Super Smash Bros. Project M/Bowser

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Ever since the beginning, the King Koopa has been destined for defeat. Even after more than ten kidnappings of the same Princess, that pesky plumber always manages to put Bowser to shame and save Peach from his clutches. Even in the Smash Bros. series, Bowser has had a tough time keeping up with the rest of the cast. His sluggish moves and shorter reach has kept him from competing with the rest of the cast effectively. But beware. Bowser has not taken his defeats and shortcomings lightly, and in Project M, he has the tools with which to release his long-suppressed anger. While he still has extreme weaknesses, they no longer outweigh his massive strengths.

In a Nutshell...

Bowser's new strength comes in a variety of forms. His size has been nearly doubled from Melee, which provides him with a much-needed range boost. Even though this makes him more susceptible to combos, grabs, and projectiles, it will be much harder for opponents to simply rush him. His massive weight allows him to take tons of damage before being knocked off the stage, and with a new armor-based attack system put in place, opponents will have to work to launch Bowser. You won't be getting off easy, though; smart opponents will be able to capitalize on Bowser's size and relatively slow movement and punish you for it if you're not careful. With practice and determination, you will be able to make up for these weaknesses and give Bowser the revenge he's hungered for.