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Skullgirls main page

Basics and Notation

Skullgirls uses directional inputs and 6 default attack buttons for gameplay. The six buttons are light punch, medium punch, heavy punch, light kick, medium kick, and heavy kick. All characters have standing, crouching, and jumping versions of their normal moves associated with the 6 buttons. Button and directional inputs combine for command normals, special moves, supers, and all other commands.

In character move lists, this guide will use the Wiki's default symbols to represent button commands. For written sections LP, MP, HP, LK, MK, and HK will abbreviate the buttons. Street Fighter series players may know these buttons as jab, strong, fierce, short, forward, and roundhouse.

SG lp.png SG mp.png SG hp.png
SG lk.png SG mk.png SG hk.png

For directional inputs, this wiki will use Capcom notation for normals, such as abbreviating crouching / standing / jumping to c / s / j. Everything else will use numpad / anime notation, which uses numbers to describe directions in accordance to their location on a numpad. A visual representation is below. Another part of anime notation is using square brackets to represent holding a button or direction. Example: [MP] means hold MP.

Ub.png U.png Uf.png
B.png N.png F.png
Db.png D.png Df.png
ub u uf
b   f
db d df
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

Directional motions are used to execute specials and supers. Here is a list of all the motions you will find in Skullgirls:

Visual Notation Motion
Qcf.png 236
A quarter circle forward (QCF), or a smooth motion between the down and forward directions. Sometimes called a fireball motion.
Qcb.png 214
A quarter circle back (QCB), or a smooth motion between down and back directions.
Dp.png 623
The dragon-punch motion (DP), or a tap forward before hitting down and down-forward
Rdp.png 421
The reverse dragon-punch motion (RDP), or a tap backward before hitting down and down-back
[ B.png ] , F.png [4]6
← (hold) →
A horizontal charge motion, or holding back then pressing forward. Sometimes called a sonic boom motion.
[ D.png ] , U.png [2]8
↓ (hold) ↑
A vertical charge motion, or holding back then pressing forward. Sometimes called a flash kick motion.
360.png 360 The 360 motion, or a circular motion that hits all four axis directions in sequence. Since there is no '0' in numpad notation, '360' is used to describe the motion in numpad notation for brevity, even though it doesn't describe the literal directions.

Universal Command List

The following techniques, allowing basic movement, defense, and offense, are available to all characters.

Input Action
B.png and F.png Walk forward and back
F.png , F.png OR SG p.png + SG p.png Forward dash
B.png , B.png OR B.png + SG p.png + SG p.png Back dash
Ub.png OR U.png OR Uf.png Jump and Double Jump
D.png then U.png Super Jump
(in air) F.png , F.png OR SG p.png + SG p.png Air Dash
(in air) B.png , B.png OR B.png + SG p.png + SG p.png Air Backdash
SG lp.png + SG lk.png Throw
(in air) SG lp.png + SG lk.png Air Throw
Hold B.png OR Db.png Block
While in blockstun, SG p.png + SG p.png Pushblock
When knocked down, hold B.png or F.png and press any button Ground Tech
While being thrown, SG lp.png + SG lk.png Throw Tech
SG lk.png + SG mp.png OR SG lp.png + SG mk.png OR SG lk.png + SG hp.png Assist (2nd character)
SG mk.png + SG hp.png OR SG mp.png + SG hk.png OR SG lp.png + SG hk.png Assist (3rd character)
SG mp.png + SG mk.png OR SG hp.png + SG hk.png Tag (2nd and 3rd character respectively)
Qcf.png + SG mp.png + SG mk.png OR Qcf.png + SG hp.png + SG hk.png Snapback (2nd and 3rd character respectively)
While in blockstun or during a burst, F.png + SG mp.png + SG mk.png OR F.png + SG hp.png + SG hk.png Alpha Counter (2nd and 3rd character respectively)
During a super, perform any super from the the next-in-line character DHC

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