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Life Meter

As with most fighting games, each character has a Life Meter. The Life Meter is displayed as a green or yellow bar at the top of the screen. Player 1's Life Meter is on the left, and Player 2's Life Meter is on the right. As a character takes damage, the Life Meter will drain. Once the Life Meter is empty, the character cannot take any more damage without being K.O.ed. A player loses the round if his character is K.O.ed.

Although the Life Meters are always the same length, characters in 3rd Strike can withstand different amounts of damage before being K.O.ed. Some characters can even increase their defense by Taunting. Here is a list of the amount of damage each character can take, from highest to lowest:

Character Stamina
Q (after 3 taunts) 2050
Hugo (after 4 taunts) 1870
Q (after 2 taunts) 1705
Hugo(after 3 taunts) 1670
Hugo (after 2 taunts) 1535
Chun-Li (after 1 stretch or shoulder taunt) 1400
Hugo (after 1 taunt) 1400
Q (after 1 taunt) 1400
Hugo 1385
Gill 1300
Urien 1285
Alex 1200
Dudley 1200
Ken 1200
Makoto 1200
Q 1200
Ryu 1200
Chun-Li 1120
Elena 1120
Necro 1120
Oro 1120
Remy 1120
Sean 1120
Twelve 1050
Ibuki 1035
Yang 1020
Yun 1020
Akuma 985