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Essentially a non-canon version of Ryu with some new moves, and slight differences on some existing moves. A mix of Akuma and Ryu, in other words.

EvilRyu Alpha2 colors.PNG

Evil Ryu is fun to use, IMO better than good ol’ Ryu though no one will agree with me.

Tournament Legality

Evil Ryu is only in the US versions of the game, while his CC activation can cause hit stun from anywhere on screen, he doesn't completely overpower the regular cast. The character is legal unless noted by the tournament organizer.

Move List

How to select evil ryu

Move the cursor to Ryu, press START, move the cursor this order: Right (Adon), Up (Akuma), and down (Adon), left (back to Ryu). Press and HOLD start for 5 seconds, and press a punch or kick without releasing the start.

Differences from Ryu

Multihit Dragon Punch: This sucks IMO. Why? Cause the fp version hits anything but wont knock down unless close, leaving you open to get your ass kicked. Lp version is one hit, good for anti-air but low attacks beat it clean.

Hurricane Kick: They all knockdown now doing 1, 2, or 3 hits depending on strength.

Teleport: Pretty dope to have, allows for some nice set-ups or just to get the hell out of dodge on wake-up.

Juggle ability: This is nice to have, thing like sweep xx hurricane juggle.

Supers: Though supers play a minimum role in SFA2, he gets Akuma’s uppercut super, a welcome addition to his arsenal, hurts too.

Infinite Blowout CC: At any range your opponent will get blown back by CC. This is too good, allows you to cc thru any pokes string, things like rolento’s walking jabs etc, as well as combo into cc off mp, jabs etc. To see how good this is have E. Ryu be full screen away and have rolento slide, he will et blown back. You can reversal wake-up with out any fear of being stuffed. Only specials move will not get blown back, to include supers.

Life: Sucks ass.

Dizzy: Happens fast.

Though Im not sure, his f+mk seems better to me.

Moves List

Normal Moves

Lp.png- Quick jab, with small frames advantage, you can walk and do these on any opponent that can’t crouch them.

Mp.png- Quick one arm uppercut, good anti-air and cancelable to a special move.

Hp.png- Straight punch which can be used as anti-air in some instances, and stop hurricane kicks etc. Not cancelable.

Lk.png- Good ranged kick to the shin, cancelable, good priority and range.

Mk.png- Ugly axe kick which can be used as a anti-crossup.

Hk.png- A roundhouse kick to the face. Good meaty to whoever cant crouch it, gives hella frame advantage, but despite look isnt a anti-air.

cr.Lp.png- Little jab to the shin, not really all that great range wise.

cr.Mp.png- A straight punch with good priority and frame advantage, cancelable.

cr.Hp.png- Uppercut, probably one of the best normal anti-airs in the game. Also this is a super meaty, allowing link after ward.

cr.Lk.png- Quick kick to the foot, combo starter, cancelable

cr.Mk.png- A good reaching low kick, probably overall bset poke, gives frame advantage, awesome meaty, and cancelable.

cr.Hk.png- A really good sweep with good range, usually a poke string ender. Note that if not cancelled its a free cc on you, and if you cancel into a hadouken, free cc on you if your opponent has a lvl 3.

JUMPING Jumping U.png (Neutral jump)

nj.Mp.png- A two-hit upward punch in the air, use to juggle after a connecting air hurricane kick on a grounded opponent.

nj.Hp.png- A fist to the face. Good jump in with good priority, especially when done early.




Jumping Ub.png Uf.png (Diagonal jump)

dj.Mp.png- A two-hit upward punch in the air, use to juggle after a connecting air hurricane kick on a grounded opponent.

dj.Hp.png- A fist to the face. Good jump in with good priority, especially when done early.


dj.Mk.png- His cross-up, self-explanatory.

dj.Hk.png- Best when used when jumping from far away, good priority.

Special Normals

F.png+Mp.png- Overhead punch.

F.png+Mk.png- Hop kick.

Normal Throws

F.png/B.png+Mp.pngHp.png -

F.png/B.png+Mk.pngHk.png -

Alpha Counters



Special Moves

Qcf.png+P.png- Hadouken. A fireball. His best poke, good release speed and damage. Throw a hell of alot of these but be smart with it. Throwing smart fireballs will annoy your opponent, just tossing them out will get you killed.

Qcb.png+K.png- Tatsumaki. Used for mobility and to punish fireballers, use lk version to pass fireballs when you cant use hk version to hit opponent. Can be done in the air and has annoyingly great priority, also if connected against a grounded opponent allows for a juggle. Punish whiffs from afar with xx hk hurricane. Air version decent vs fireballers.

Dp.png+P.png- Shoryuken. His invincible anti-air. Lp and mp versions seem to have no lower invincibility, only being useful up close. At best you might trade with a low hit, which Ive only done with Ken. Dp’s on the ground tend to suck in A2 and this being multi-hit isnt reliable, best bet is to used as a anti-air or wake-up when opponent is right on you.

