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SFV-Kage Portrait.jpg
Health: 900 Stun: 950
Forward Walk Speed: ? Throw Range: ?
Back Walk Speed: ? Throw Hurt Range: ?
Forward Dash Total Frames: ? Jump Height Apex: -
Back Dash Total Frames: ? Jump Total Frames: ?
Forward Dash Distance: ? Forward Jump Distance: ?
Back Dash Distance: ? Back Jump Distance ?
Overheads: f+MP, hcf+KK Hard Knockdowns: crHK (CH), Misogi
Low Attacks: crLK, crMK, crHK Crush Counters: f+HP, Senha Kassatsu, crHK



The embodiment of the Satsui No Hado haunting Ryu, Kage seeks to persuade Ryu to give into his dark desires.

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Crush Counter

V-Trigger Cancels

V System

V Reversal

A 12f strike V-Reversal. Kage strikes forward, hitting the opponent but leaving them standing next to him.

V Skill

Senha Kassatsu is an armored forward moving attack that can crush counter. If can also be charged, making it do more damage and safer. While the regular version is -6 on block at further ranges it is difficult for many characters to punish it. The armor starts on f5 and only works against projectile and high/mid attacks, lows such as many crMK's or sweeps will cause a counter hit.

V Trigger 1

Taigyaku Mudo is a 2 bar V-Trigger that allows Kage to cancel any of his moves into a teleport similar to Akuma's, called Ashura Senku, on the ground or in the air. This greatly increases his combo potential and allows him to make some attacks such as EX Shoryuken or sweeps safer on block, and can force some mixups or pressures if the opponent is not expecting the teleport. It also greatly powers up his V-Skill, which now goes about 1/3 of the screen and is 0 on block allowing pressure against 4f characters, and the charged version causes a crumple state that can be followed up with to combo. Canceling into the teleport takes up about 1/3 of the meter while using it by itself takes about 1/6 of the remaining V-Gauge. If it is used as an air cancel from a move besides jMP it also only takes 1/6 of the remaining meter.

V Trigger 2

Rikudo Osatsu is a 3 bar V-Trigger that gives Kage access to Misogi and Shun Goku Satsu. Misogi is a quick teleport slam similar to the move Akuma performs after his VT1 Shoryuken. It can be used by itself, or canceled into from other special moves to cause a hard knockdown, increasing his damage and giving him easy okizeme afterwards. It also can hit knocked down opponents as an OTG. Tracking on it is poor if not used as part of a special, but by holding forward or backwards Kage can slightly maneuver himself to land in front of or behind the opponent if he expects them to backdash or forward dash. Misogi is fully invincible on frames 10-33, however it is not as it is coming down meaning characters can anti-air it if they are fast enough. Each use takes 1/2 of the bar.

Shun Goku Satsu is Kage's Raging Demon equivalent. It takes the entire V-Trigger gauge to use in addition to a full CA gauge. One big difference compared to Akuma's however is that Shun Goku Satsu can be combo'd into from specials such as his Ryusokyaku Axe Kick, giving him big damage. It is fully invincible on f1-12, and is still considered a command throw.


Playing as Kage

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