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Drawing from the speed and cunning of the majestic jaguar, Adon's style has been known to mesmerize victims. A master of Muay Thai, Adon trained with Sagat, but when the latter was defeated by Ryu, Adon believed Sagat to be a disgrace. Adon now seeks Sagat to become the Muay Thai leader once and for all.

Adon Alpha2 colors.PNG

Adon is pretty good in A2, of course he has a few flaws, but he is blessed with good normals and a awesome cc. When Adon hit, he hits hard.


  • Great set of normals, is rose-lite
  • Custom combos hurt no matter the level
  • Great set of supers, both safe on block
  • Long reach
  • Jag tooth mind game
  • Awesome anti-airs


  • Jag kick sucks, free hit or cc on you if you use this except in certain cases
  • Jag tooth can be cc pretty easily
  • Sweep is laggy, can be cc

Moves List

Standing Normals


  • Quick little elbow, alot of characters cant duck it, ok normals not great

Adon s-lp1.png


  • Quick punch, duckable by most peeps, can be cancelled inot specials, decent far anti air xx hk dp juggles

Adon s-mp1.png


  • A hard punch similar to shotos, no real use



  • Quick shin kick w/ slight frame advantage, good poke up close.

Adon s-lk1.png


  • A mid hit knee with good priority and limted aa abilities, good poke.

Adon s-mk.png


  • Long poke, not duckable, very very good zoning tool

Adon s-hk.png

Crouching Normals


  • Low punch with good frame advantage, links into cr.Mp.png or cr.Lk.png/cr.Lp.png

Adon c-lp.png


  • Rose-lite. Very abusable poke that stuffs aloooot of moves, and cancelleble. Use like you would Roses, links into itself

Adon c-mp.png


  • Very good anti-air, loooong reach, about the same as s.hp, ver very good poke as well

Adon c-fp.png


  • Short kick to the foot, hits low, not much frame advantage

Adon c-lk.png


  • Very good low poke with good range, cancellable

Adon c-forward.png


  • Long ass sweep, but laggy, cc starter

Adon c-hk.png

Jumping Normals

(NJ) Lp.png

  • x

Adon nj-lp.png

(NJ) Mp.png

  • Very good air-to-air and jump in

Adon nj-mp.png

(NJ) Hp.png

  • Slow to some out, but beat almost anything when it is

Adon nj-hp.png

(NJ) Lk.png

  • Good air-to-air

Adon nj-lk.png

(NJ) Mk.png

  • Extremely good cross up, decent jump in

Adon nj-forward.png

(NJ) Hk.png

  • Very good jump up or jump back move, with awesome range and priority.

Adon nj-hk.png

(DJ) Lp.png

Adon dj-lp.png

(DJ) Mp.png

Adon dj-mp.png

(DJ) Hp.png

Adon dj-hp.png

(DJ) Lk.png

Adon dj-lk.png

(DJ) Mk.png

Adon dj-mk-1.png Adon dj-mk-2.png

(DJ) Hk.png

Adon dj-hk.png

Command Moves

Jaguar Crunch

  • F.png + Mp.png- Far reaching overhead, great on opponent wake-up.

Adon f-mp.png

Jutting Kick

  • Df.png + Mk.png- Great Anti-air

Adon df-mk.png


Jaguar Carry

  • B.png / F.png + Mp.png or Hp.png

Jaguar Slam

  • B.png / F.png + Mk.png or Hk.png

Both throws do the same amount of damage

Special Moves

Rising Jaguar

  • Dp.png + K.png

Very very good anti air, I dont think it trades with anything, Lk.png version seems to have the best invincibility.

Lk.png:Adon lk-rising-jaguar.png Adon lk-rising-jaguar-2.png

Mk.png:Adon mk-rising-jaguar-1.png Adon mk-rising-jaguar-2.png

Hk.png:Adon hk-rising-jaguar-1.png Adon hk-rising-jaguar-2.png

Jaguar Kick

  • Qcf.png + K.png

Very unsafe move, on hit they can still do a cc or cr.Mk.png xx special. Only time it is safe is by distance, example is hitting Ryu's hand with a Mk.png jag kick at max distance. Mk.png Jag kick in my experience is the best version to use to punish fireballs, leaving you far away. Using this move wrong will get you killed very fast.

Lk.png:Adon lk-jaguar-kick-1.png Adon lk-jaguar-kick-2.png

Mk.png:Adon mk-jaguar-kick-1.png Adon mk-jaguar-kick-2.png Adon mk-jaguar-kick-3.png

Hk.png:Adon hk-jaguar-kick-1.png Adon hk-jaguar-kick-2.png

Jaguar Tooth

  • Hcb.png + K.png

Nice for mind games and safe on block, BUT very easy to cc and alpha counter. Use to make your opponent whiff a move and punish with a cc. Doing this on reaction to a fireball will get you dp'd or cc'd.

