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A celebrity diva known for her charity, Eliza has been a host to the skeletal Parasite Sekhmet for countless years, completely internal and hidden from everyone. In reality, Eliza’s charity blood drives primarily serve to feed Sekhmet and preserve her own beauty. When the Medicis found out, they blackmailed Eliza and forced her to use her vampiric abilities for their own purposes. Now forced into the pursuit for the Skull Heart, an ancient ambition stirs... one that Samson and Leviathan are all too familiar with.[1]

In a nutshell
As the hottest lounge act in New Meridian, Eliza spends her nights mesmerizing crowds at Club 28 with her silky smooth voice, shiny tan, and timeless sense of style. Her skills on stage have also taught her to wield the Staff of Ra, her golden microphone stand, like a massive hammer, spade, or even a scythe. She shows her true strength when she starts taking damage, spilling parasitic liquid from her veins to the stage floor. Eliza can use the pools for special moves that teleport her around, form projectiles, or even summon minions. Blockbusters get stronger as Eliza takes damage and coats more and more of the screen. Her parasite hungers for the blood of others, so Eliza regains health based on damage dealt to the enemy team when she recalls and re-absorbs her fluids.[2]

Development History

  • November 20, 2013: Mariel Cartwright shows off a complete, but uncolored, standing idle animation for Eliza. This announces that Lab Zero has begun work on the character. [3]
  • April 28, 2013: After several rounds of voting, Skullgirls crowdfunding campaign contributors select Eliza as the third DLC character.[4] Alex Ahad releases a celebratory character portrait. [5]