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Moves List

Normals Moves

Skullo Stand When close, b / f + MP / HP

Skullo Space In air, any direction but u + MP / HP

Special Moves

Skullo Crusher qcf + P

Skullo Slider qcf + K

Skullo Head f,d,df + P

Skullo Dive b,d,db + P

Skullo Stealer Skullo Dive into the ground

Skullo Shock hcb,ub,u + P

Skullo T'katchev b,d,db + K

Tensuu Hyouji Press LP + MK + HP from Skullo T'katchev

Skullo Back Ten Tap b,b

Skullo Dash Tap f,f

Skullo Tackle Skullo Dash into an opponent

Stepping Upper f + MP

Kakato Otoshi f + MK

Super Moves

Super Skullo Crusher qcf,qcf + P

Super Skullo Slider qcf,qcf + K

Skullo Dream LP,LP,f,LK,HP

Skullo Dream Alternate Hold d + LP + MK before S. Dream hits

Skullo Dream Final Hold LP + MK, tap d,b,f,f,d,db per frame

The Basics

Advanced Strategy

1  Skullo Crusher
 2  Skullo Slider
 3  Skullo Head
 4  Skullo Dive
 5  Skullo T'kachev
 6  Super Skullo Crusher
 7  Super Skullo Slider
 8  Skullo Dream
 9  Skullo Dash, (Skullo Tackle), Super Skullo Crusher
10  j HK, c HP, Skullo Crusher
11  Skullo Dive, Super Skullo Crusher
12  j HK, c HP, Skullo Dive
13  j HK, c LK, Skullo Head
14  Super Skullo Crusher, Super Skullo Slider
15  c MK, Super Skullo Slider, Super Skullo Crusher
16  j HK, c MP, s MP, Skullo Slider, Super Skullo Crusher