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Off of s.hp
5HP IAD jLK: allows for a left/right/airthrow and acts as a burst bait if jLK has already been used.
5HP jHP ADC jLK delay jHK: if you delay enough jHK will crossup, if you don't delay it for as long it will hit same side. Does not work on Big Band.
Off of restand
jHK restand j9LP: after doing this you can either delay jHK for a crossup or airdash backwards for sameside. Does not work on Painwheel and Peacock
jHK restand 2MP IAD jLP jLK: Allows for dash under vs lights.
Filia has a bunch of fastfall resets, where you cancel a move into something that drops you to the ground quickly and allows you to act before your opponent.
jMP fastfall: use jHP during jMP when you're near the ground and you will cancel the jMP into a fastfall, where you can go for low/throw/high/etc.
jMK fastfall: cancel the first hit of jMK into a jHP and you will fastfall, same concept as before but used at different combo points as it's a different move.
jMK: dash cancel the 1st hit of jMK into either air throw or use jMP to stuff the opponents attempted throw tech.
(Corner only) jHP jHK ADC jLK jHP: Puts the opponent airborne as you land, so you can do high/low/throw when they land or jump and air throw.
Tick throws/delayed lows also work as well with Filia as with any other characters.

Burst Baits

Because of her fast airdash you can basically do any air normal that would trigger IPS right after a launcher, then air backdash, and it's a burst bait. Usually this will be jHK because it's consistent and it gives you oki if they don't burst (you cannot ground tech after a soft knockdown that triggers IPS unless OTG has already been used), but other normals can be used as well. That said she has some other neat burst tricks too.

5HP IAD !jLK (when it would trigger IPS): Even if they don't burst you get the crossunder.
OTG !5HP : Because you can jump cancel launchers on hit, if you do 5HP OTG then jump back you will dodge the burst. Downside is this only works midscreen, and the only followup is airdash jMP jHK into combo, which will scale the followup considerably.
(button) into 5HK (kara) Psych: Popularized in the corner with 2LK during the corner combo. You use a normal that would trigger IPS, chain it into 5HK to move yourself back to avoid the burst, then use Ringlet Psych to cancel the 5HK before it actually comes out so you don't move forward back into the burst.

Burst Bait Hard Knockdown

Filia does not have any way to cause a hard knockdown normally. However, if you do a burst bait with jHK (without having spent otg), the opponent cannot ground tech because hitting a button would cause a burst, so she can imitate a hard knockdown in this way. Some examples of Filia's options after a "hard" knockdown:

run/jump and block: self-explanatory bait if you think they're mashing.
2LK/Throw/IAD jLK/IAD jHK: simple low/throw/high/crossup.
tick throw
jump over and jHK: Crossup, relatively easy to see coming but you can quickly airdash backwards during the startup and do a 2nd jHK to make it same-side.
jump over and call assist: Crossup, same as previous and can be made same-side with an airdash backwards as well.


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