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Feng performs in the Cirque des Catres as the Ace Acrobat, thrilling crowds with her impossible balancing and tumbling acts. Feng took on the "Ace" stage name to fit the playing card theme used by the circus troupe, much like Cerebella's "Diamond Dynamo" title. The two actually share an apartment in New Meridian, along with a bit more friendship than the other performers. Feng's high-card nickname only describers her on stage, as she has a more reserved personality than her perky, fame-hungry roommate. Feng's knows about Cerebella's Medici Mafia contacts and recognizes she could easily get in over her head. The Yang to Cerebella's Yun, Feng will follow her friend and use her talents to fight for the Skull Heart if made a DLC character.

Feng relies on her speed and agility as an acrobat, implying an archetypal "pixie" fighting style. In her original design, Feng used the "Salamander" living weapon to enhance her mastery of martial arts with fire-based abilities.[1] With her current design, she wears two black and white birds on her head that could be ornaments, twin living weapons, or just normal birds. They may allow her to use multiple air dashes, triple jumps, wall kicks, and other aerial maneuvers unavailable to the existing cast. On the ground, skills like rolling or a standing dodge are certainly possible for a fighter with a gymnastic background.[2]