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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Originally released in arcades in 1999, 3rd Strike is the third iteration of the Street Fighter III series by Capcom. 3rd Strike introduced five new characters (Chun-Li, Makoto, Q, Remy, and Twelve) and adjusted the gameplay of the earlier versions, producing a deep and technical gameplay that is still enjoyed today. 3rd Strike is available for Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox, as well as Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation 3 Store with online support and new features.


3S Akumaface small.jpg
3S Yunface small.jpg
3S Ryuface small.jpg
3S Urienface small.jpg
3S Remyface small.jpg
3S Oroface small.jpg
3S Necroface small.jpg
3S Qface small.jpg
3S Dudleyface small.jpg
3S Ibukiface small.jpg
3S Chunliface small.jpg
3S Elenaface small.jpg
3S Seanface small.jpg
3S Makotoface small.jpg
3S Hugoface small.jpg
3S Alexface small.jpg
3S Twelveface small.jpg
3S Kenface small.jpg
Emptyface small.png
3S Yangface small.jpg
3S Gillface small.jpg


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