Twice
Eliza extends a three hit bloody snake from her leg for the first attack. The second chops its head off!
Hk.png Solar Arc Chains Twice Slide.png
Staff of Ra!
A slow, arcing swing with the Staff of Ra followed by a bloody snake from Eliza's leg.
D.png + Lp.png Nemes Set Chains Twice
Two hits using a bloody pharaoh's beard and snake headdress.
D.png + Mp.png Middle of the Sphynx Low.png Chains Twice Proj.png
Excuse me!
Eliza attacks with a sphinx's paws, then sneezes the nose off of her own face for a projectile second hit.
D.png + Hp.png Isis Wings Launch.png
Eliza's 2 hit, full height launcher.
D.png + Lk.png Bast's Cuff Low.png
A low kick with Eliza’s leg forming a bloody cat.
D.png + Mk.png Sobek Slide Low.png
Eliza slides forward with a bloody crocodile head. The second hit triggers on contact, giving consistent advantage on hit and block.
D.png + Hk.png Solar Barge Armored.png Low.png Sweep.png
Crusin' by!
Eliza cruises forward with a long range slide attack that absorbs multiple low hits.
(air) Lp.png Sistrum Shake High.png

(air) Mp.png Crescent Scribe High.png
A downward angled strike in the form of a bloody ibis beak.
(air) Hp.png Aten Array High.png
Eliza extends a bloody depiction of sun rays, covering a wide arc in front of and below her.
(air) Lk.png Low Glyph High.png

(air) Mk.png High Glyph High.png

(air) Hk.png Hesat Head High.png Slide.png (vs ground) Knockdown.png (vs air)
A high impact kick with a bloody bull's head.

Command Normals

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Lp.png OK Lk.png Warrior's Khopesh Sekhmet!, Chains Thrice
Rip and tear!
Sekhmet mode attack: 3 bloody sword swipes.
Mp.png OR Mk.png Butcher's Blade Sekhmet!
Sekhmet mode attack: rapid stabs with bloody daggers, hitting up to 10 times.
Hp.png OR Hk.png Carpenter's Axe Sekhmet! High.png Groundbounce.png
Sekhmet mode attack: overhead axe swing.
D.png + Lp.png OR Lk.png Sekhem Lunge Sekhmet! Low.png
Sekhmet mode attack: a quick lunge forward and Sekhmet's only low.
(air) Lp.png OR Lk.png Sekhem Dive Sekhmet! High.png
Sekhmet mode attack: a horizontal lunge forward.
(air) Mp.png OR Mk.png Carpenter's Axe Sekhmet! High.png Groundbounce.png
Sekhmet mode attack: a diving/overhead axe swing.
(air) Hp.png OR Hk.png Signature Attack Sekhmet! High.png Wallbounce.png
Sekhmet mode attack: a cartouche that hits in front of and around Sekhmet. It spells Sekhmet in hieroglyphs!

Normal Throws

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Lp.png + Lk.png Lower Domain Throw.png Slide.png
An offering to Renenutet.
Eliza trips the oppoent, gringing her into the dirt with the Staff of Ra before ending with a slide stun.
(air) Lp.png + Lk.png Upper Domain Airthrow.png Wallbounce.png
Down where you belong!
Eliza catches the opponent in bloody talons, then flies them into the wall. Not only does this force the opponent to the corner, but it allows Eliza to combo after the wall bounce.

Special Moves

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Dp.png + P.png Upper Khat Startupinv.png Strk.png jumpcancel
You serve me!
An uppercut-like move involving 3 hieroglyphic servants appearing out of the ground. The LP verion starts with the shortest servant, allowing a chain into the medium MP and tall HP servant. The MP version only offers 2 hits from the medium and tall servants, while the HP version can't chain after its single hit. Eliza can only jump cancel the final HP servant.
Qcb.png + P.png Sekhmet's Turn Airok.png
Eject Sekhmet! Sekhmet will automatically perform her appropriate attack for the button strength and triggers player control of Sekhmet.
Qcb.png OR Qcf.png + P.png OR K.png Hathor's Return Sekhmet!
Calls Sekhmet back to Eliza (if Sekhmet is under player control).
Qcf.png + Lk.png Throne of Isis Knockdown.png
Albus or Horace comes charging in from the side of the screen, pushing Eliza's couch and attempting to ram the opponent. Absorbs projectiles and shatters if you hit with a physical attack.
Qcf.png + Mk.png Dive of Horace High.png Groundbounce.png
Back off, ruffian!
Eliza calls Horace to come in from the top of the screen with a dive kick.
Qcf.png + Hk.png Weight of Anubis Throw.png Wallbounce.png
To the underworld!
Eliza calls Albus, who appears at the opponent's feet for a grab attempt. If sucessful, Albus will toss the opponent into the wall, giving Eliza an easy opprotunity to start a combo but dealing no damage with the throw itself.
Qcb.png + K.png Osiris Spiral Strk.png
True beauty!
Eliza twirls her staff, the skirt, then skin around herself to reveal Sekhmet, hitting rapidly all around herself.

Team Moves

Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Mp.png + Mk.png OR Hp.png + Hk.png Chauffeur Service Tag In Groundbounce.png
I hunt again!
Eliza enters from the top of the screen, carried in by Horace performing a dive kick.
Qcf.png + Mp.png + Mk.png OR Hp.png + Hk.png Exile from Aaru Outtake Startupinv.png
Leave my sight!
Damage Meter Gain Start Up Active Recovery
0 -100% 12 + 3 8 28
Hit Stop Hit Stun Block Stun On Hit On Block
13 14 17 N/A -18
  • Invulnerability starting 1f before the super flash, ending after 3f after the flash.


Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Qcf.png + P.png + P.png Lady of Slaughter Uses 1 level of Dramatic Tension Startupinv.png Wallbounce.png
She who mauls!
Eliza ejects Sekhmet, who performs an SNK-ish auto combo super on hit. Ends with Sekhmet under player control. When combined with the Scarlet Ladies taunt, Sekhmet can perform the super when on the field.
Qcf.png + K.png + K.png Nekhbet Breaker Uses 1 level of Dramatic Tension Throwonhit.png Aironly.png
The clutches of eternity!
Eliza forms wings and grabs at the opponent, slamming them into the ground in a single, damaging hit. No invulnerability! Forced damage scaling 50%? She can't follow it up with anything BUT a Blockbuster Sequel, which will just undo the forced damage scaling anyway...
Qcb.png + P.png + P.png Khepri Sun Uses 3 levels of Dramatic Tension Startupinv.png
Sunrise! High noon! Sunset!
Eliza forms an effigy of the sun, flying straight up, across the top of the screen, and back down to the ground. Button inputs can trigger "early" turns. The many, rapid, low damage hits make the attack a damage efficient ending for a fully scaled combo. Does the last hit cause ground bounce?


Command Name / Quote Properties (glossary)
Mk.png , Lp.png , D.png , Lk.png , Mp.png Scarlet Ladies
Eliza leans forward with Sekhmet standing straight up out of Eliza's back, making for a doubly provocative gesture. Completing the taunt causes Eliza to regain 25% of all damage dealt by Sekhmet for the duration of the next Sekhmet's Turn and will allow standalone Sekhmet to perform Lady of Slaughter. [2]

Colors and Costumes

SG palette Eliz01.jpg Palette 1:

Default color palette.
SG palette Eliz02.jpg Palette 2:

Based on Cleopatra (as portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor) from Cleopatra.
SG palette Eliz03.jpg Palette 3:

Based on Kikuri-Hime from Shin Megami Tensei (Nocturne onward).
SG palette Eliz04.jpg Palette 4:

Original alternate color palette.
SG palette Eliz05.jpg Palette 5:

Original alternate color palette.
SG palette Eliz06.jpg Palette 6:

Original alternate color palette.
SG palette Eliz07.jpg Palette 7:
Lp.png + Mp.png + Hp.png

Original color palette based on bloody Eliza from her story mode.
SG palette Eliz08.jpg Palette 8:
Lk.png + Mk.png + Hk.png

Based on Princess Iset from Vindictus.
SG palette Eliz09.jpg Palette 9:
Lp.png + Lk.png

Based on Jedah from Darkstalkers.
SG palette Eliz10.jpg Palette 10:
Mp.png + Lk.png

Based on C. Viper from Street Fighter 4.
SG palette Eliz11.jpg Palette 11:
Lp.png + Mp.png + Lk.png

Based on Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening.
SG palette Eliz12.jpg Palette 12:
Lp.png + Hp.png

Based on Eliza from Tekken Revolution.
SG palette Eliz13.jpg Palette 13:
Lp.png + Hp.png + Lk.png

Based on I-No from Guilty Gear.
SG palette Eliz14.jpg Palette 14:
Mp.png + Hp.png + Lk.png

Based on Queen Odette from Odin Sphere.
SG palette Eliz15.jpg Palette 15:
Lp.png + Mp.png + Hp.png + Lk.png

Based on Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.
SG palette Eliz16.jpg Palette 16:
Lp.png + Mp.png

Based on Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop.
SG palette Eliz17.jpg Palette 17:
Lp.png + Mk.png

Based on Velvet from Odin Sphere.
SG palette Eliz18.jpg Palette 18:
Mp.png + Mk.png

Based on Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill La Kill.
SG palette Eliz19.jpg Palette 19:
Lp.png + Mp.png + Mk.png

Based on Red from Transistor.
SG palette Eliz20.jpg Palette 20:
Hp.png + Mk.png

Original alternate color palette.
SG palette Eliz21.jpg Palette 21:
Lp.png + Hp.png + Mk.png

Based on Porrim Maryam from MS Paint Adventures.
SG palette Eliz22.jpg Palette 22:
Mp.png + Hp.png + Mk.png

Original alternate color palette.


Win Poses

Eliza's single win pose has 8 variants, and the winning player can select a variant by holding a button at the end of the match.

SG winpose EliLP.jpg Winpose 1:

How do I look?
SG winpose EliMP.jpg Winpose 2:

Yes, I am rich.
SG winpose EliHP.jpg Winpose 3:

Victory looks good on me.
SG winpose EliLK.jpg Winpose 4:

Boys! Prepare the limo!
SG winpose EliMK.jpg Winpose 5:

I could go for a dip right about now...
SG winpose EliHK.jpg Winpose 6:

I give the orders!
SG winpose EliPP.jpg Winpose 7:
P.png + P.png

How do I look?
SG winpose EliKK.jpg Winpose 8:
K.png + K.png

Deal with it!

Development History

  • September 30th, 2014: Eliza's arrives on US PSN and Steam in latest patch 1.03 "Skin and Bones" [3]
  • June 6th, 2014: Eliza's voice actress is revealed as Michelle Ruff, with Wendee Lee playing Sekhmet, Sean Schemmel playing Horace, and Christopher Corey Smith playing Albus. Eliza is made playable in the PC beta version soon after the announcement.[4]
  • May 9th, 2014: Eliza is shown in game and playable for the first time.[5]
  • November 20, 2013: Mariel Cartwright shows off a complete, but uncolored, standing idle animation for Eliza. This announces that Lab Zero has begun work on the character. [6]
  • April 28, 2013: After several rounds of voting, Skullgirls crowdfunding campaign contributors select Eliza as the third DLC character.[7] Alex Ahad releases a celebratory character portrait. [8]