Street Fighter EX2 Plus/Blanka

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Command Moves

Amazon River Run df + HP Rock Crush f + MP


Wild Fang When close, b / f + HP

Special Moves

Electric Thunder Tap P rapidly

Vertical Rolling Charge d,u + K

Rolling Attack Charge b,f + P

Backstep Rolling Charge b,f + K (press P to abort)

Kidou Shuusei Direct b / f during Backstep Rolling

Surprise Forward Press KKK

Surprise Back Press ub~db + KKK

Super Combos

Ground Shave Rolling Charge b,f,b,f + P (hold P to delay)

Jungle Beat Charge b,f,b,f + K

Beast Hurricane In air, qcf,qcf + P

Meteor Combo

Super Electric Thunder qcf,qcf + KKK


-Jump HK (charge db) \/ c.LK > c.LK > c.LK XX f + HP SC qcf,qcf + P

-EXCEL(s.LK > c.LP > s.MP > s.HP > s.HK > c.MP > c.MK > c.HP > b,f + HP) SC qcf,qcf + P (charge b) SC f,b,f + P

-Jump HK \/ c.MK XX qcf,qcf + KKK

-Jump HK (charge db) \/ c.MK XX f + P SC qcf,qcf + P (charge b) SC f,b,f + P SC qcf,qcf + P

-Jump MK (charge db) \/ c.LK > c.LK XX f + P SC qcf,qcf + P (charge b) SC f,b,f + P SC qcf,qcf + P


Expert Challenge Mode

Maniac Challenge Mode