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Umbrella is a canopy kingdom princess, just like her big sister Parasoul. Oh man, the antics those two must get caught up in together! All the crime fighting adventures and mischief with no bed times! But wait, wasn't Umbrella one of the original 8 cast members? Then the #2 DLC character behind Squigly? What did Umbrella do to get grounded? Umbrella's been living a sheltered life, unaware that her mother carried the Skull Heart while carrying her in the womb. Everyone around her knows it would be a bad idea for Umbrella to become a playable character and learn the truth for herself.

Umbrella, more than anything else, wants to follow the Skull Heart with her older sister. Parasoul stays classy and keeps Krieg quiet in combat for a disciplined and efficient fighting style, which sets a fine example for Umbrella. Unfortunately, the younger sister doesn't have the maturity to control her living weapon in combat. Hungren's bond with his young mistress means he's growing too, but it doesn't show through spunk or ambition; he's driven to grow huge by an insatiable hunger, or possibly a character specific resource meter. He's as spoiled as Umbrella! If he can't get a bite to eat in a long fight, he'll deal ravenous damage later. Umbrella knows that if she's losing, Hungren's appetite can get unpredictable, unfair, and downright nasty for her opponents.[1]

Gameplay Concept Art (Warning: likely outdated)