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Moves List

Normal Moves

  • F+C - Does a long lunge with his sword. Reaches a little over halfway across the screen. Don’t spam it if you don’t want to be punished from your opponent blocking it. Can be used at the end of a combo.
  • --BC (From F+C normal move) followup-He does a horizontal slash.

Special Moves

  • HCF+A/B/C - Overhead sword slash. Can’t be used in a combo. This move has super armor, so no matter how many times your enemy hits you, the move still comes out (unless you have a tiny amount of health left).
  • --BC (from HCF+A/B/C special move) follow-up - As you are hitting the enemy, he does an upward slash that can count as a launcher for air combos.
  • HCB+A/B/C - Counter Attack. This is for physical attacks, not projectiles. He slashes you (a big slash). This counter works also when the enemy tries to hit you in the air.
  • RDP+A/B/C - His shoulder tackle. Cannot be used in a combo or a super. This move has super armor, so no matter how many times your enemy hits you, the move still comes out (unless you have a tiny amount of health left).
  • Down, Down+A/B/C - A ground stab. Use it at the end of your air combo. Adds a few more point damage. This special move by itself can combo into his DP+AB super (Level 1).

Super Moves

  • QCF+AB - Fire Tornado Super. Does around 17 hits. Make sure the first hit counts, literally; otherwise, your enemy has free attacks on you. Can be incorporated into a combo.
  • DP+AB - Overhead slash Super (with three parts) - If you want to get a certain level, you have to hold down AB. Not holding AB gives you level one, or when he collects green orbs. The first level just stuns the enemy with a lightning slash. Holding AB after the green orbs are absorbed (I would suggest to hold down AB even before you see the green orbs) appears blue orbs. This time, he does an overhead lightning slash, followed by 7 more hits with a ground lightning strike. The third and final level of this super (again, hold down AB if you want this level) shows him collecting red orbs. This is a more powerful version of level 2 and now does 11 hits.
  • HCB+AB (Level 3 Super)- Demon Form - He turns into his demon form. You are in super armor while in his Demon form. The more you hit your enemy in this state, the more orbs you collect. I believe blue heals him, yellow adds meter, and red adds to the fire symbols that appear after you activate his level three super. Note: You CANNOT call out your partner. Instead, hitting P button makes him suck the orbs. You can suck the orbs while in the air as well—you just float. I guess it would be a good trick to use if you’re trying to stall for time. Once you have collected all 7 red orbs, you can do his DP+AB super move. This time, he takes his sword, slashes you once, then takes both swords and creates an “X,” freezing you in a melodramatic pose.

The Basics

Advanced Strategy