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As a 2-D fighting game, Skullgirls characters interact with each other based on a system of overlapping hit boxes in the game's engine. The hit boxes appear and disappear with set timings measurable by Frames. Attack boxes appear during the active portions of an attack, and will hit if they overlap with any of an opponent's vulnerable hurt boxes. Hit boxes are invisible during normal gameplay but can be seen through an option in the Training Room.

SG hitbox FIcmp1.png SG hitbox FIcmp2.png SG hitbox FIcmp3.png
The startup, active, and recovery frames for Filia's c.MP. Hurt boxes and Filia's physical extent appear in all frames. Attack boxes appear only in the active frames.

Hurt Box

Hurt boxes represent the vulnerable body of the character. Hair, weapons, and other inactive extremities do not have hurt boxes. Hands, feet, and limbs usually have vulnerable hurt boxes even when not attacking.

Attack Box

Attack boxes appear during the active frames of attacks, representing the hand, foot, limb, or weapon the character uses in the attack. Attack boxes often overlap with the characters vulnerable hurt boxes.

Collision Box

The collision box represents the center of the character on screen. Characters cannot overlap collision boxes and will attempt to push each other out of the way when they collide. The attack boxes from a throw must overlap with a collision box, not an ordinary hurt box, to connect.

Hitbox Color Reference

  • Red: Active attack box
  • Green: Hurt box
  • White: Fully invulnerable hurt box
  • Light Blue: Strike invulnerable hurt box OR high blocking hurt box
  • Yellow: Throw invulnerable hurt box OR hitstun hurtbox
  • Orange: Projectile invulnerable hurt box
  • Dark Blue: Low blocking hurt box
  • Purple: Air blocking hurt box. Used during unblockable protection and absolute guard to indicate blocking both ways
  • Blue: Collision box
  • Diamond: Reference point

Training Room Hitbox Display

Turning on simple hit box display from the Practice Room pause menu shows hit boxes over all characters on screen. Red attack boxes only appear during the active frames of attacks. Hurt boxes always cover the character and represent their vulnerable or invulnerable outline. Hurt boxes shift colors as characters move, attack, and defend.

Advanced hit box display shows additional information with hit boxes. The collision box, appearing over a character's center of mass on screen, shows the areas of characters which cannot overlap and will push other characters away. The character's reference point appears at the character's feet indicating the character's reference point in the game engine.


Left: Filia's standing hurt box. Her hair does not have any boxes when not attacking.
Right: Painwheel's standing block hurt box. Her spine has a hurt box and the blades do not.
Left: Ms. Fortune's crouching hurt box. Her head has it's own hurt box, and the body's boxes do not get any smaller when headless.
Right: Squigly's crouching block hurt box.
Left: Ms. Fortune's jumping block hurt box. In the air, Ms. Fortune is small compared to other characters.
Right: Cerebella's jumping hurt box. Vice-Versa's arms only have boxes while attacking.
Beowulf's s.HP attack during the active frames. The red area represents where the attack can hit, and the green boxes represents where Beowulf can get hit. The amount of space where there are red boxes but no green boxes make this attack hard to challenge during the active frames.
Parasoul hitting Valentine with s.MP. Valentine's hurtboxes turn yellow as she's in hitstun.
Valentine blocking Cerebella's c.LK. After blocking any high or low hit, the defender's hurtboxes turn purple for 7 frames, indicating hard to blockable protection is in place and they can block both highs and lows during this time.
Peacock's hurt boxes and the active projectile attack box from Peacock's s.HP.
Two attacks with full invulnerability on startup, indicated by white hurtboxes
Left: Eliza's Upper Khat has strike invulnerable startup, indicated by light blue hurtboxes.
Right: Peacock's L Bang has throw invulnerable startup, indicated by yellow hurtboxes.
Double's Flesh Step has a moment of projectile invulnerability, indicated by orange hurtboxes.

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