Lk.png:Adon lk-jaguar-tooth.png

Mk.png:Adon mk-jaguar-tooth.png

Hk.png:Adon hk-jaguar-tooth.png

Super Moves

Jaguar Revolver

  • Qcf.pngQcf.png + K.png

Very good move to punish fireballs at lvl 1. Works w/ lvl 2 and 3, but I would cc instead thru the fireball. Use this super to punish cr.Mk.png or cr.Hk.png xx fireball pokes.




Jaguar Varied Assault

  • Qcf.pngQcf.png + P.png

This move is safe on block and lvl 3, good wake up super. Combo into this after a cross up. Lvl 2 is not safe since he jumps up at the end. Mash kkk at the end of the lvl 3 to get a stronger version, mash ppp if it is blocked.


Jaguar Thousand

  • (During Jaguar Varied Assault)Press P.png rapidly


Jaguar Assassin

  • (During Jaguar Varied Assault)Press K.png rapidly


Alpha Counters


Adon rapid fists the opponent as an anti-air, and sends them almost fullscreen.


NOTE* for the USA revision (960430), Adon's Punch AC hits the opponent very easily during a fixed animation frame (even if it is a weak attack), making it a slight buff. Special thanks to Raf for the finding!


Adon's Kick AC also acts as an anti-air and sends the opponent about 1/4 screen away from you.


The Basics

You wanna force your opponent to mess up and punish hard. His cross up is very good, and should be done after any knock down. Adon want to zone the oppoent and be smart with jag tooths to make them jumpy. cr.Mp.png is your friend, but dont under use his other normal cause they are very good, especially cr.Mk.png, cr.Hp.png, Hk.png. His overhead has good range but use it sparingly since it is slow and can be cc'ed; best used after knocking them down. Just remember: hit hard, always look for a opening to land his cc.

Advanced Strategy


cr.Mp.png, cr.Mp.png

cr.Lk.png/Mp.pngxx Hk.png Jaguar Kick

cr.Lp.png x2 xx Jaguar Varied Assault

Custom Combos

These ccs can be at any lvl, just watch the meter and end with dp.

1. cr.Hk.png xx Lk.png jag kick xN, Hk.png dp

or cr.Hk.png xx Lk.png jag kick x4, Lk.png dp, Hk.png dp

2. [cr.Mp.png xx Lk.png jag kick xN, Lk.png xx Hk.png dp (opponent must be standing)

3. Lvl 3- cr.Hk.png xx Hk.png jag kick, Hk.png dp x2

Anti-air ccs

4. lvl 1- Lp.png or Mp.png xx Hk.png dp x2

5. lvl 2 and up- Lp.png or Mp.png xx Lk.png jag kick xN, Hk.png dp

6. lvl 3- Lp.png or Mp.png xx Hk.png jag kick, Hk.png dp x2

This is where Adon shines his long limbs let him punish from far away, even blocked fireballs mid screen. To punish from far as hell, use Hk.png to start cc #2. Most customs you do should be #1 or #4. Also at lvl 2/3, blow threw fireballs and cc, pretty much a round winner. After any cc, sweep, if the tech roll you will hit them and get a free jag dp juggle.

Adon: lvl 1- c.rh xx hk dp x2

lvl 1- c.rh xx lk jag kick x2, hk dp

lvl 2- c.rh xx lk jag kick xN, hk dp

lvl 3- c.rh xx [hk jag kick, hk dp]x2

lvl 3- c.rh xx lk jag kick x4, mk jag kick, hk dp

lvl 3- xx lk jag kick x5, or in hk dp (must be standing)


Vs. Adon (self): 5-5

Vs. Akuma: 4-6

Vs. Birdie: 6-4. You can anti-air him with any of your normal aa's (Rising Jaguar, df+mk, cr. hp (far), and just AC as well) and that will take a lot of his game away. Don't ever jaguar kick unless you want to die or you're absolutely sure you're far enough away to be safe. This match is basically just building meter and trying to outpoke each other, then land the CC.

Standing roundhouse and are obviously tough for Birdie to deal with, but remember his cr.hp will AA just about anything.

Vs. Charlie: 4-6

Vs. Chun-Li: 4-6

Vs. Dan: 7-3

Vs. Dhalsim: 4-6

Vs. Gen: 7-3

Vs. Guy: 5-5

Vs. Ken: 3-7

Vs. M. Bison (dictator): 7-3

Vs. Rolento: 4-6

Vs. Rose: 4-6

Vs. Ryu: 3-7

Vs. Sagat: 5-5

Vs. Sakura: 3-7

Vs. Sodom: 4-6

Vs. Zangief: 5-5

Street Fighter Alpha 2
Adon - Akuma - Birdie - Charlie - Chun-Li - Dan - Dhalsim - Evil Ryu - Gen - Guy - Ken - M.Bison - Rolento - Rose - Ryu - Sagat - Sakura - Sodom - Zangief