Street Fighter 3: New Generation/Yun

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Moves List

Normal Moves

Special Moves

Super Moves

The Basics


  • LK,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+K with LK.
  • MK,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+K with MK.
  • Jump HP,D+MK/MP ,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+P.
  • Jump LP,D+LP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+P with LP.
  • Jump LP-LK,(land) LP,LP or D+MP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+P.
  • MK(against air attack),two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+K with MK.
  • Jump HP,MP,HP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcb+P.
  • Jump Raigeki Shu with MK,LP,MP,HP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcb+P.
  • Zenpou Tenshin,MP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcb+P,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+P.
  • Zenpou Tenshin, D+MP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+P.
  • Jump MK or HK,LP,MP,HP,two-in-one(cancel)qcb+P with HP,two-in-one(cancel)

into qcf+K.

  • Jump Raigeki Shu with HK,MP,HP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcb+P,

two-in-one(cancel)into S.A.I..

  • Jump LP-LK,MK,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+K,wait,S.A.I.


  • Launch opp. with MK,qcf+K with MK,two-in-one(cancel)into S.A.I.
  • MP,HP,qcb+P with HP,two-in-one(cancel)into S.A.I..
  • Jump LP-LK,(land)MP,HP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcb+P,two-in-one(cancel)into

any Super Art.

  • Jump LP-LK,(land),MP,HP,qcb+P with HP,S.A.I. or SA.II.
  • MP,HP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcb+P,S.A.I. with HK.
  • Jump MK or HK,LP,MP,HP,qcb+P with HP,two-in-one(cancel)into S.A.I.
  • qcb+P(corner),HP,two-in-one(cancel)into S.A.I..
  • Jump LP-LK,(land)MP,HP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcb+P,two-in-one(cancel)into
  • S.A.III,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+P x 4 with LP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+K with

LK, as the Super ends,MK,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+K with MK,two-inone( cancel)into Super Jump,LP-LK.

  • Jump HP,MP,HP,two-in-one(cancel)into qcb+P,two-in-one(cancel)into SA.III,two-inone(

cancel)into qcf+P with LP x 4,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+K with LK,MK, jump HK(High Damage Combo)(Stun Combo).

  • MK(against air attack)S.A.III,qcf+P with HP,qcf+P with LP x3,qcf+K with

LK,MK,jump HK(High Damage Combo)(Stun Combo).

  • Jump Raigeki Shu with MK,LP,MP,HP,two-in-one(cancel)into S.A.III,two-in-one

(cancel)into qcf+P with LP x 3,two-in-one(cancel)into qcf+K with

  • Jump MK,MP,HP,two-in-one(cancel)into any Super Art.
  • MK,two-in-one(cancel)qcf+K,do a MP or D+MP,two-in-one(cancel)into any


  • If in corner,MK,two-in-one(cancel)qcf+K,walk up and do a HP,two-inone(

cancel)into a any Super.

Advanced Strategy