Spider Man (MVC)

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  • Good normals for rushdown
  • His Ground only Hyper Combo can OTG
  • Not different of his MSH vs SF version


  • Lower Stamina
  • His Specials are too weak
  • Aerial Game needs a lot of Stocks for finishers

Basic Tips

RK (if opponent is hit out of air)

AC Finisher:
FP, RK, Web Swing, Web Ball

Magic Series:
Ground Magic Series: Weakest to Strongest
Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series
Super Jump Magic Series: Hunter Series

Move List

Special Moves

Web Ball: QCF + P (also in air) Spider-Man shoots out a large webbing from his wrists and when it connects, it captures the opponent in a large web for a very short amount of time. If it hits on the ground, you can begin a combo(Without air starters)

Web Swing: QCB + K (only in air) Spider-Man arcs forward as he does a swinging kick while holding on to a web.

Spider Sting: F, D, DF + P then P (if it hits): Spider-Man does a rising punch similar to his standing MP and ends with a standing HP in the air if the first part of the attack hits.

Web Throw: HCB + P Spider-Man throws out a web from his wrist and when it connects, he twirls the opponent like a lasso then swings them to the other side of the screen. P strength varies upon how up the web will shoot.

Hyper Combos

Maximum Spider: QCF + Px2 Spider-Man jumps to the nearest wall and does a fast punch to the opponent. Once it connects, it chains out to other rushing attacks as Spider-Man bounces from wall to wall.

Crawler Assualt: QCF + Kx2 Spider-Man rushes down with a barrage normals on the ground.

Ultimate Web Throw: QCB + Px2 Introduced in MvC, Spider-Man jumps back as he shoots out a large web-trap. Once it connects, Spider-Man does a few flips while catching the opponent and does an overhead throw after.


Easy Combos:

1) c. SK, c. RK, cancel Crawler Assault
2)d.SK, FK, c. RK cancel Crawler Assault or Web-Swing
3)d.SK, FK, s. RK cancel Spider Sting
4) j. JP, j. SP, j. FP, c. SK, c. FK, RK, sj. JP, sj. SK, sj. SP, sj. FK, AC Finisher
5) meet opponent in air, j. JP, j. SP, jump, j. JP, j. SK, j. SP, j. FK, AC Finisher