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I may have made Son Gokuu look cheap as hell at NEC, but we've learned a lot about him since then, and it's mostly bad. His mid-air rock drop is invincible (beats DPs!), can cross up, and does a ton of damage. The d,u+P is an excellent poke that knocks down and does decent damage. He has a wall jump. He can run away on the nimbus cloud against some characters. He has a couple different high/low games - Far HK is an overhead, and he can jump attack -> rock or jump attack -> land low short combo. The super gives him free pressure if he can create the breathing room for it, and can even lead to unblockables. However, the rock is highly unsafe, and you can walk in either direction and block the crossup attempt. He does crap damage with everything except the couple moves I mentioned. The cloud is useless against some characters. He lacks reversals since his EX move sucks. His ground normals are not good. The normal super is hard to get out, and the bees' flight pattern is rather random so you can't count on unblockables. And YOU CAN BLOCK HIS THROW - hold d/f if he grabs you, and you may even be able to punish him! He is gimmicky as all hell, but easily beatable once you learn everything I just outlined. Has an especially hard time against people who can shut down the d,u+P and/or cloud.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Command Normals

Normal Throws

Special Moves

Pouncing Clobberer f, d, df + K

Jumping Pounder Charge d, u + P / d, u + P regular projectile kill and Max projectile kill

Genie Sucker qcb + MP+HK this counters any of the opponent's special moves and will shrink them for 5 seconds

the opponent cannot perform any special moves while tiny

Cloud Calling Attack hcb + K

Move Forward f

Move Backward b

Jump Off Cloud u

Fall From Cloud d

Stone Drop hcb, ub, u + K overhead

Air Stone Drop hcb, ub, u + K in air overhead

Super Moves


Frame Data