Dp.pngRdp.png+3p.png/3k.png- Forward/back Teleport. Completely invincible from the start but vunerable at the end, good to avoid chip ccs, or use as wake-up. Useful in blocked cc.

Super Combos

Qcf.pngQcf.png+ P.png- Shinkuu Hadouken. Only real use is to blow thru fireballs, sucks as a AA, and you have better choices anyway. Can combo off light attacks. Lvl 1 does does not knock down, and if to close can be hit.

Qcb.pngQcb.png+ K.png- Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku Probably the best wake-up super in the game, best used defensively than offensively. Completely safe on block, good chip damage, and good damage. Good anti-cross up when knocked down.

Qcf.pngQcf.png+ K.png- Messatsu Gou Shouryuu. Range is bad, but this thing hurts. Combo 2 point blank lks.

Lp.pngLp.pngF.pngLk.pngHp.png- Shun Goku Satsu. Horrible in this game, you can be point blank and they can jump, no invincibility so gets stuffed if a move is out. Go for it at your own risk, definite style points if you land it.

The Basics

I like to zone with ryu, fireball away, build meter, cc for chip whatever. E. Ryu is scary cause its hard to rush him when he has meter, after a few eaten ccs your opponent wont rush you so much. This is in you favor since his fireball is so good. Some matches I burn a lvl 1 cc as soon as I get it just to push them back or do some mix up, which is effective to an extent. AC’s hurt E. Ryu, but you can also do his cc mix-up to bait it out. If you are getting rushed, no other super should be used other than hurricane kick super for wake up, or cc.

Advanced Strategy

Lvl 1 cc mix-up:

Activate, 4 lp fireballs, PPP teleport

Now this put you in a shield of Fireballs, the teleport instantly recovers in cc, and if your opponent is blocking this you can:

Throw them, you can actually throw then in between fireball hits. Overhead, depend when you hit this you can sometimes combo after due to the fireballs hitting. Nothing, let them AC and block, they just wasted some meter. What to do it you hit them with blowout:

Well if within or a little outside sweep range go for his cc:

c.rh xx lk hurricane xN, fp dp

        • Hadouken Knockdown

After a xx fireball knockdown, hold uf, at the last second. Its a safe jump in and if it hits go into x2 fireball. Alot of times they try to throw which leads to x2 xx fireball another knockdown into the same situation. Repeat til and is blocked.

From the blocked, go for throw, or xx fireball if you think they expected your throw attempt. If they jump at you when you have meter, cc them with xx lk hurricanes xN, end with hp dp. If they jump from afar, actiavte, s.fp xx hk hurricane into lk hurricanes, end with dp.

C.fp is one of the best meaties and if it hits you can link a or sweep, if blocked walk forward and throw, or go for a counter hit. is a really good anti cross up, hitting instantly above his head.


(next to opponent standing) (or x2) xx lk hurricane, fp dp

(standing or crouching) c.fp xx hadouken

c.fp xx hk hurricane (hurts sagat bad) x2 xx any lvl shoryureppa x3 xx any lvl shinku hadouken

Custom combos

UPDATED: Better Customs at lvl 3

c.rh xx lk hurricane x3, fp dp x2 c.rh xx lk hurricane x2, lp dp, lp dp, hp dp c.rh xx lk hurricane x3, hp fireball x4, hp dp c.rh xx hp dp, hp dp, lp dp, hp dp. Neat lvl 1: xN xx lp dp, lk hurricane, lp dp Note in CC mode E. Ryu’s specials are like regular Ryu’s.

Now thats not it. Due to infinite blowout E. Ryu can COMBO into CC. How? Here’s How: meaty c.fp meaty c.fp c.lp any jump in

Activating after any of these let to continue to combo in CC, starting with a c.rh.


Tired of people jumping on you, well then just anti-air cc. Shoto’s have probably the best AA ccs. If no cc is available, used c.fp or (cancel into hurricane to move close or hadouken to push back). works as a anti-cross up.

Activate, xx lk hurricane xN, fp dp

Now if they jump from afar…

Activate, s.fp xx rh hurricane, fp dp

Congrats! You just made you opponent think twice about jumping on you which leads to more hadouken and cc mix-up fun! This is just a quick overview if you have any in depth question feel free to ask.

Also vs fireballers, if you hit a air hurricane kick…

immeadiately jump activate, xx hurricane, land, continue hurricane kick juggle, end with fp dp.



vs. Adon-

vs. Akuma-

vs. Birdie-

vs. Charlie-

vs. Chun-Li-

vs. Dan-

vs. Dhalsim-

vs. Gen-

vs. Guy-

vs. Ken-

vs. M. Bison (dictator)-

vs. Rolento-

vs. Rose- I think the best Anti Rose character possibly could be E. Ryu. His blow out custom is really useful against Rose’s low strong… Just my opinion. -ShinryuX

vs. Ryu-

vs. Sagat-

vs. Sakura-

vs. Sodom-

vs. Zangief-

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