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Storm controls the elements of weather to create ice to stop an opponent or even enough wind to carry herself through the sky. She is the leader of the X-Men Gold Team.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Typoon (also in air) Qcf.png + P.png
Vertical Typhoon (also in air) Qcb.png + P.png
Lightning Attack (also in air) Direction + Lk.png + Mp.png
Fly Qcb.png + K.png K.png

Super Moves

Hyper Lightning (also in air) Qcf.png + P.png P.png
Hail Storm Qcb.png + P.png P.png

The Basics

Advanced Strategy


1) HP-Tornado Column, Hail Storm
2) Tornado Column, Lightning Storm
3) J.HP , C.LK , C.MK , C.HK (OTG)
4) HP Throw the enemy into the corner. Lightning Storm.

1) J.LK , J.HP , D.S.LK , S.MK , S.HK SJ SJ.LP , SJ. LK , SJ.MK , SJ.HK (FS)
2) Tornado Column, SJ.LP , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS)
3) F.Tornado Column, F.LP , F.LK , F.HP
4) HP Throw the enemy into the corner. C.LK (OTG) , S.HK SJ SJ.LP , SJ.HP (FS)
5) HP Throw the enemy into the corner. Jump up and Air Throw their

  falling body.  Lightning Attack straight into the wall so their body lands
  on you.  Oddly enough, this Combo has a VERY high potential for dizzying
  the opponent after just those three hits.  If they don't become dizzy, any
  hit afterwards will almost certainly stun.  This combo is easy to time and
  do against middle sized characters, but doesn't seem to work against light
  and heavy characters.

6) Get enemy near corner. J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LP , C.LK , S.HK SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MK, SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MP XX Lightning Attack

  **Note: After you Super Jump, hold Up/Towards to float.  Right when you hit
          SJ.MP, IMMEDIATELY do a Lightning Attack.  Make sure you are
          Holding Up/Towards during the entire Air Combo.

7) Get enemy near corner. J.MK , J.HP , D.S.LP , S.LK , S.MK , S.HK SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS) , SJ.HK (FS) , S.LK , S.MP , S.HP , S.HK

  **Note: Do the Air Combo without holding any of the Up positions.  You
          DON'T want Storm floating during this Air Combo.

Expert 1) Have enemy near corner. J.LP , J.LK , J.HP , D.S.LP , S.LK, S.MK , S.HK SJ SJ.LP , SJ.LK , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS) , SJ.HK (FS), SJ.LK , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS) , SJ.HK (FS), SJ.LK , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS) , SJ.HK (FS), SJ.LK , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS) , SJ.HK (FS), SJ.LK , SJ.MK , SJ.HP (FS) , SJ.HK (FS) , C.LK (OTG) , S.MP , S.HK

  **Note: The way this combo works is that after the initial SJ.HP (FS)
          , SJ.HK (FS) in the first Air Combo, Hold Diagonally
          Up/Back.  This will cause Storm to start floating in the sky.  But
          since she has a lot of MK momentum from her Super Jump, you
          HAVE to hold Up/Back to prevent her from floating past the enemy.
          As you continually hit the enemy with the four hit Air Combo chain,
          start switching your controller from Up/Back to just straight Up or
          you'll start to float away from the corner.

2) Have enemy in the corner. J.HP , J.HK , D.S.LP , S.LK, S.HK SJ SJ.LP, MP-Air Throw, MP-Air Throw, Lightning Attack

  **Note: After the first Air Throw, hold Up to start floating down.  When
          the enemy passes you up, Throw them again.  The Lightning Attack
          will almost ALWAYS dizzy the enemy, so you get a free combo
          afterwards!  However, if you want, you can do a Lightning Storm
          instead for guaranteed damage rather than a dizzy that doesn't
          always happen.