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Squigly mostly makes use of rather basic resets. Her strength lies in being able to turn almost every part of her combos into a reset point. I will list these resets from the simplest to the most complicated ones.

  • s.LPx1 into f.HP/c.LK/throw is a common and effective reset. s.LPx1 is +9 on hit and prevents your opponent from hitting you with a jab inbetween.

  • s.HK into airthrow is the most simple airthrow reset she has. Be mindful that you have to stance cancel s.HK to be able to land the throw on Double. You can mix the reset up by doing s.HK into delayed j.LK or s.HK xx Stance Cancel > s.HK.

  • Midscreen Only! s.HK, M Divekick(whiffed), c.LK is a simple crossunder reset. It doesn't work on Beowulf, Bigband and Double. It's not amazing since your opponent can hit you with a falling button during it. Loses to double jumps too.
You can leave M Divekick out all together and use dash s.LK instead for example. This will also work on heavy characters but leave a bigger gap.

  • s.HK, j.MK, j.HP, c.MK is a simple low reset that will catch your opponent upbacking during your air chain. Mix it up with dash f.HP for a riskier overhead.

  • full hits or f.hp(only do f.ho if they respect the reset) different place for a high low reset from an airchain.

  • s.HK, j.LP, j.LK (delay) airthrow is a differnt airthrow reset point. Can be mixed up with using delayed j.MK instead of throwing.

  • Midscreen Only! j.MK crossups are easy to set up and effective. s.HK, (forward jump)j.LP/j.LK, (delayed)j.MK and H Divekick, (forward jump) j.LP (delayed) j.MK and s.HK, j.MK, j.HP (dashjump) j.LK, (delayed) j.MK are the most important examples. To mix your opponent up with going same side instead, simply delay the button less. Crosses up your opponent mid air, making it very helpful aganist characters with strong ground reversals.

  • s.HK xx charged Stance Cancel, j.LK, j.MKx3, j.HK (whiff), M Divekick. Crossup that works both in the corner and midscreen. However it is specific to the following characters: Filia, Peacock, Painwheel, Cerebella, Parasoul (Parasoul requires you to do j.LP before j.LK)

  • s.HK, j.LP ,(delay) j.LK, j.MKx1, j.HP (whiff) sets up a fastfall for Squigly. Note that j.LK is delayed but still has to combo. After this setup you are grated huge frame adavantage while your opponent is in the air which opens up a bunch of possibilities: c.LK (low), f.HP (overhead), microdash s.LK (crossunder), airthrow. The crossunder is midscreen only.
Aganist light it's possible to get this setup after an airloop which makes it even tighter: s.HK, j.MK, j.HP, j.LP, (delayed) j.LK, j.MKx1, j.HP (whiff). Getting the crossup or the airthrow is very difficult with this version however.

  • Corner Only! s.HK, j.MK j.HP, s.LP, c.LK/f.HP simple high low reset in the corner. However it hits some characters during landing recovery and messes up their mashing.

  • Corner Only! s.HK, j.MK, j.HP, s.MPx1, stancel, c.LK will drag the opponent out of the corner and make them land on the other side for a crossup. You can make it land sameside by microdashing backwards. Doesn't work on heavies.

  • Corner Only! s.HK, j.LP, j.MKx3, j.HP (whiff) or H Divekick (uncombo) both variations of this reset will cross up in the corner. H divekick directly crosses up while j.HP causes the opponent to land behind you. You need to delay j.MK has much as possible, timing varies between different characters. This reset does not work on Big Band and Squigly.



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