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Dramatic Tension

Teams gain Dramatic Tension while attacking, blocking, and taking damage. The meter fills from 0% to 100%, stocking up to the maximum 5 full bars of tension. The tension gained per attack depends on a tension value specific to the attack. Team size will not change meter gain. Point characters can spend the team's Dramatic Tension for Blockbusters, Blockbuster Sequels, Stunt Doubles, and Outtakes. Attacks that use tension do not gain tension for the attacking team on hit or block, but can still give tension for the defending team. Both teams start with 1 free meter.

This guide lists meter gain per attack as the meter generated for the attacking team with a successful hit, no damage scaling, and at least 1 meter already stocked for the team.

Tension Gain Scaling

The actual tension gain per attack for both teams is a function of a base tension value for the attack and the damage scaling for a combo. In a combo damage scaling starts at 1 and decreases, quickly lowering the tension generated for the attacking team while increasing the tension given to the defending team. Under normal conditions, the equations for meter gain per successful hit are:

  • Meter gain for attacking team on hit = (damage scaling)*(tension)
  • Meter gain for defending team on hit = (1.25*(1-damage scaling)+.25)*(tension)

Tension Gain on Block

On block, attacks give a fraction of their base tension with no scaling effects:

  • Meter gain for attacking team on block = .75*(tension)
  • Meter gain for defending team on block = .25*(tension)

Tension Gain on Whiff

Normal moves give a small amount of tension on whiff for the attacking team if the team has less than one full meter. When jumping away from the opponent, whiffed normal attacks will never gain tension. The whiff generates tension on the first active frame of the attack, independent from the tension on hit or block. For a single hit normal move, whiffed tension is the same as the base tension value for the move.

Most Specials always generate a small amount tension on whiff. This meter gain is independent from any form of scaling and is awarded on the first frame of the move. Proj.png special moves gain tension only if the projectile touches an enemy character.

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