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Hive, like her brother Leduc, calls the Anti Skullgirls Labs home. Her appearances in Peacock's story mode and the background of Lab 8 give no hint to her abilities in combat; she's just stands around looking prissy and bored. Fortunately, Dr. Avian infused Hive with the synthetic parasite Beezle Bomb. Along with her removable honeycomb barreled arms and a fearsome mandible mask, Hive has been upgraded from a useless Rose Bernstein to a deadly Q. Bee. Hive can fight for the Skull Heart as a DLC character if she ever gets to hover out of the nest!

In combat, Hive's basic silhouette hints at her "bombardier" style. The honeycomb arms can serve as shields on defense or as insect cannons on offense, dropping explosives as she glides around with a multi-directional air dash and frustrating movement options.[1]