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King can guard breaks

Moved GeeseHoward's comments into the discussion. vknightbd 22:52, 10 April 2007 (UTC)

Ok, I gotta add my two cents. King is not the worst character in the game, I think if you understand her enough, you can get good results. I will point out the good points and bad points: Her double strike is good pressure and guard break material, since it allows her to throw them out, then you can jump in with a R. kick-if they block, more guard break damage. If they crouch low, you can hit em, M.Punch, combo into the QCB+P to push them farther. Also, use the Double Strike for people with P or K Groove, as it can be harder to parry / JD, and then you are ready on the ground with a guessing game. Her slide is still useful, as if you are at a distance, it can leave you safe-you can snuff them out of fireballs, or if they jump at you, you travel a distance to reposition yourself. To me, King has a lot of move that she can use to chip away at a character, and once you have them guard broken, you can go into a combo into CC- Oh, A-Groove is her best groove in my opinion, since you have the RC option, which really give her a little more usability. Also, another thing you can do (as with most characters with this ability) is hop over dead bodies, and add that to your mix-up game. s.k, s.k into QCB + P works, as well as into S. Trap Shot. Just make sure you dont actually do the Silent Flash instead. Her dash is also pretty good in of itself, as its pretty quick. Like Zenfire said, it really makes you play smarter and a lot more careful, since every hit counts..
Dont be afraid of keeping it simple. Jumping R. Kick to sweep is fine, and it will leave you safe, and break away guard meter. Dont be afraid to use that Crouching R. Kick. Last, playing with King will make you a little more alert, and make you earn your hits. SO when you go back to using another topper tier character, it will show you how easy they have it.
vknightbd: I disagree with GeeseHoward, and believe Zenfire's statement that King is WEAK. Her supers suck: one misses often and the other one is not comboable/not invincible/easily parried & JD'd and also disadvantageous if blocked. Yes, her double strike usable as pressure, but not "good" pressure. I'd say "passable" pressure in comparison to other character's pressure moves. Her jumping RK isn't anything special, and the combo damage is weak for a combo opening with a landed jump in. Double Strike is harder to parry/JD, but it is still just as easy to roll past or jump over, so your guessing game is still pretty weak. Her slide is useful, but the priority isn't too high, and at a distance, it's also easily beaten by pokes. If they jump at you, the small distance of your slide just makes it a deeper jump-in for your opponent to hit with a bigger combo. To me, King has a lot of moves that can be easily be out-prioritized and moves with a lot of disadvantages and easily punishable. To say that King is good at guard crushing is laughable; yes, she can guard crush, but that means it's the player doing all the work, not the character. If the player is that good, the player can pretty much guard crush with any character, so don't bother giving any credit to King.
If you say A-Groove is her best groove, give some CC examples. C and N grooves also have RC, so I would think those are better grooves rather than A. Also, her dash is decent, as Zenfire already mentioned, but I don't think it is fast enough use it as a crossup and fool someone in the middle of the screen. (However, if you use it in conjunction with the P2 corner crossup glitch, and actually manage to corner an opponent, it is probably useful mixup.)
The only thing I really agree is that a player using King has to earn her hits. I select King from time to time, and it's pretty tough against a K-groove Geese. King really has no ability to sustain a good guard crush game in this case. So basically, she has to whittle her opponent down with mixups.
--vknightbd 22:52, 10 April 2007 (UTC)